Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1197: Selection in the ring (28)


Chapter 1197 Selected in the ring (twenty-eight)

“That’s not a warp blade. What is that?” On the deck, watching the battle on the big screen, Bedivere couldn’t help but sigh.

Morron’s attacking nature has changed dramatically. The warp blade he used before can only explode and cause damage within a specific distance and range, which is very different from this kind of slash that extends in a straight line.

And this attack can see the trajectory, the arrogant and generous style is completely different from the previous invisible warp blade. Is it because Morun is confident that he can kill his opponent with this move, so he no longer needs to hide his attack trajectory? Zephyr narrowed his eyes to a slit, carefully observing the battle.

At the same time, Morun swept several more knives towards Elaine. Rainbow’s slashes kept sweeping, slashing, and slashing towards Elaine, forcing the White Dragons into a very embarrassed situation.

“It’s water meow.” Saifer suddenly realized: “He sprayed high-pressure water droplets from the blade of the machete, and they turned into a very thin blade, which flew out under the pressure of the swing. Meow. That rainbow-colored light is actually formed by water molecules deflecting sunlight, similar to a real rainbow.” Bedivere frowned: “But it’s a physical shock wave…” “Can you be defended, meow? Well, it is indeed possible—if you use a Luna steel shield, meow.” Zephyr pondered: “But Morun’s previous attack has already frightened Elaine, Elaine I probably didn’t expect that the nature of the opponent’s attack has changed, meow.” Soldiers never tire of cheating. —— Morun’s previous warp blade attack that could pass through the shield was actually just paving the way for the red blade at the moment! To confuse the opponent with an undefendable first attack, and then to shred the enemy with a sure-kill attack, is his main tactics!

A fan of the authorities! ——In the fierce battle of life and death, Elaine can’t immediately figure out the mystery of the opponent’s attack, and he doesn’t dare or have time to think about it! After all, with such a terrifying and lethal attack, if one accidentally fails to guard against it, Elaine will be cut in half!

“However, that’s really terrifying destructive power, meow.” Saifer said inexplicably, “It was able to sever Elaine’s dragon scales, meow.” “Because it’s fast.” Bedivere snorted lowly. . Morun’s [Rainbow Blade] should have about the same attack power as Bedivere’s [Moonlight Wave]. Moonlight Wave relied on Bedivere’s ultra-high-speed claws to shoot out the vacuum blade. The flying blade of air had already exceeded the speed of sound.

[Speed ​​is power]—— Therefore, it is obviously just a thin layer of air blade, as long as it is accelerated to an appropriate speed, it can also crack thick steel plates.

The same goes for Mollen’s high-pressure water jets. Even though the speed of Moron’s double-edged machete may not be able to reach supersonic speed, he cleverly used the principle of torque to make the tip of the blade break through the speed of sound – or at least close to the speed of sound – thereby The accelerated water droplets are like high-pressure water cannons, which can penetrate more than ten feet of steel plate, which is also the most common thing. And it also has the acceleration from inside the weapon plug-in, as well as the power bonus of the well-enchanted machete itself. The superposition of these multiple powers is of course enough to break the defensive power of the dragon scales on Elaine!

“But… can it really be done meow? With human arm strength meow?” Saifer was even more puzzled.

“Of course.” The werewolf replied calmly.

As long as the torque is used reasonably, even a normal human man can swing a whip without any mechanism, and the tip of the whip may break the speed of sound. That extraordinarily loud [crack] the whip made when it was swung was the sound of a part of it breaking the sound barrier. Moruna’s special machete construction, and the practice of combining two knives into a double-edged machete, must also be based on the principle of mechanics, so that the user can accelerate the tip of the blade to break the sound barrier when swinging the knife.

In short, that high-pressure water blade can kill Elaine in one hit! !

With Elaine’s current skills, continuing to avoid this dangerous high-pressure water blade is simply suicidal! Unless the White Dragon Man can immediately sense the essence of the [Rainbow Blade] and raise his shield to defend, he will definitely be cut into pieces! This is no longer a matter of being injured or not, he will really lose his life!

“That little idiot.” Bedivere looked more and more anxious: “Hurry up and detect it!” However, Elaine is too stupid and too young, and only knows how to stick to the rules and raise his sword to face the enemy, roll to avoid seemingly impossible defenses move. This stupid dragon (bear) was already scarred after struggling to dodge hundreds of [Rainbow Blades], and the constant blood loss and pain made his movements gradually dull!

His vision begins to blur, making it impossible to see subtle changes on the battlefield. Finally, his dodge came to an end!

“It’s over!!” Morun laughed wickedly, with a fierce look in his eyes. His rainbow blades keep driving Elaine around, enticing opponents to move towards his traps!

Clap! Elaine stepped on the unstable ground, and fell awkwardly as the ground shattered! His left leg was completely sunk into the ground, between the cracks in the rock!

“What, what?!” The bear man pulled out his left foot in despair, but he couldn’t do anything at all!

That’s right, that’s exactly the ground that Morun’s high-pressure water blades cut out, a pit that is bumpy and difficult to stand on, and once you step on it, there is nowhere to escape! Countless high-pressure water blades left trails on the ground, spreading out a spider web and entangling the prey!

“Haha!!” Moron rushed over and swung a knife from twenty yards away from Elaine! The rainbow blade swept out and attacked the white dragon who had half of his legs on the ground!

If you pull your legs out and run away, it will be too late! Even if he leaned over to dodge, this subtle angle was enough to cut off half of Elaine’s body!

The White Dragon Man is about to be cut in half when he sees himself! He swallowed a mouthful of saliva and raised his Moon God Steel Greatsword——-hmm! !

The high-pressure water blade flies by! Blood splattered!

“Oh?” Moron sighed.

In front of Morun, it wasn’t Elaine who was cut in half, but the White Dragon Man who was standing with a leg missing and with a big sword supporting his body with difficulty.

“Can you cut off your feet at that critical moment to avoid my attack?” Moron looked at the white dragon man who was covered in wounds and had a broken leg.

Elaine is covered in blood.

Morren laughed wildly: “Hahahahaha!——It’s like a lizard docking its tail for self-protection! You are really not that different from that little animal!””Ugh.. ….” The white dragon man, who was in pain, trembled.

“Boy, this is your last chance!” Moron raised his knife and sneered: “I’m not planning to kill you yet. Surrender! It’s not too late to surrender now!!” (The whole body is in excruciating pain. ) (So tired.) (So uncomfortable.) (Consciousness begins to gradually blur.) (But…) Bai Longren slightly opened his eyes, which had long been confused by blood, and looked at Morun faintly: “No…don’t surrender!” (If you stop here, how can you become stronger!) (If you don’t become stronger…how can you save Dad!!) (Dad! ) (Dad…) Plop. Elaine changed back to the form of a bear man, lost consciousness, and fell to the ground.

“Oh, did you faint from the blood loss?” Moron shook his head and sneered, looking at a bee golem flying by him: “Hey, the organizer of the conference, he shouldn’t be able to fight anymore. Should I win this battle?” “Wait a minute.” From the Bee Golem came the voice of Kador, the Knight of the Round Table: “Considering Elaine’s super recovery ability, he may still get up.” “Don’t Delay the time!” Moron walked to the fainted Elaine, raised his machete against the white bear man’s vest: “In that case, I’ll cut him in half——“” Now the countdown begins, Ten——” Cador reluctantly started the countdown, which meant that Elaine would lose after the ten seconds of the countdown!

Nevertheless, Mollen looks unsatisfied. He raised his machete and slashed towards Elaine’s waist! The excellent medical team in Great Britain is here, and even if he is seriously injured by being cut in half, it will not necessarily kill Elaine! And Moron is planning to completely defeat the white bear, lest this self-recovery white bear get up again! !

“No!——” Bedivere on the deck shouted exhaustively, but his cry could not reach the distant battlefield.

The sword light flashes and falls! !

Keng! ! ——“What?!” Moron was taken aback!

The fatal blow was blocked by the hands of the polar bear! !

The sharp blade of the machete chopped off Elaine’s left arm, but it got caught in the bone of the polar bear’s right arm and couldn’t cut through! !

Lying on the ground, Elaine stared at her opponent with wide eyes, and the eyes of the white bear shone with unprecedented persistence!

“Go…save Dad!” Elaine’s left arm fell to the ground, spattering with blood.

He muttered in a low voice, “Never… allow you to… get in my way!!” Pound! ! With his amazing arm strength, Elaine swept Morun and his machete out! ! Moran flew thirty yards in the air, and fell heavily! !

Swish, swish, swish—drag a blood trail! Under the brute force of the white bear, Morun was not lightly injured!

“Ummmmmm…” Elaine, who was injured all over her body, leaned on her sword and slowly got up.

His consciousness drifts between the brink of sobriety and shock. However, his will has been pulling him to the line of sobriety—before exhausting this last he must continue to fight!

Just for a humble, little wish.

He is stupid and introverted. He is afraid of everything, and at the same time, as an alien, he is rejected by the world.

The world is so big that it has nowhere to go.

Only the Dragon Golem Bols, Elaine’s “dad”, is the only place the young Pyrenees can live.

Even with the last breath and the last drop of blood, save his father!

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