Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1148: Fighting at the Oasis (1)


Chapter 1148 Fierce Battle in the Oasis (1)

Whoosh! ! Unexpectedly, the red wolf kicked the ground hard and jumped towards the rain of bullets! !

Catch! He grabbed a cannonball in one hand and threw it hard before it exploded! ! A normal person would not have the courage to reach out and grab a shell that is about to explode, but the Red Wolf of Chaos is [madness], and madness runs counter to reason!

[Chaos] made him fearless, while giving him immense power, [Crazy] power! !

Clap! ! The shell exploded on the face of a dead wood mantis in the open space ahead, and it exploded! The splashing acid instantly killed the monster! !

Grab, grab, grab! Several cannonballs that were about to hit Bedivere were all seized by the Chaos Red Wolf, turned and threw them, and then fell precisely on the dead wood mantises and exploded! !

And Bedivere, who grabbed and threw the cannonball at an astonishing speed, continued to climb to higher altitudes, his body seemed to have no weight! Because he kept raising the height, the remaining shells could not hit the werewolf at all, but brushed past Bedivere’s feet and became a stepping stone for the werewolf before it exploded!

Tap on, off on, off on! ——— He stepped on the shells one by one, creating a shocking acid rain! His speed is faster than a bomb explosion, and the acid splash can’t catch up with the red wolf! These splashes of acid were drenched on the ground, ablating all the remaining defeated soldiers of the dead wood mantis on the ground to death!

The werewolf stepped on the last bomb and jumped high, landing hard! !

Pounds! ! ——His landing brought an amazing impact, smashing a deep pit with a radius of five yards on the ground, as if he weighed a thousand tons! There was originally a Venus flytrap trap on the ground, and it was going to be closed to pinch off the werewolf’s feet, but this powerful impact directly smashed the Venus flytrap trap into meat sauce, and it had no chance to hurt the werewolf at all!

“Ooooooooooooooooo!!——” The mad werewolf rushed towards a deadwood stag beetle, completely ignoring the traps everywhere!

Because he doesn’t have to be afraid of traps at all! He stomps like crazy and smashes the Venus flytrap traps and runs straight away before they catch his feet! His speed is so fast that the Venus flytrap traps can’t react at all, and the destructive power of his running is so great that he directly destroys these vicious traps, so that they have no chance to catch people’s feet again!

It took only half a second for the Chaos Red Wolf to run away from the deadwood stag beetle thirty yards away. He didn’t kill the monster, but wrapped it up like a cow Big, big beetle struggling like crazy! The monster planned to bombard Bedivere at zero distance, but it had no chance! As soon as the werewolf picked up the monster, he threw it hard and threw it on another dead wood stag beetle a hundred yards away!

Pounds! ! The two big beetles collided violently, their shells tore and shattered at the same time, and the acid sacs inside exploded because they could not withstand the strong impact! ! Crazy acid splashes everywhere, melting everything within thirty yards!

Whoosh! ! In this explosion, Bedivere has already galloped past! The acid splashed all over the sky did not roar this crazy red wolf. He made two subtle dodges during the run, and the splashed acid wiped past him one after another! Under the cover of this acid rain, with this high-speed attack that didn’t even give people a chance to breathe, the werewolf had already run away from the other stag beetle and kicked violently!

Pounds! ! The huge monster was kicked out! Its landing spot, of course, is another dead wood stag beetle!

However, the Chaos Red Wolf was faster than the stag beetle he kicked out, and rushed to its landing spot!

He reaches out with his left hand and grabs the horn of the stag beetle in that place! !

He also stretched out his right hand, just in time to grab the horn of the other stag beetle that he kicked and smashed into the air! !

He grabbed the two big bugs with both hands and started spinning like crazy! ! He rotated seven hundred and eighty degrees in half a second, and as soon as he let go, he threw both ends out at the same time!

pound pounds! ! They fell into the distance one after another, hitting the other two dead wood stag beetles at the same time, causing two strong explosions! Bedivere killed four enemies in an instant!

There are still six deadwood stag beetles left on the battlefield. They are very far apart from each other, but they may have vaguely realized that they will be killed in an instant in the next instant, and they all fired up and bombarded Bedivere with all their might! These shells are no longer shot in a high-angle parabola like an anti-aircraft gun, but straight at the red wolf! They thought they could hit the target by shortening the shelling event!

No use! ! The Chaos Red Wolf ran wildly, stomping on countless Venus flytrap traps all the way, and dashing towards the shelling all the way! The cannonball grazed beside him, was pushed aside by the red wolf with its claws, and exploded behind him, but it was completely unable to hurt the red wolf of chaos!

The red wolf instantly rushed to one of the deadwood stag beetles, grabbed it, and threw it out!

Pounds! ! The thrown monster collided with the shells of other stag beetles and burst! Bedivere galloped thirty yards before its acid splashed on the werewolf!

He grabbed the ground with one hand, grabbed a huge rock, and threw it out with the dirt and grass, directly crushing another dead wood stag beetle! He stomped on the ground with another kick, and another huge rock swelled up on the ground. It was slapped by the red wolf’s palms and crushed another monster! !

The venue at that time has become extremely chaotic, it can be said that the smoke and dust are filled with dust and light! The monsters have lost the trace of the Chaos Red Wolf and are looking for him – pound! ! The fierce fist of the red wolf fell directly from the sky and slapped the head of a dead wood stag beetle, smashing the head of the big bug! The werewolf slammed into the belly of the bug with one knee, knocked it out, jumped out of pursuit in an instant, kicked the corpse of the headless bug flying in mid-air to the other side, and let it hit another enemy!

Clap! The other monster hasn’t reacted yet, and has been squashed by the huge rock thrown by the werewolf! It didn’t even have time to explode the acid, and its body was completely buried in the soil!

The last deadwood stag beetle flinched, turning around and running away from this terrifying killer!

Whoosh! ———It noticed some kind of violent tearing sound in the sky. Sang Wu Novel Network

Pounds! ! The Chaos Red Wolf smashed down with a heavy punch, smashing the last monster’s head to pieces! The headless monster is about to explode!

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!” The red wolf shouted wildly, waving his fists at an incredible speed that was almost invisible to the naked eye. His fists attacked like a storm, and the shock waves raised one by one blasted all over the monster!

The acid sac in the monster shatters and explodes! But the acid it splashed couldn’t hurt the werewolf! The heavy punch of the werewolf brought an amazing impact. These shock waves formed an air barrier to block all the oncoming dangers. It couldn’t help but prevent the explosive acid from corroding the werewolf’s body, and even directly sent the acid out! They flew in all directions, flying hundreds of yards, and not a drop of them landed on Bedivere! !

Pounds! Pound pound pound! Boom! Clap la la la la la! The outside world seems to be turned upside down!

“My God, what the **** is that idiot doing?” Inside the protective shield made of medical gel, Tristan could only hear the commotion outside. The explosions outside, the loud noise of the ground cracking, and the strong shaking of the ground, the scene sounded as if two armies of more than a thousand people were fighting fiercely!

——Then everything returned to calm.

It only took ten seconds or so before everything returned to calm from the tumult of that day.

It was even frighteningly quiet.

No more explosions, no more ripping of the ground, and no more earthquakes.

Did Bedivere take down the monster army? how is this possible? in such a short time? What happened to the earth-shattering noise? How could a werewolf, whose power has been sealed and cannot use magic, have such a powerful destructive power?

Tristan leaned suspiciously toward the breach in the protective cover—the one he had just poked with his spear, and peered out.

In the darkness of the forest, the red wolf of chaos is quietly staring at the murloc prince. He was standing in front of the shield.

“You’re…Bediver?” Tristan was startled. The werewolf in front of him looked very similar to the werewolf Bedivere, but it was somehow different. What’s with this dark red fur? Why did this guy suddenly turn into a muscular man?

Catch! Without giving Tristan any time to think about it, the Red Wolf of Chaos grabbed the murloc prince by the neck with one hand.

Crack la la la la! The red wolf’s strength was so great that it squeezed Tristan’s neck with a faint whimper. The murloc prince was suffocated by the feeling of suffocation, and he could only make a low voice in the dizziness of lack of oxygen.

(Crap! This guy is crazy!) The Chaos Red Wolf looked at the murloc prince with his **** eyes, raised the huge fist of the metal prosthesis in his left hand, and planned to smash Tristan’s head with one punch!

(Will be killed!!) Tristan’s body begins to go numb black eyes. Even if the opponent does not use his deadly fist to smash Tristan to death, the murloc prince will break his neck and die in a few seconds!

The red wolf’s fist smashed down! !

Clap la la la la la! ! —— His left fist failed to hit Tristan.

No, it wasn’t that he didn’t want to. But that metal prosthetic limb started not to be used! It just stopped in mid-air, and white light oozes from the prosthetic. Stretching along the white light, something with a sky-blue light also stretched out!

The [Sacred Tree Seed] hidden in the metal prosthetic limb of Bedivere’s left hand stretched out its branches just in time!

The foliage is lush and radiant. This is the brilliance of [Order], the diametrically opposed power of [Chaos].

The branches of the holy tree gently stretched along the crazy red wolf’s body, hugging the violent monster tightly, absorbing the strength of his muscles, paralyzing his overexcited nerves, and stopping him in all directions. Every action! () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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