Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1198: Selection in the ring (29)


Chapter 1198 Selected in the ring (twenty-nine)

Seven years ago. Great. Mage Merlin’s research institute.

Merlin sighed. Towards a large terrarium: “Boles. You’ve been doing well. You’ve done your job. Now it’s finally time to rest.”

“Farewell. Master Mage.” The dragon man golem lying in the container also said.

Merlin flipped the gate next to the container. Power off Bols.

Golem. As the name suggests. It is a human figure that is given magic power (photon) to move.

Golems have a core that resembles a “head”. It is filled with a high concentration of photons. This [core] is given some specific commands. For example, guarding a facility, or serving the owner. Update as soon as possible

When the Golem’s mission is complete. The golem’s core will begin to dim. After completing its mission, the golem immediately began to sleep.

Boles is no exception.

He was made by Merlin. A golem used to collect and guard the keys to the Wall of the World. And now. The Dark Queen Morgan has passed the Wall of the World. fled to the dark continent of the east. Boles’ mission to guard [the key] has lost its meaning.

No matter how special the construction of the dragon golem Bols is. He must follow the principles of the golem. Dust to dust. Earth to Earth. Go to sleep here.

Confronting Bolls’ fading core. Merlin was finally ruthless. Powered off the dragon man golem.

The wizard discarded the golem. Update as soon as possible

As it should be.


“Um…” A child’s sobbing came from the dark institute.

Disconnected from power. Bols, who should have been sleeping forever, became a pile of scrap metal. Suddenly opened his eyes again.

The light at his core was rekindled. Although the dragon man golem has no energy left in the body.

Look at the sublimating pale blue light in the dark. Even the light spirit Merlin, who has seen countless worlds and is so wise and powerful. Also dumbfounded.

“Master Mage.” Boles looked at Merlin in confusion. There was a bit of exhaustion in his tone: “Did you wake me up again?… How long have I slept…. What is the mission this time. More chapters coming sooner. Please give an order.”

Merlin responded with a moment of silence. Except for being too surprised. The mage really didn’t order Bols to do things.

Boles is just a puppet. Heartless puppet.

He is just a puppet with a false soul, a false mind.

You can make as many golems as you want. There’s no need to struggle with activating the same old golem. Merlin had planned for Boles to sleep forever. Or disassemble it and use the parts on other golems. all in all. The mage never intended to make Boles wake up again.

Bors, however, is [alive] again. With no energy, no commands, no additional operations.

It’s even weirder. The memories of the Dragon Man Golem should have been wiped clean. Don’t remember that you ever [lived] anymore. He actually still remembered Merlin, and remembered that his own had been shut down.

“Miracle….” The mage couldn’t find another word to describe it.

“Miracle.” Boles climbed out of the glass container: “Is the mission this time to find [miracle].”

“No. Not… er… let me think about it…” Merlin muttered to himself. Looking quite hysterical. If you don’t know what’s going on, you will definitely think that this white-haired mage is a lunatic. Most magicians give the impression of madness.

Boles moved his body nonchalantly. His artificial muscles of mithril didn’t squeak like other golems with the unpleasant metal rubbing squeaks when they moved. The first update is soft and elastic like the real one. Eerily quiet.

“Boers.” Merlin said after thinking for a long time: “I have to admit. It was a complete accident to activate you this time. I don’t have any tasks assigned to you.—— Maybe you should lie down and sleep in a glass container again.”

While saying this. Merlin looked at the half-open and half-closed magic core on Boles’ chest with anticipation. And hope to see the light in the core dim. Maybe so. Boles can truly rest in peace.

It’s all by accident.

Miracles can’t happen. Miracles must not last.

However. The core has not dimmed. Instead, it’s getting brighter. Glittering in the dark laboratory. More faster chapters to come.

[Miracle]. Miraculously survived.

Boles was obviously a little unhappy: “Master Mage. You have nothing to do. Just woke me up.”

The dragon man golem has no idea. in the absence of a master command. The core of the golem is impossible to activate at all. He thought Merlin was joking by activating him casually. Actually it’s not the case at all.

Merlin looked embarrassed. But he began to find it hard to be curious about Boles. Regardless of how that core was activated for no reason. How did the uncharged Bols move to the present? .

Could it be that Merlin inadvertently created a perpetual motion machine. . He traveled through millions of time and space. Continued research for hundreds of millions of years. An eternal task that has never been realized. It was created by accident.

The world has always followed the principle of equal exchange. what to get. something must be paid. If got anything. But never pay. That is miracle. There is something out of nothing in Boles. The energy that changes out of nothing, the soul that emerges out of nothing. Except using [miracle]. can not explain.

A golem that was supposed to be disposable. Suddenly full of mysteries. The mage will not waste this good opportunity for research in vain. Although I would love to study. But he didn’t dare to dismantle Boles. Merlin was deeply afraid that he would make a mistake. Broke this “perpetual motion machine”.

He needs more time. longer term observations. In order to understand what magical transformation happened in Boles. It is best to stay away from the power source. Stay away from all crowds. Tested under extreme conditions.

“Cough cough. That’s right.” The smart Mage Merlin coughed dryly. Thinking of an excuse: “Boers. You are responsible for traveling around the world. Retrieve the key fragments of the Wall of the World scattered in the corners of the world.”

This task is by no means easy. The key to the World Wall was used once. Immediately dissipated into seven pieces. Fly in different directions. They are now buried deep in a corner of the earth. Even Boles with a key fragment detector in his body. It’s hard to get them back.

“Master Mage. Is this necessary?” Even Boles thought Merlin’s order was crazy.

“Long-winded. Go if you tell me.” Merlin used false anger to cover up his inner insecurity: “The key fragments may not be useful for the time being. But in the long run. More chapters coming soon. It’s better to collect it.”

“So it is. Master Mage is really foresight.” Boles admired without emotion. Merlin felt a chill in his heart.

Meanwhile. There was another slight sob outside the research room.

“What is that.” Boles looked in the direction of the cry.

“It’s Elaine.” Merlin sighed softly: “You know. The war is over. The child is useless. Knight Cador was planning to adopt the child and the other at the same time. The kid named Constantine. But the knight never came. I’m afraid I’m not going to take Elaine. Sigh… When I get this old research institute packed and moved to the new research The child should be sent to the orphanage as well. It’s a bit pitiful, but I really don’t have time to take care of that kind of arrogant child.”

The dragon golem is silent for a while.

He suddenly understood something.

Boles walks straight out of the lab. With his metal cold hands. Pushed open the cold iron door of the research room.

He looks away. See is. The white bear boy sitting alone on the cold floor.

Actually Elaine is wiping away tears. But he didn’t dare to disturb the people in the institute. Just sobbing softly.

The world is huge. Nowhere to stay.

Disposable. worthless.

The aliens, idiots, and trash that are rejected and rejected by the world. Can only tremble unnoticed in dark corners.

Live alone. Just for the passing moment.

…that is. How unbearable.

Boles suddenly understood his true mission.

“Yo. Child.” The dragon man golem walked slowly to the white bear boy. Gentle and authentic: “You. Do you have nowhere to go?”

“Woooooooooo…” Elaine was still sobbing softly. Maybe despair of the world. Maybe numb. He didn’t answer. Not going to answer either.

“I accepted the order of the Great Mage. Next, I will travel around the world. Search for the fragments of the Wall of the World.” Boles whispered. He was stunned for a long time. Just say the last sentence to say:

“If you don’t have a place to go. Would you like to come with me.”

The white bear boy trembled.

Long time. Elaine looked up. He stared blankly at Bols, the dragon man golem.

“You need…need me.” He asked timidly.

Boles responded dispassionately: “It’s going to be a dangerous journey. Bring a little helper. Probably the most reasonable option. Unless you—”

Plop. The white bear boy didn’t say a word. Pounced into the arms of the dragon man golem. Ordinary people can’t bear the attack of the huge white bear man at all. But Bols, who is a dragon man golem, is like an unmoving mountain. Take everything Elaine. All suffered.

No more scruples. The boy cried loudly. Crying nonstop. His cries continued to reverberate and vibrate in the institute. —— As if to release all the suffocation he had accumulated for a long time.

Boles does not speak. Just keep the original standing position. Waiting quietly for the child to finish crying and fall asleep. Boles’ cold and inorganic body. In the eyes of the sleeping white bear boy. It is a warm home.

Heaven and Earth has nowhere to go.

Only me. is your only home.


Boers looked at the sleeping white bear boy. It dawned on me.

Just the opposite.

Only you. It’s my only home.

Even if the world is home. Experience endless wandering.

There is where you are. have a home.

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