Light Spirit Epic Chapter 120: Lost in the Holy Spirit


Chapter 120 Lost in the Sacred Relics (Part 1)

“Really, you really killed the Dark Dragon Smog? Congratulations.” Vivien replied lightly, “Then bring the materials, I’ll see what I can do. Also, it may be a little more expensive to process such a tricky thing.”

“It’s been so many times, can’t you give us a discount?” Arthur asked.

“You’re too embarrassed to say that?!” Vivian finally got angry, “You guys have come to me with a bunch of materials in the last three days or so, I’m already tired of it! I’m a scholar, not your exclusive weapon. Craftsman! I left my research to help you!”

“Okay, don’t be so angry. This is the last time. After that, we will immediately enter the warrior’s grave to explore, and we won’t bother you again.” Arthur said.

“I hope so.” Vivian looked at the list of materials and weighed the price, “Is it going to be equipped on the armor? Two pieces of medium armor, two pieces of light armor, and one robe. The materials should be barely enough. The price is 60,000 gold coins.”

“What?! But we don’t have that much at all!” Kay exclaimed.

“…I don’t need to do the light armor, I only need the leg armor.” Arthur said, “How much does it cost?”

“Probably…” Vivienne weighed the price: “Five thousand.”

“Arthur, do you really want to enter the warrior’s grave without wearing any armor? This is no joke!” Kai hurriedly said.

“There’s no way now. Not enough money is not enough.” Arthur said honestly.

“It’s okay to make more simple breastplates for you, and I don’t want to see my cute brother pierced to death by a trap.” Vivian said coldly.

“That’s it.” Arthur said.

“Kay, let’s go to the warrior’s grave tomorrow. I know you’re impatient. Get your hands healed tonight.” Arthur said.

“Understood, you don’t need to remind me again and again!” Kai replied coldly, turning around and leaving.

Bedivere looked at Arthur worriedly while watching Kai’s back coldly.

(——Arthur, let me protect.)

(——Can’t lose more!)

The night before entering the warrior’s grave.

I originally thought that the armor made of black dragon scales must be black and ugly, but after processing, the scales exude a gorgeous gilt luster.

The golden luster formed by the inherent photons in the scales deflects the reflected natural light, as if to demonstrate to people, in order to tell the power of the old black dragon.

This kind of gorgeous black dragon armor can instantly make this person shine and look extraordinary when worn on the body of any knight. The so-called people rely on clothing, and knights generally rely on armor to gain recognition from other people. If you can defeat the old black dragon and wear such domineering black dragon armor, even if you go back to the Knights, you will definitely not be looked down upon, right?

Of course, Arthur wasn’t thinking about face at all. Face never meant anything to Arthur, he was only worried about other things.

Arthur looks at Kay as he tries on Kay’s armor.

“It’s not bad, it’s pretty cool to wear.” He said, “Dragon armor is not only harder, but also lighter than ordinary armor, and you don’t have to worry about battery problems. This way, you can enter the warrior’s grave with peace of mind.”

“Arthur.” Kay asked sullenly, “Tell me honestly, what are the chances of this operation being successful?”

“No matter how small I tell you the chances are, it won’t stop you, right?” Arthur replied hesitantly, “Then don’t care about the chances, just bite the bullet.”

Kai looked at Arthur with such a wavering attitude and was very dissatisfied.

“You really don’t have to come with me. This trip may really have no return.” Kai said, “It’s enough for me to go alone.”

“How can I rest assured if Kai is alone?” Arthur said, “You always rush forward without thinking, sometimes more impulsive than me. Watching you plunge into the trap, I won’t come from behind. How can I give you a hand?”

Kay was silent.

Arthur tried to fasten a button on the armor, but his fingers were stiff, and he failed again and again.

Looking at Arthur’s clumsy movements, Kay couldn’t help but ask: “Your current body can’t be freely controlled, right?”

Arthur sighed: “Have you been discovered? It’s been like this ever since I drank the dragon’s blood. My body is a little stiff and doesn’t obey commands, and I can’t move as freely as before. That’s why I emphasize armor to you. Importance. Well, I’m actually scared, I’m scared to die like this.”

“You also know fear?” Kai asked coldly.

“I don’t know. There is no real sense of fear in my body.” Arthur said, “But I know I can’t die. My death is not just my own. I’ve been through so much, if I Also dead…Bediver will collapse.”

“——I can’t die for that child,” Arthur said.

Kay’s face became solemn. Only he knew what he was thinking.

Bediver, who was eavesdropping outside Kay’s room, withdrew his weapon, his face dignified, and only he knew what he was thinking.

(——-Arthur, let me protect.)

Unlike Kay, who was disturbed by thousands of thoughts, Arthur had already noticed Bedivere hiding outside the door at this time. It’s a pity that Arthur didn’t have the ability to read minds after all. He didn’t know what Bedivere was thinking. He thought that Bedive was embarrassed for what he just said and hid. Arthur kept his head down, pretending not to notice Brady’s presence.

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