Light Spirit Epic Chapter 118: Breakthrough (middle)


Chapter 118: Difficulty in Darkness (Part 2)

(Preparation for entering the warrior’s grave, Day 5.)

On the southern border of Pantolaken, there are rumors of the dragon-infested Wallonga Cave.

“The smell of blood.” Arthur said vigilantly, “The environment in the cave is still so narrow, it is very unfavorable to fight with the dragon. Otherwise, we should retreat first? Go back and prepare well, and then we will be confident in the fight.”

“It’s fine, I’ll take the lead if you’re afraid,” Kai said, boldly stepping in.

“No, Kai, be careful!” Before Arthur could warn Kai, Kai had been swept away by a strong gust of air!

“Wow ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!” “Dragged in the narrow and slippery cave, and Kai found that his feet were rolled out! This guy’s tentacles can actually extend out of the cave and drag people away. No wonder Wallonga Cave is called “The Devil’s Mouth”!

Kai wasn’t particularly flustered. He was considered a veteran of many battles, and it was not that he had not encountered such unfavorable situations before.

The only thing he can do now is curl up into a ball to protect himself from the occasional stalagmite sticking out of the slippery cave. Although stab wounds are probably unavoidable.

There is a muffled pop. Kai finds himself finally being dragged deep into the cave. The cave is huge, the ground is covered with bones, and the smell of death permeates everywhere. This is where the Dark Dragon Smog lives!

Kay got up and checked. My left hand hurts so much, I can’t exert any strength at all, it’s because of a broken bone.

By the phosphorescence in the cave, the dark dragon Smog, more than fifty feet long, with countless tentacles instead of wings on his back, covered in black scale armor, and with a rancid smell in his mouth, appeared in Kai’s in front of you!

“Human——! Delicious, human!” cried the dark dragon. This old dragon, who has lived for more than 50,000 years, is already dementia, but the body that has eaten countless people and continues to maintain its active body, its combat effectiveness is unequivocal!

Can’t win! Don’t say that if you break a hand now, you can’t win even in a state of perfection!

Kay had countless possible ways to fight in his mind. But before the momentum of the dragon, he knew that he had no chance of winning!

Strategies are just a means to shorten the distance of strength, but in the face of absolute strength, being clever is useless!

…not to mention, in terms of intelligence, Kai knows that he is no match for Arthur!

I can only delay time and wait for Arthur and the others to come to the rescue!

However, in this labyrinth-like dark cave, can Arthur and the others find it successfully? !

I’m afraid I’ll be eaten long before I find it!

Unknown to the world, dying in such a dark cave? What an undignified death it would be. How can you just die like this!

“What a joke!” Kai raised the weapon in his hand, “I won’t lose to this stupid dragon!!!”

“Can you find it?!” Arthur asked.

“Looking, don’t make a noise!” Bedivere walked close to the ground, sniffing the smell left on the ground. Kai was dragged at high speed and only left a little smell on the ground, and the information of the smell was intermittent, which was very difficult to capture. Bedivere sensed how bad this dark dragon was from the rotten smell coming from the depths of the cave, so he became more impatient, eager to find Kai’s location right away.

Then he smelled blood. It was Kai’s blood, probably cut by something in the cave.

Dark Dragon Smog swept his tail, and at the same time, countless tentacles turned into spikes and flew towards him. Every action shows the skillful fighting and rich experience of the old dragon. This is completely different from the previous duels of young dragons!

Under this absolute disadvantage Kai can only dodge in embarrassment, and from time to time he is scratched with small wounds by tentacle rain.

“Drink!” He swung a gun, trying to cut off the tail of the dragon that was swept in the face. The dragon’s tail was unexpectedly hard. At the same time that the gun head and the dragon armor collided, the huge impact force flew Kai Zhen out!

“Caught, food!” Long shouted dementedly, opening his **** mouth, and spewing out the sour dragon breath at Kai!

That is the terrifying acid mist that can instantly corrode all living things! Kai knew in his heart that if he hit this blow directly, his flesh would be corroded, and he would end up like the bones on the ground!

“I won’t,” he turned around in the air and stabbed a shot at the stone wall! “I won’t just die like this!” The tip of the gun just touched the stone wall. The spear inserted into the stone wall immediately became his point of assistance. Kai took advantage of the situation and avoided the dragon’s breath!

“This is it!!” Kai made his right fist huge to the limit and punched the black dragon!

“Roar!!” The dragon used the top of his head and concentrated all his strength to resist the giant’s blow!

This full blow was easily blocked. Kai was speechless. This guy is really strong. Can’t win.

May die here!

Countless tentacles rained down on Kai, and Kai, who lost his will to fight, just waited for the moment when his whole body was pierced.

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