Light Spirit Epic Chapter 119: Breakthrough (Part 2)


The 119th chapter

At this critical moment—–

“Kay!” Arthur yelled, rushing over to knock Kay away.

Swish swish swish! The piercing of the tentacles shot past the two of them. Thanks to Arthur’s collision, Kai was not pierced into a hornet’s nest.


“Why are you dazed during the battle? Do you want to die?!” Arthur cursed.

“Beddie, Evan, you are responsible for containing its tentacles! Lotus is responsible for defending against Dragon Breath’s attack!” Arthur said, “Kay, you can wait for my signal to attack from the side, can you do it?!”

Kay was depressed for a while, but immediately rallied in front of Arthur, “Got it.”

“Hoo!!!” the dark dragon Smog roared, “Food! More, food!!”

“That guy has a low IQ?” Arthur thought for a while, “Is he just fighting with his previous experience and fighting instinct? Maybe this will work——“

He galloped, touching the corpse on the ground.

Although it is a long-dead corpse, there are still a lot of photons* on it. Using these photons, Arthur activated projection magic. For a time, countless clones of Arthur appeared inside the cave!

(*Note: The resentment of those who died tragically may fix the free photons on the corpse for a long time without dispersing.)

“Food, a lot, a lot?!” The old black dragon Smog was confused for a while. A somewhat demented dragon, unable to tell which is the clone and which is the real Arthur. Moreover, the cave full of pungent and **** smell made it impossible for him to distinguish by smell.

“A lot, food! A lot!——Don’t so much, kill some!” The old black dragon Smog began to attack every clone on the battlefield indiscriminately. He has at least a hundred tentacles, these tentacles spread out to attack, and the killing efficiency is very high.

However, like hitting the air, nothing hits. Arthur’s clones kept disappearing, but Arthur kept creating more clones. This spell is just an optical projection created by the photons in the corpse of the creature, and the caster can theoretically use it infinitely, as long as there are enough corpses on the battlefield!

Long realized immediately that hitting these projections was pointless, and he stopped. The battle gradually restored the demented old black dragon, his thinking gradually became clearer, and he began to think a little bit.

Need to find the ontology.

In this dark cave, thousands of clones appeared.

However, these clones are stationary. It’s just a projection.

Then it is the body that moves! Just find the moving one among the thousands of clones, and that’s it!

The old black dragon watched with wide eyes. It was the first time in thousands of years that he had opened his eyes so earnestly. He is old, but not dim-sighted. He can still fight, and he can continue to deal with more human soldiers!

Found it. The guy who moved subtly behind the rock, although hiding, was discovered by the eyesight of the dark dragon Smog!

Countless tentacles were struck with overwhelming force, not only fast, but also surrounded the target from all directions, leaving him nowhere to escape!

Looks like this has solved another one, the old Heilong thought. Will the king be happy? For every human being missing in this world, the king’s war will be easier. This is to help the king.

——-It turns out that you don’t kill for the sake of eating at all, but to kill for the sake of killing! I almost forgot about my mission for thousands of years! The old black dragon thought to himself.

The tentacles hit the target together, and the target shattered immediately!

But what is this strange touch like a rock? The touch of human flesh being pierced should be softer and stickier, right?

The shattered target revealed its true form. That’s not human at all. It was skillfully hidden in human-sized stones, a pair of bones from the past.

Hide the bones in the cracks of the stones, and then move the stones with magic, you can make these projected figures move.

—— was put together!

“Suffer to death!” Arthur climbed to the top of the stone wall, volleyed down, and slashed down with his sword, aiming to cut off the dragon’s head. Countless photons were gathered in a powerful blow!

“It’s not over yet!!” The dark dragon opened his mouth wide, trying to spit out the sour dragon breath!

“Don’t spit, swallow it back!” Kai, who had been dormant for a long time, threw the boulder in his hand, and the boulder got stuck in the dragon’s mouth! The acid splashed out from the dragon’s lips and flowed back down the throat, burning the dragon’s throat!

“No!” The dragon roared, swinging his remaining tentacles for defense like a whip and sweeping it towards Arthur!

Bedivere and Evan fire at the same time, severing the tentacles that swept towards Arthur!

The dragon roared fiercely, and stabbed Arthur with its tail like a spear!

The huge magic ice gun that Renane fired collided with the dragon’s tail! The ice cubes and the meat were smashed all over the place!

“It’s over!” Arthur raised his knife and slashed the black dragon’s head with one blow!

The old black dragon’s headless body, Ma Shan, slumped softly, and the dragon’s blood spurted out from his neck, spreading all over the cave.

“Ugh.” Kai sat on the ground regardless of the dirt. He was exhausted.

“Badly won.” Arthur breathed a sigh of relief and said, “If that dragon were any smarter, we’d have to die in this cave.”

“Dragon hunting or something, don’t come again.” Ivan wiped the dragon’s blood on his face, the stench probably wouldn’t get rid of after a few showers.

“Stop complaining, tear it apart, and take all the materials that can be taken away.” Arthur commanded, “Kay, will you be patient here for a while? We’ll go back to deal with it immediately after we’re done. Your arm injury.”

Kay sat silently. The head of the old black dragon Smog rolled a distance and stopped not far in front of Kai.

“You’re such a strange guy.” The dying old black dragon whispered in a low voice that only Kai could hear, “I have eaten countless humans here. Gradually, I began to feel it. to their malice.”

“Just die quickly and stop talking nonsense to me.” Kai said impatiently.

“I can feel the malice of people.” Dark Dragon’s blood-red eyes widened, he looked at Kai and said, “I can feel your malice.”

“What do you want to say?” Kai said in disgust.

“You hate that human. Every time that human saves you, your malice towards him increases. One day you will hate him so much that you want to kill him.” Old Black Dragon Small Greg said with a sneer.

“Give me——” Kay disregarded the picked up the spear, rushed over and stabbed the old black dragon in the head: “——Shut up!!”

Others are busy at work, removing precious materials from the dragon’s corpse to use as weapon upgrades. They were so busy that no one could hear Kai’s conversation with Dark Dragonsmogg.

——No one but Bedivere.

The werewolf boy quietly made a determination in his heart at this moment.

(If Kay dared to hurt Arthur, I would kill him without hesitation.)

Dark Dragon Smog finally closed his eyes. His brain was destroyed by Kai’s blow, and as his body was scorched by the heat of the flame gun, he gradually lost consciousness.

But he was satisfied.

The seed named [Malicious] has been planted in the hearts of the two young people. When these seeds germinate, how destructive will they be?

Any form of harm to human beings is a help to the king. Maybe it will change the flow of the war between the king and the humans, and ultimately lead to the victory of the king.

——Am I doing well, King?

I don’t know that the outside world has already undergone earth-shaking changes, and the old Heilong thought he helped the king. So, finally, he died satisfied.

Since then, Kay has lost the smile on his face.

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