Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1202: Selection in the ring (33)


Chapter 1202 Selected in the ring (thirty-three)

“You know each other?” Pasiva, who didn’t know it, looked a little stunned. (Baidu search network updates the fastest and most stable)

“It’s a long story.” Daniel smiled wryly: “In short, we met each other in a simulated combat system.” “Is it the system that was tested internally in the Knights of the North?” Knights of the Round Table Persiva pondered for a while: “Yes, you are a person who was dispatched from the Northern Heaven Knights, no wonder. But wait? Why are these two children…” “Please don’t pay attention to this detail.” Seeing that the matter of the two children is about to be seen through further scrutiny, Sha Xing hurriedly interrupted.

Long turned his head to look at Daniel again: “Boy, I haven’t seen you for a day. Your spirit is much better.” Daniel scratched his head and continued to smile bitterly: “I have this kind of physique. No matter how tired I am, sleep well. You can recover in the last sleep.” “It’s really wow.” Husky also sighed. Daniel’s dark circles due to lack of rest for a long time have also subsided a lot, and now he can only see it faintly.

“But why did Brother Daniel be dispatched to the Eastern Heaven Knights?””Because I submitted an application to the Northern Heaven Knights to crusade [epic creatures]. According to the regulations, they gave me a week to prepare, During this period of time, I can not participate in any work in the Knights, and concentrate on preparing for the epic.—— Having said that, they refused to let me be completely idle, and sent me to work instead. The leisurely Dongtian Knights.” “Hahaha, you actually earned it!” Pasiva smiled and patted Daniel’s shoulder: “The Dongtian Knights are currently the department responsible for the development of weapons and equipment, and they will definitely be transferred here. There will be something to gain!” “I hope so.” Daniel smiled bitterly again.

“Then, let’s stop chatting.” Pasiva walked over to the evil star: “The two children will be led by Yang Lai. Let’s visit the base as much as you like. Grand Duke evil star, please come to the laboratory with me?” “No.” The evil star coldly rejected the request of the Knights of the Round Table: “I am the bodyguard of these two little devils, and I can’t leave them easily.” “It’s okay,” Pasiva patted the evil star on the shoulder: “The Knights of the East are heavily guarded, so it is impossible for the children to encounter any danger.” Shaxing was still shaking his head: no, no.

Pasiva let out a low grunt from the back of his throat: “Okay… so, boys, would you like to visit my lab first?”” That’s an experiment to study something Shiwang?” Husky asked tentatively. If it wasn’t something that the dog boy was interested in, he wouldn’t care. (Baidu search network updates the fastest and most stable)

“Weapons.” Pasiva said bluntly: “Simply put, it’s the study of making weapons directly perform magic—very powerful, right? This is more interesting than visiting the historical and cultural heritage of the Knights. A lot?” As soon as they heard about the weapons, Husky’s and Hal’s eyes suddenly lit up at the same time: “Of course I’m going to Wang (meow)!” About half an hour ago, over the Red Sea in Africa, inside the stone pillar formation, The second knockout round of the sixth group is in progress, and the monster hunter Albert will face off against the giant Nimitz.

As soon as the tiger jumped off the transport boat, he hurriedly distanced himself from his opponent.

Nimitz also jumped out of the boat, looking at his opponent from a distance, a young tiger man who was not very strong.

“Huhu, monster hunters? The kind of guys who hunt and kill monsters secretly in the Underdark?” Nimitz sneered contemptuously as soon as he came up: “You may be very good at stalking and hunting animals, but you It’s not very useful to face off with other people’s skills.” “You may be right.” Hearing the opponent’s mockery, Albert replied without changing his face: “But I will use my own method to beat you. , no matter what kind of meow method.” “Meow?” Nimitz burst into laughter: “Wow, hahaha, so cute! Your kid is really a cat, and he speaks with a cat-like accent!” Ai Albert glared at his opponent and said nothing.

“Never mind.” Nimitz sorted out the iron fists on his hands. “Just defeating you will prove how wrong that **** dragon knight is. Prepare to die, boy!” Albert still Without answering, he focused on his opponent’s pair of black iron gloves.

Gloves? How dare Nimitz take out a weapon with such a short attack distance? Albert has the Luna Steel Scimitar in one hand, and his custom-made [Gun Blade—Storm Sword] in the other hand, so he has an absolute advantage in attacking distance!

However, things will not be so simple. Looking at Nimitz’s confident look, it seems that he has hidden a hand? In short, Albert still intends to follow the original plan, not to approach the enemy rashly, but to test the opponent from a distance!

After deciding what to do, the tiger immediately ran and circled the giant Nimitz! As soon as he turned to Nimitz’s side, he raised his gun blade and fired! Bah! ——The large-caliber gun blade made an extraordinarily low explosion! Under the driving force of the photon explosion engine inside the gun blade, eighteen large-caliber steel **** shot out from the muzzle, and rained down on Nimitz! Their speed is very fast, and the attack range is very huge, and it is difficult to dodge with the mobility of ordinary people!

“Huh.” The giant Nimitz smiled contemptuously and raised his palm.

His palms instantly became larger, turning into large “shields” that could completely cover his body, easily blocking the tiger’s shot!

“Hahaha, it’s so itchy! What are you doing?” Nimitz learned from the tiger’s words: “Oh no—what are you doing [meow]?” “Change, become giant The technique?” Albert was stunned: “No. It’s just restoring the body, meow?” “Correct answer.” Nimitz sneered cruelly.

Giant Nimitz is a purebred frost giant. He was standing in front of Albert, about a head taller than a tiger—but it was all an illusion.

Giants are so large that they interfere with everyday life. In order to better integrate into human society, giants often use [shrinking technique] to reduce themselves to a standard height similar to that of humans.

But Nimitz’s gigantic 30-yard physique won’t change in essence. He just used magic to partially restore the shrunken body!

“Wait…” Albert suddenly thought of something: “You unlocked magic with money, meow? Isn’t it expensive to unlock such a powerful spell?!” That’s right, Nimitz also wears a magic bracelet. If he doesn’t spend money to unlock magic, he shouldn’t be able to use this ability! And unlocking the magic that comes with it is very expensive – it will cost ten times the original price!

Tiger had also heard from King Arthur before that it would cost at least 500,000 Egyptian Coins to unlock the Orcs’ [Furious Transformation]. And the ability of giants to enlarge their bodies should also be equivalent to the essence of madness, and the money spent will definitely not be less-maybe more!

“Hehe, how much did it cost me to unlock this spell?——I won’t tell you!” Nimitz smiled mysteriously, but the contempt on his face didn’t subside at all.

“…Are you winning by throwing money at it?” Albert also looked at his opponent contemptuously.

“Perhaps. Anyway, as long as you can beat you, it’s fine, isn’t it [meow]?” Nimitz once again learned to speak in Albert’s cat-like tone, deliberately angering the tiger. At the same time, he has raised his right fist and swung it towards Albert!

This fist is not threatening. Nimitz was at least fifteen yards away from Albert, how could his fist hit El! But since he would punch like this, there must be some inexplicable reason! Albert quickly retreated without thinking, avoiding the dangers he might encounter first!

He was absolutely right! Snapped! ——But he still wasn’t backing fast enough, not enough! The tiger was smashed into the face by the huge fist oncoming, and flew out like a white meteor!

Wow! The punch was incredibly powerful, and Albert spit out a large mouthful of blood in the air. When he landed heavily, he dragged dozens of yards on the ground, spitting out more blood while sliding!

Tiger feels pain all over his body! Two of the ribs may have been broken, and the impacted chest and arms seemed to be split open! If he hadn’t subconsciously raised his arms to block the giant fist at the most critical moment, he would have been severely injured and unconscious at this moment!

“I can still get up.” Nimitz looked at the tiger that was slowly getting up, and was a little stunned: “Hmph, do you need a few more punches?” “Ugh…” Alber Te wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and looked at his opponent in despair. Nimitz only made one move, and Tiger immediately realized the absolute power gap between himself and his opponent!

So fast and so heavy! The range is still a full twenty yards! horrible! Is this the power of giants! ?

Too bad! The equipment in Albert’s hand does not have long-range attack capability. Even if he uses the shot of the Storm Sword, it can only be said to shoot at about ten And the farther the distance, the lower the lethality! And the opponent can unleash a super-powerful punch on Albert from twenty yards away! This lethal range difference can almost make a tiger checkmate!

No. It’s already dead! Is there anything else Albert could come up with to threaten the opponent’s attack? Can’t get it out at all! He can’t even get close to the giant Nimitz! Even if you avoid Nimitz’s attack and approach him desperately, what can you do? Nimitz is a giant! His whole body can instantly grow bigger! For an opponent more than ten times bigger than himself, Albert’s attack is simply a scratch! Even if his power is not sealed by the Demon Sealing Bracelet, Albert, who can fight with all his strength, may not be able to win against such a formidable opponent, not to mention that El’s current power is all sealed! ?

The more he thought about it, the more desperate Albert felt!

His win rate is zero! That is not even a one-in-a-million chance, a completely zero win rate! !

This is an absolutely unwinnable battle!

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