Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1199: Selection in the ring (30)


Chapter 1199 Selected in the ring

Elaine shook her head, shaking off those old memories, trying to stay awake.

The situation is very bad, he is too badly injured and has lost too much blood. If this blood loss continues, not only will the limbs not be able to regenerate smoothly, but even the wounds will not be plugged.

The battle will be lost.

If he loses the battle with such an ugly appearance and makes a fool of himself in front of the examiner, all his dreams will be shattered! Neither can he be a knight of the round table, nor can he bring reinforcements to save his father Boles!

He will lose his place forever! !

This is the only one, absolutely not! !

Therefore, there is only one thing he can do!

The white bear labored to pick up his luna steel greatsword and pulled the trigger. The gasoline sprayed from the plug-in system spilled all over the ground, creating a puddle on the ground! With just one tap, the sparks that burst out ignited the oil crater!

Elaine screamed and jumped into the oil puddle! !

“Oh my god…” The machete hand had just climbed up from the ground and had not had time to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth, and was immediately taken aback by this change.

That stupid bear is on fire! ?

Seeing that he couldn’t win, he deliberately committed suicide in an attempt to make Moron lose the game? !

No! wrong! ! From the moment when the white bear man blocked the scimitar with both hands, what Morun saw was not self-defeating, but survival!

That is, the will to survive that is more persistent and stronger than anyone else! !

A person with that kind of will to survive would never commit suicide on such an occasion! !

What is that lunatic planning! Too dangerous! !

Morren picked up the two knives, struck first, and swung a knife! !

The gorgeous [Rainbow Blade], like a visible **** of death, swept towards the white bear man in the fire pit!

But it didn’t work! !

It’s a fire pit fueled by high-powered petrol bombs, and it’s incredibly hot! Elaine, who is in the fire pit, is like a protective cover of flames! ! And Morun’s [Rainbow Blade] happens to be the blade of high-pressure water. No matter how fast and sharp the water droplets are, when encountering such intense heat, they will instantly evaporate into water vapor! !

Morron frowned: Has his rainbow blade been seen through?

No, no! That idiot Elaine couldn’t see through the machete-hander Morun’s trick so easily!

He has something else in the flames!

He is ——— healing! !


He, who has become a white dragon, has excellent flame resistance, and this flame can’t burn him to death! !

And the high heat of the flames stopped Elaine’s bleeding instantly! The wound is closed! !

No, it’s much more than that! ! The White Dragon Man did not know when he had picked up his severed hands and feet from the ground and connected them back one by one! !

Amid the high heat of the petrol bomb, a white dragon man was unscrupulously healing his wounds!

Monsters, real monsters! !

But that’s not an easy thing to do!

“It looks so painful…” Bedivere, who was watching the battle, couldn’t bear to look directly. (Baidu search network updates the fastest and most stable)

Even though Elaine has excellent resistance to fire, it still hurts to get burned! At this moment, he is roaring, it is a kind of heart-piercing scream that was scorched by the flames! !

It must have been painful, like hell! !

Even if you surrender early, you can avoid this pain! However, in order to achieve his wish, Elaine has achieved this point! !

He doesn’t have the wisdom to deceive the enemy, and he lacks combat experience, let alone the power to completely defeat the opponent.

But he has something more valuable, the necessary conditions to decide victory or defeat!

—— Heart.

A real life-and-death contest is often not about wisdom, strength, or experience!

The real fight to the death is all about will! That kind of will that will never die! !

Only with the heart to never lose to the enemy, can you take your last breath and turn the tide! !


Elaine, who is recovering from her injuries, shouts with a stronger aura! !

The cry was like a battle cry, and it raised waves on the surface of the Red Sea. It shook the heavens and the earth and shook the hearts of the people!

“Come on!” The candidates began to boil.

As long as there is a certain level of fighters, anyone who sees such a scene will involuntarily applaud Elaine! Real warriors don’t need words or communication, as long as they watch the opponent’s battle, they will recognize the fiery soul in the opponent’s body!

A boy died in the fire and a man was born in the fire!

In order to achieve the ideal, I will not hesitate to fight for my life.

The kid has grown into a manly man.

In contrast, Sora has a good skill, but only knows how to wield a sword to kill Morun, a machete hand, how ridiculous and pathetic!

“Ha.” Bedivere smiled, looking back at Palamidis who had just won.

Seifer followed the werewolf youth and asked: “Don’t you plan to see the last meow?”

“Don’t look at it.” The werewolf looked at the boiling deck. At least half of the candidates on the deck were cheering for Elaine. Although these cheers, the White Dragons couldn’t hear them at all.

Even if he didn’t watch it, Bedivere knew in his heart that the battle had already been decided.

“Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!” People rushed out of the sea of ​​​​fire and rushed towards the opponent frantically!

“Humph…Look at me slicing you to pieces!” Seeing the opportunity, Moron immediately swung his double-edged machete and smashed rainbow blades at his opponent!

Fuck! Noisy! Noisy!

Rainbow’s Blade is totally ineffective! The high-pressure water blade could have cut Elaine to pieces, but the effect was greatly reduced because of the high heat on Elaine’s body at the moment! The white dragon man can no longer be called the white dragon man. The dragon scales on his whole body were burned red in the scorching heat, emitting a fiery red light like molten iron—he became a red dragon man! !

The high heat on his body is enough to evaporate the water before the high-pressure water droplets hit him. In fact, the protective shield of his flame never left him for a moment, and was taken away by him along with the dragon scales! !

A great being is never harmed by a little trick! Moron’s Rainbow Blade has been cracked! !

Elaine in Mad Dash is only ten yards from Mollen! Immediately you can launch a powerful attack on your opponent! !

“Don’t forget I still have this trick!!” Moron dismantled the double-edged machete, raised the two machetes and swung them at extreme speed! Waving! Swing again! !

The invisible, colorless, completely invisible warp blade swipes at Elaine! Blast! Blast! Blast again! !

Countless warp blades exploded on the red dragon man, tearing apart space and causing hundreds of damage. Although it can’t really hurt Elaine, it can at least stop the Red Dragon’s coming! But it didn’t work! No matter how frantically Moron attacked and used the power of his sword to retreat, Elaine was still gradually approaching his opponent with an unstoppable trend! !

Seven yards! Six yards! Five yards! ! Immediately within the attack range of the Luna Steel Greatsword and the Impact Cone Stab! The red dragon man’s eyes shone with incomparably fierce fire, he must kill with one blow this time! !

“Humph—” Morun laughed wickedly, and suddenly put the two knives together!

When Elaine was close to the extreme and just about to attack, the machete slashed out his double knives and fired several rainbow blades! !

Zazazaza! ! Even the high-temperature dragon scales on the red dragon man can’t prevent it from an ultra-high pressure water blade attack at close range! Elaine was severely injured again, and deep wounds were opened in her chest and abdomen! Blood poured out like a gushing spring! !

“Hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

“What?!” Mollen has miscalculated again! In the continuous burn of the Red Dragon, the body functions have been stimulated to the extreme, and the super self-healing ability has also reached its peak state at this time! Even if this kind of serious injury cannot be completely healed immediately, there is absolutely no problem in plugging the wound to stop the bleeding! !

And Elaine rushed to the front of the opponent! Block everything and deliver the final blow that decides the outcome! !

“By the way, think of a name for your new trick, meow.” Saifel said to Elaine, who was about to fight, on the deck an hour ago.

“Name, name?” The bear man scratched his head stupidly: “Why, why move one, must have a name…”

“If the name is not right, then the words will not go well, meow.” Saifer said with a smirk: “Shout out with the name that you have thought of, and use the moves in one breath. Just the deterrent effect has been improved by a notch. Once this move is used, it is a one-hit kill, and there is no possibility of being pre-judged to avoid it. It will be too late to hesitate when the opponent hears the name!”

“Well… well… well.” The white bear thought for a long time, until he was summoned and had to get on the transport boat to the duel arena.

“Burning——” Elaine rushed to the opponent, raised his impact cone and stabbed to the ground! !

Pounds! ! The powerful impact spreads underground, tearing the ground, splitting the air, and shaking everything around!

Morron tried to use this last chance to deliver the fatal blow to Elaine and thus stuck one machete to the surface to withstand the impact while the other slashed down the Red Dragon Man’s throat!

Keng! ! However, he stabbed the Luna steel sword that Elaine just raised, and the scimitar broke!

“Burning——” The impact cone stabbed non-stop against the ground, and the powerful shock wave continued to surge out from the ground, Elaine seemed to be in a storm! And his opponent has long been untenable and lost his balance!

Whoa, whoa, whoa! And a large amount of gasoline has already been released from the plug-in system of the Luna Steel Greatsword, and it flew into the air with the shock wave! They ignited between the shocking sparks and began to glow and shine! !

Under normal conditions, gasoline particles, which should have exploded instantly, were not completely burned in the low-oxygen environment created by the shock wave, and reassembled due to the loss of air pressure, constantly heating and shining, resonating with each other and accumulating power , brewing a more powerful explosion! !

The roar of the red dragon is also like a shock wave, even more shocking than the shock wave: “The burning stars (stella)———!!”() “The Walking Dead” only represents the author Raven D Vixas’s point of view, if you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it, and its position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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