Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1200: Selection in the ring (31)


Chapter 1200 Selected in the ring

Burning stars!

That’s the best way to describe this trick, even if it’s too blunt. Web

When the gasoline particles continue to shine under incomplete combustion conditions, when they are scattered and evenly dispersed in the air, they are like a vast sea of ​​stars composed of Mars! The shock wave is about to pass, and when the scattered air around it gathers again, forming a deadly reverse vacuum flow, a terrifying explosion like the Big Bang of the universe will be induced! !

Everything will be destroyed in this explosion!

“You, you’re crazy!” Mollen stared at Elaine with wide eyes: “If you do this, you can’t get away with it!?”

The red dragon man silently held up his lunasteel large shield (the sword had changed back to large shield mode) and blocked it in front of him.

Boom! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Insane explosion, rolled up around the body of the two in an instant! !

Swept up the vast stars, fused with them, and produced a terrifying power like nuclear fusion! ! ————————

But that’s not all.

The essence of [Burning Stars] lies in Elaine’s last shield!

The attributes of Luna Steel series weapons are vividly displayed under this extreme destructive force!

It absorbed the impact from the front and even the side, and reflected these strong explosions that should have seriously injured Elaine from the front! !

Almost all of the blast’s power is concentrated in one line, shooting straight out! Due to the problem of Elaine’s shield posture, this strong shock wave with red flames slanted on the battlefield composed of stone pillars and exploded! !

Rumble Rumble Rumble! ! An even more deafening loud noise is the sound of the collapse of the battlefield itself!

With a radius of 150 feet, as one of the twelve stone pillars on the main battlefield, this huge stone pillar that stands majestically above the Red Sea has been slashed in half! !

[Burning Stars], compresses the cosmic explosion like a miniature version into a huge shock wave with super lethal ability, destroying half of the entire battlefield! !

Bediver was dumbfounded, turning his head to look at the big screen showing Elaine’s battle status, and couldn’t help complaining for the Ice Bear!

Going too far! Under this kind of impact, even the giant dragon will definitely not leave a piece of armor, not to mention the machete hand Morun is just an ordinary human! !

“Is that Elaine?” asked Palamidis in a low voice, who had just returned, and he could also sense how bad things were. Web

Seifer nodded silently. He had lost the slightest hope for the situation.

The burning star is actually a long-range attack move. After all, it is a move that reflects the shock wave of the explosion in a straight line. It is mainly used to make up for Elaine’s disadvantage in long-range attacks. If used well, this move can indeed easily hit distant targets, after all, the shock wave has a huge killing range.

But Elaine, the little idiot, used this trick on an opponent at zero range. And the opponent is a very weak human being.

How could Moron the machete endure this move. I’m afraid he really turned into dust, and he didn’t even have a piece of minced meat left!

Killing the opponent will also disqualify the test. The punishment was even worse than the defeat. Elaine’s future is bleak! !

Many candidates on the deck were talking in low voices, lamenting for the white bear. The child had already successfully resonated with many people, and many people broke through racial stereotypes and secretly valued this tenacious young man.

I didn’t expect Elaine to get into a fight in such a critical place. What a pity!

No, wait! It seems like there is something! The students’ discussion gradually turned into applause. There seems to be something unexpected!

“Ha, that kid!” Palamidis glanced at the big screen and smiled.

Melun the Scimitar is not dead.

He survived the fatal blow just now under the protection of Elaine’s great shield!

At the moment when the explosion was about to engulf the two of them, Elaine not only did not smash Morun into scum, but instead raised her shield to protect herself and her opponent.

The explosions came from all directions, and the shock behind Elaine’s strong physique was picked up by Elaine, while the shocks from the front and sides were reflected by the Luna Steel Shield! Moron, who was protected from all sides, was unscathed!

But he was freaked out! Completely stunned! !

Behind him is the destroyed half of the battlefield, and in front of him stands the red dragon Elaine. There was still white smoke all over his body, and the red scales were like Elaine who had been ignited. At this moment, he was staring at Morun with wide eyes!

He seems to be admonishing the other party that he can perform the same move a second time!

Next time, you won’t be soft-hearted!

From any angle, from any distance, in any circumstance, blow Mollen to smithereens!

As long as Elaine is serious, his opponent has no chance at all! !

——Morren ah Moren, do you still want to continue to fight stubbornly? !

“I…” Moron gritted his teeth and said the words he was extremely reluctant to say: “I surrender.”

Elaine did not respond, still glaring at her opponent.

As if to think that Mollen didn’t speak clearly enough loudly.

“I surrender!” Moron had no choice but to repeat: “I surrender, it’s alright!?”

Elaine is still standing still, not moving a bit!

As if trying to devour Moron alive!

“I said that I surrendered, what do you think of me?” Morun became angry: “Do you want me to kowtow to you and apologize? Isn’t that right?!”

The Red Dragon Man still doesn’t speak, it’s terribly quiet, unnaturally quiet! His eyes didn’t even blink! !

The machete was stunned for a long time. Seeing that Elaine didn’t mean to strangle him, he mustered up the courage to get up and pushed the red dragon man in dissatisfaction: “Hey! What are you talking about? !”

Squeak—— I didn’t expect Elaine to collapse like an old wooden door, touch! ! With a bang, he fell to the ground on his back! !

It’s only then that Mollen understands: Elaine has long since lost consciousness! It has been a “corpse stand” since a while ago. After the war, the muscles of the whole body were tense to the extreme and could not be relaxed for the time being, and the standing posture was maintained! !

“Ah, ah ha ha ha ha?” Moron laughed: “I, I won?!”

At the same time, a bee golem also flew past Moron, and the voice of the Knight of the Round Table Cador sounded from the golem: “The game is over! The winner, Elaine the White Bear!”

“Yes! Of course I won—-uh, what?!” This inexplicable sentence made Moron laugh and cry: “Wait! He won?! How could he win!!- —–It was he who fainted first!! This guy has already lost consciousness! Why won’t I stay awake, but he who can’t fight?!”

” Since the candidate Elaine has been standing since just now, it is impossible to judge the actual time of his fainting. Therefore, whichever side first declares surrender or falls to the ground first shall prevail, and Scimitar Morun shall be sentenced to lose. !”

“Unbelievable!…” The machete hand murmured dissatisfiedly, and squeezed the remaining machete. He could clearly hear the roar on the distant deck of the battleship, mostly cheers—a great sarcasm for Mollen.

“If you have any doubts about the rules of the competition, please read carefully the handbook of the competition rules, Chapter 7, Article 10.” Cador replied without emotion.

“The rulebook? Has it been lined up for us?” asked Bedivere on deck, puzzled.

“Yes, Mr. Bedivere, meow.” Saifer took out a small notebook from his pocket: “Just at lunch time, meow. You walked away with His Majesty King Arthur. If you don’t get it, we will first Save it for you, meow.”

Palamidis elongated his face and saw that the manual was as small as a mosquito and dense as a nest of ants: “Who would read this kind of thing seriously…”

Elaine has. Bedivere knew very well. The polar bear must have used his last strength and superhuman will to maintain a stable standing position and keep his eyes wide open at the moment when he was about to be unable to support him.

He stood with his eyes open like this, standing in order not to lose the game, standing in an incredible way, hoping that he, who had already lost consciousness, could last until the moment when his opponent conceded defeat. If he survived, he is the winner!

This is the last struggle of a weak man – seemingly weak, but actually very powerful!

Elaine is one of those weak, stupid little idiots who stick to the rules to the death. It is because he is so stupid that he wins! Those despicable little people who use all kinds of despicable means and want to win by exploiting the rules and loopholes will never understand!

“I don’t admit it!” Morun, who was sentenced to lose, blushed, and his face was full of blue veins, revealing an unprecedented hideousness!

“I don’t admit this insidious result of the competition! You are biased!!” He grasped the weapon in his hand: “What a **** round table trial! It’s not fair, it’s not fair at all! I’m quitting it!!– —-I’ll kill this kid now!!”

He raised his machete, and his killing intent was He used all his strength and swung at Elaine, who was unguarded on the ground, sleeping like a baby! ! This blow is the momentum that will make the polar bear head move! !

Seeing despair in Bedivere on deck, they are so far away, it’s too late to rush to save Elaine! !

Click. There was a dull sound. No blood, only death.

“I can’t stop.” A certain powerful force stopped the machete-hander Morun from killing him. No matter how hard Morun tried, the machete in his hand seemed to be sucked to death by 10,000 tons of force and remained motionless.

“Who is blocking Lao Tzu?!” is just a childish anger. Moron looked back angrily, trying to kill the guy behind him who got in the way!

But he was horrified to see that standing behind him was the Knight of the Round Table, who was also the famous Celestial Knight, the head of the Eastern Knights of Great Britain, the Grand Duke of Palinlor! !

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