Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1147: Lost in the Oasis (29)


Chapter 1147 Lost in the Oasis (29)

Bedivere raised his small throwing knife, aimed at the deadwood stag beetle, and threw it hard!

Alloy throwing knives are very light and have a streamlined appearance, allowing them to be thrown very far. In fact, Bedivere was 30 yards away from the monster. With his amazing arm strength and high concentration, he accurately threw the flying knife on the monster!

Boom. It stuck on the head of the dead wood stag beetle, and the muffled sound was like the sound of an axe chopping on a tree, but it was several decibels lower. The sound of hitting the target was not too loud, and the stag beetle didn’t even notice it. But what happened next was far beyond the monster’s expectations! hum! —— There was a strong roar from the head of that thing, which came from the resonance phenomenon of the small flying knife!

The next thing is interesting. Because of the loud noise, other deadwood stag beetles in the forest immediately took the location of the stag beetle as a bombing target.

Whoosh! —— Numerous anti-aircraft shells flew.

Clap clap clap reads;! —— They slammed on the hapless dead wood stag beetle, exploded, and bathed it with acid!

Zizzizizizi——The armor of the dead wood stag beetle has excellent acid resistance, and it will not be completely corroded for a while. It looked up, terrified, trying to figure out what was going on.

Useless! Bedivere was already lying motionless in the grass, and the werewolf with the weeds on his back had an excellent camouflage, and the enemy couldn’t spot him at all!

Whoosh whoosh! ——More anti-aircraft shells were fired at the dead wood stag beetle, and landed on the monster! The greater the amount of strong acid that began to corrode the monster’s shell, thick white smoke emanated from its entire body!

Clap! It really exploded! The acid sac hidden in its body also burst, and the acid splashed everywhere!

The werewolf hiding thirty yards away sighed at his wit. If he just went straight up to deal with the enemy without any explanation, at this moment he will definitely be drenched in the bursting acid and turn into a pool of blood!

Even if the monster blew itself up, the little flying knife was still not completely corroded, and it continued to make a sharp resonating sound. More shells landed in the same place, making the depression even more deadly. Bedivere hurriedly fled the crime scene for fear of being affected by the splashing acid. And he also deduced the location of another enemy from the angle of the shooting of another cannonball!

It works!

It must work! As long as the werewolf has the patience to sneak on, he will eventually be able to kill all the deadwood stag beetles one by one by assassination!

The remaining issues that are more worrying are only the number of small throwing knives in the werewolf’s hands, and the battery remaining in the weapons in the hands of Tristan, who is in charge of support!

Om—— Just when Bedivere thought that the victory was in his hands, and he could solve the problem with patience and careful action, a roar interrupted the werewolf’s thoughts. Popular novel remenxs.

This roar also gave the werewolf a chill in his heart, and goosebumps all over his body!

Wings! This kind of voice is very familiar, because Bedivere and the others have heard it before, and they have been hunted down by the owner of this kind of flapping sound!

It’s the deadwood mantis that can stealth! !

The werewolf covered his mask and took a deep breath.

As he took a deep breath, the pungent smell of smelling salts was inhaled into Bedivere’s body. This chemical smell mixed with peppermint, but still very unpleasant, instantly excited the nerves of the werewolf and paralyzed him. The vision is temporarily restored.

The thing manifested, just thirty yards before Bedivere’s eyes, flying slowly. It doesn’t seem to have noticed Bedivere’s appearance, after all, the werewolf’s camouflage is quite clever.

The biggest problem is that there is more than one deadwood mantis on the grass. Bedivere looked around, and there were a total of twelve dead wood mantises patrolling everywhere within 300 yards!

When did so many gather! ? Could it be the wolf roar just now that attracted all the monsters?

Oops! that’s terrible! Just dodging the shelling of the deadwood stag beetles would exhaust Bedivere! Now there are twelve more deadwood mantises coming to the game! The number of small throwing knives in Bedivere’s hands is limited, and it is impossible to use them all to deal with every enemy!

The monsters gradually blurred and distorted, stripped from the werewolf’s field of vision, and finally became completely invisible again. The effect of smelling salts is short-lived, not long enough to keep Bedivere sane for long against the mantis’ invisibility.

Oops! Very bad!

Bedivere does take deep, continuous breaths, inhaling smelling salts to energize his nerves to keep the monster in sight all the time. But smelling salts are toxic, and inhaling them all the time can cause enormous damage to the nerves! And such a stinky thing, just taking a sip is enough to make the werewolf dizzy, want him to continue to suck? It is estimated that he was smoked to death before he could defeat the enemy!

What should I do? What should I do? !

Whoosh———pop! ! When there was no other noise to distract the stag beetles for a long time, they continued to bombard the “fortress” where Tristan was. After all, the protective shield made of frozen medical gel is a huge target, and the enemy will not give up bombing it easily!

Clap la la la la la! The “fortress” is constantly being bombarded, and more and more acid liquid that freezes into ice cubes accumulates on it, and the ice fortress is constantly overwhelmed by a slow but inevitable trend! When the fortress collapses, the murloc prince hiding in it will surely be buried by the acid rainstorm!

Time is tight, and Bedivere can’t be hesitant at all reads;!

He took a deep breath and saw the deadwood mantis ten yards away. Even though he is still clueless about his next move, he decided to at least deal with the enemy closest to him first!

Whoosh! His tungsten turtle tongue whip flew out like a poisonous snake, drilled through the grass and across the ground, and captured the hapless dead wood mantis in an instant!

Bediver pulled the monster’s head off without giving the opponent time to struggle!

However, what happened next will make him extremely regretful. The deadwood mantis also found Bedivere the moment its head was twisted off, and before he died, he swept out its long knife-like arm! Ten yards away, it would have been impossible for its arm to hit Bedivere. However, these monsters are a bit special. Before they die, they explode! !

Clap! ! The sound of the explosion was not very loud, but the impact it brought was enough to push the arm swung out by the Deadwood Mantis, causing it to sweep towards the werewolf’s forehead at an astonishing speed!

“Damn!” Bedivere hurriedly leaned back to dodge, but the sharp blade of the monster’s arm still swept across his chest, slicing off a large piece of meat in his chest! !

Puff zi zi zi zi! ——The blood shot out like a fountain, the werewolf only knew that the injury was very serious, and the whole body began to be surrounded by fatigue!

But it’s far from over! Although the corpse explosion at the moment of death of the deadwood mantis is not loud, it has completed the task well and attracted the attention of the deadwood stag beetles!

Swish swish swish swish! ——— Countless anti-aircraft guns have already flown into the air and are about to fall down! Bedivere was only ten yards away from the Deadwood Mantis, and the acid splashed by the explosion of the anti-aircraft guns was sure to spread to the werewolves!

He wanted to escape, but he was badly wounded. He lay on the ground and tried his best to contain the bleeding with his hands!

He has nowhere to run, this time for sure death! !

Clap la la la la la! ! The shells fell to the ground and exploded, and the frantically splashing acid corroded everything within a radius of fifteen yards. The scene was extremely tragic!

During this frenzied explosion, Bedivere was melted into a pool of blood by a torrential rain of acid.

Or maybe not!

Thirty yards away, the werewolf was standing upright on the grass, holding a small glass bottle, gulping down the crimson liquid in the bottle.

That thing seemed to be dye, and at the same time as it entered Bedivere’s stomach, the slightly metallic silver fur of the werewolf also began to change. It turned from silver to deep red, with a little luster, like red-hot iron!

Chaos Red Wolf, Awaken!

In an ominous red light, the serious wound on the werewolf’s chest was quickly healed.

No, it’s more about erasing than healing. The wound was not blocked due to cell activation, but was directly returned to nothing and disappeared without a trace, as if the werewolf injury had never happened!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ! —— Although Bedivere who drank the crimson potion saved his life, he was mad because of the side effects of the potion. The crazy werewolf has no reason at all, it is screaming wildly, as if it doesn’t remember that it wants to hide from the enemy’s encircling net!

His eyes glowed red, like the ultimate **** of destruction! The crazy light in his eyes is also aimed at destruction, and he has no interest other than destruction!

He ditched the whip and extended two sharp wolf claws as weapons.

He threw out the remaining small flying knives around him to make a louder noise!

His muscles were tensed frantically, swelling, and he grinned like a beast, extremely hideous!

(If you have the ability, come and try to kill me!)

Chaos is the ultimate madness and the ultimate arrogance!

It’s arrogant and ruins everything! In the face of absolute power, all small means are meaningless. It can destroy the world with only these sharp claws!

Whoosh whoosh! ——In the roar of the red wolf, the army of monsters also became restless. As a matter of course, they also targeted the roaring crimson wolf. Eleven deadwood mantises rushed towards them, waving their sharp hand knives to cut off Bedivere’s head! The cannonballs in the sky are also on the way. They have pulled out a parabola with a very high angle, have soared to the highest altitude, and fell madly from the sky! () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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