Light Spirit Epic Chapter 117: Breakthrough (Part 1)


The 117th chapter

(Preparation before entering the warrior’s grave, the first day. Buy two light guns and one lightsaber in the market. The army fund is left with 18,000 gold coins.)

The expressionless Patimo girl looked at a glittering object on the ground stall.

“Boss, I want this. How much?” Bedivere walked over and asked for the price.

“Here.” The werewolf boy walked back and handed a beautiful butterfly headdress to the girl’s hand.

“Agent master?” Lian Yin asked with a puzzled face.

“You like this, don’t you? I’ve been staring at it since just now.” Bedivere said with a smile, “It’s not too expensive. It’s a gift from me. ——Help me Are you wearing it?”

“…Yeah.” Lian Yin nodded slightly.

“Okay.” Bedi put the hair accessories on Lian Yin’s head, “Girls are more beautiful with some jewelry.”

“Beautiful? Unexplained. Request extended explanation,” she said.

“It just looks like it makes people happy.” Bedivere smiled, “If you feel happy too.”

“Happy? The meaning is unclear, please expand the explanation.”

“It’s just pleasure, it’s… ah ah ah ah… I can tell!” Bedivere said awkwardly. “It’s what makes you happy. Happy. It’s time to laugh. Like—this—like.” The corners of his mouth turned up in a ‘smile’ expression.

“Like—this—like?” Lian Yin raised the corner of her mouth with her fingers and squeezed out a ‘smile’.

“Forget it, you don’t have to force it if you don’t know.” Bedivere sighed, “But I believe that one day you will know what happiness is and how to laugh. So does Arthur.”

Lian Yin looked at Bedivere, and subconsciously touched the butterfly headdress.

(Preparation before entering the warrior’s grave, the next day. Hunting monsters in the wild of Pantoracken. Since there is no armor, I dare not go to the dangerous big guy. After getting a lot of materials, Lotus Sound’s space compression magic is The storage of materials provides great convenience.

Go to see Vivian, Vivian said that she can make detachable armor, and then no matter what new materials are obtained, they can be used on the armor to replace the old materials with only a small amount of processing. Spend 12,000 gold coins to reserve two sets of medium armor, two sets of light armor and a set of light robe armor for mages. Military funds remain at 6,000. )

“We’ll go bankrupt if we spend any more money.” Arthur blamed Kay as he managed the remaining money with a headache.

“What should be spent will still be spent!” Kai said disapprovingly.

(Preparation for entering the warrior’s grave, day three.

Start hunting large creatures. Destroy six trolls, three frost giants, and an emperor cobra. Only Evan suffered minor abrasions. There are too many materials to be used up, Arthur suggested to take the extra rare materials to the city to see if they can sell them for money. Cobra’s snake guts were unexpectedly sold for a high price, and other things were taken to Vivian to upgrade armor and weapons. After addition and subtraction, it finally cost 3,000 gold coins. Military funds remain at 3,000. )

Kay is a little impatient.

(Preparation before entering the warrior’s grave, the fourth day. Arthur suggested to catch rare monsters alive in exchange for money, to pave the way for the manufacture of powerful weapons and armor in the future. Use the teleportation of Lian Yin to reach all kinds of rare human beings Secret realm. Capture 30 crystal lizards, 10 ruby ​​crabs, and 50 golden beetles. Collected 30 bunches of gem grapes and 100 pearl flowers. Bedi suggested to go to the place where the phoenix was caught before, and the phoenix was harvested. A tail feather. These rare treasures were sold at high prices in the city, and the military funds soared to 53,000.)

“Enough, let’s go hunting for dragons tomorrow.” Kai said, who finally couldn’t stand his temper. “The money now is enough for all of us to make a set of dragon scale armor each.”

“Our current armor can’t withstand a single blow from the dragon, and if we take a single blow, we will die.” Arthur strongly objected.

“Before, you had no problem dealing with two dragons by yourself without injury, why can’t we be together?” Kai asked in dissatisfaction, “Are you afraid that we will hold you back?”

Arthur didn’t speak, only a look of worry in his eyes.

Kay still looked at Arthur disapprovingly and said nothing. Even Evan, who was a bystander, could see that the gap between Kai and Arthur was getting deeper and deeper.

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