Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1196: Selection in the ring (27)


Chapter 1196: Selection in the ring (twenty-seven)

The two machetes in Morn’s hands project invisible warp blades. This terrifying blade lurking in another dimension will detonate precisely thirty yards away. From left shoulder to right heel, right shoulder to left heel. Cut Elaine precisely into four pieces.

Although I can’t see the slash hidden in the warp. But Elaine could tell from Morlen’s movement and expression. This is the final blow.

If Elaine does nothing. He will be cut into four pieces. His head is intact though. Survive after first aid. But he would also be powerless to fight because of this serious injury. Lose this knockout.

“Dad…” The white bear man suddenly recalled his voice. What quickly emerged before his eyes was his father, the Dragon Golem Boles.

His father is still waiting for him to rescue. He’s going to be a knight of the round table. Fulfill your wishes. How could it be down here.

“Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…—————————- ———“

The white bear has transformed.

KengKangKang——. The crisp sound passed. The sound was like the bouncing sound of a metal blade slashing against an extremely hard shield. But the reality is quite different.

The warp blade launched by Moron. Detonated on the scales of the White Dragon. was bounced off.

“Difficult, unbelievable.” Mollen was dumbfounded. Regardless of the fact that the opponent could suddenly transform into one—Morren was confident that he could cut the opponent into four pieces with a powerful blow. It was bounced off by Elaine, who had turned into a white dragon.

A space-time distortion that obviously can cut through everything. But was ejected. .

Of course. Nobody will know. Dragon scales give Elaine a powerful protective ability. Just a secondary reason to bounce off the attack; what really avoided Elaine’s hand. After he became a white dragon. His body is much smaller than when he was a white bear.

Therefore. The warp blade that was supposed to detonate on the polar bear’s chest, torn from shoulder to heel. not where they should be. They are largely missed. Those clanging metal bangs just now. It was actually Elaine’s two dragon horns that were hit by the exploding warp blades. Wonderful sound.

“Ugh.” Elaine let go of the hand covering her chest. While transforming, his injuries miraculously recovered quickly.

He picks up his impact cone. Without saying a word, he fired a hook at Moron.

Swoosh. . The hook landed on the ground a yard in front of Moran. Rewind quickly. Mollen was still surprised. Haven’t had time to react and dodge. Elaine has been brought over by the grappling wire. Approaching Moron at an astonishing speed. .

The white bear man set up the moon **** steel shield and rammed the opponent. Although the big shield collision like a meteor will not kill the opponent. Update for the first time, but it can definitely knock Moron into confusion. even flew off the field.

“Damn.——” Mollen hurried to dodge. Draw a sword to the left. .

lbs. He launched the warp blade and detonated a yard to the left. The impact of the space-time explosion blew Moron apart. Allows him to quickly dodge the opponent’s attack.

But. Elaine has seen this trick. He also has his own ideas. The white dragon man pulled the trigger hidden in the large shield. Activated the plugin in the Luna Steel Great Shield.

Pfft——–something spewed out of the Great Shield’s plug-in. A clear liquid with a pungent odor. They were right in the center of the warp blade explosion. More faster chapters to come. because of the blast. It was splashed out again—in the same direction Moron was dodging.

The colorless liquid resembles a giant wave. Sprinkle on Mollen. The moment the machete touches this liquid, he perceives its essence from the smell———

It’s gasoline. .

“Wha—” Mollen didn’t have time to be surprised. Elaine has raised the impact cone and swept out.

Missing. Moran dodged so quickly. It was impossible to hit with the impact cone at that length.

But not so. This is what Elaine wants. Even without a cone jab on the ground to cause impact damage. It also emits super vibrations. Even empty. It also has its special meaning. Update as soon as possible

Swipe through the air. Shock spikes in overclocked shocks. Despite not hitting Mollen. But hit a water drop floating in the air—no. Gasoline drops.

Clap. The terrifying ultra-vibration instantly rubbed and heated. Hit a spark. .

Spraying gasoline is instantly ignited by sparks. Caused a terrific explosion. .

Pounds ——-.

Morlen bore the brunt. was blown away. Scimitar hands, who had been drenched in gasoline, caught fire. Screaming and rolling in flames.

Elaine isn’t much better either. The half of his body that was not covered by the large shield was blackened by the explosion and flames. However, the white dragon man at this time has a dragon scale armor that is hard and resistant to high temperature. This damage is just a piece of cake.

“That kid actually used this trick so well, meow.” Zephyr, who was watching the battle on the deck, smiled with relief.

A combined attack of petrol bombs and impact cones ejected from the Luna Steel Shield. It was the powerful kill that Zephyr came up with for Elaine. Use this trick. Elaine was also inevitably hurt. Therefore, he can only use it when he has become a white dragon. But this move can create powerful explosions and burn damage. And the petrol bombs splashed out in waves. The attack range is large and quick to start. Opponents are almost impossible to dodge—best used against an agile foe like Moran.

For speed. Moran was barely wearing any armor. Therefore he suffered. Splashed with petrol bombs. ignited by fire. The first update Scimitar hand rolled on the ground several times. The flames were finally put out. Only then did he get up in embarrassment: “Damn…”

He was charred to the black at the time. Like a mass of black coal. This guy didn’t care about the burns on his body. He was determined to keep fighting.

“There is actually a second and second transformation… That dragon armor is really tough.” Morun looked at the shining dragon scales of the white dragon man.

Elaine’s clothes have become tattered from the battle. He was topless. The scales shone a beautiful silvery white light in the sunlight. Dragons can travel through warp tunnels full of temporal turbulence and photon storms. If this white scale armor has the same nature as the real dragon scale. Moron’s warp blade certainly couldn’t hurt Elaine either.

“I have a question. Since you have such a powerful shapeshift ability. Why didn’t you use it in the first place.”

Confront Mollen’s questioning. Elaine was silent for a while. It’s not that he doesn’t want to answer. However, Bedivere and others had already instructed the White Bear (Dragon) people. No matter who asks this question. He always keeps silent.

Of course. Elaine’s transformation is time-limited. It is influenced by Elaine’s own mental and physical state. The more intense the battle. Elaine became more nervous. The transformation of the White Dragon is more difficult to maintain.

If this hole card is seen through. Elaine’s future battles will only get worse.

“Because this transformation has a time limit. Update it as soon as possible.” However, Moren saw through it easily. A battle-hardened warrior must possess great insight. There is no such basic element. It is difficult to survive in a world where the strong are gathered.

“Uh…” Elaine’s forehead dripped with cold sweat. Cold sweat seeped out from between the cracks of the dragon scales.

“Don’t worry. I won’t say it. How many candidates can see through the off-field battle. It’s hard to say.” Moron sneered. while talking. The hilts of the two machetes in his hands were butted together. merge. Turn them into a double-edged machete.

“Start now. I will use my strongest stunt [Rainbow Blade]. I will defeat you with all my strength.” Moron held the double-edged machete high: “This move will also consume a lot of physical strength. So our conditions are quite- —–It depends on who falls first. Even if you are killed by the wrong hand. Don’t complain.”

Elaine swallows. He saw killing intent in his opponent’s eyes. A chill ran through his spinal cord.

Human nature will be revealed at critical moments. Scimitar Mollen is no exception. He had been carried away by the battle. Stop thinking about how to win without killing Elaine.

That’s right. People like Mollen seek to kill. Instinctively enjoy the thrill of killing each other with the enemy. Abandon defense. Specializes in using a pair of machetes to slash enemies. It is the best manifestation of this man’s cruel nature. This kind of person doesn’t care about the rules of battle. Moron’s next attack will be merciless. Cut Elaine to pieces. . For self-preservation. The White Dragons can’t be neglected either.

Bedevier had finished fighting Logan by then. back to the deck.

“Rainbow blade.” Although no sound can be heard. The werewolf could vaguely recognize Moron’s words from the mouth shape of the machete: “Does that guy hide another hand besides the [Space-Time Slicing Blade]. Such a tenacious enemy.”

“Elaine…” Zephyr muttered worriedly.

“Die.——” Moron had already swung out his double-edged machete.

Arc flash. As Moron named his stunt. That is indeed the blade of the rainbow. An arc of iridescent light visible to the naked eye streaks towards Elaine. And cut the ground diagonally all the way. The terrifying lethality of this arc can be seen from the trend of ground cracking. Even Elaine’s white dragon scale armor might not be able to block it. . The feeling it gave to the white dragon people was really terrifying. Elaine had an ominous foreboding. Give up blocking immediately. A tumbling out of the way. despite Elaine’s best efforts to dodge. He still got hit. The sword light of the rainbow is coming too fast. Elaine couldn’t avoid it even rolling. His calf was slashed at an angle to remove a piece of flesh. Blood gushed.

Sharp. Good sharp attack. And it swept out in a straight line. The lethality and attack range are both extraordinary. The sure-kill blade went through Elaine’s hard dragon scales. Make a mirror-smooth incision in the polar bear’s calf. Hiding for half a second will be dismembered.

It’s scary.

Elaine broke into a cold sweat. The Moron in front of him was already like a death god. At any time, the White Dragons will be dismantled into eight pieces.

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