Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1146: Lost in the Oasis (28)


Chapter 1146 Lost in the Oasis (28)

Seeing that Tristan’s expression was not quite right, Bedivere asked angrily, “What’s wrong? Is there any problem?”

“It’s sinking. txt novel download. 75txt.” Tristan whispered as he looked at the protective shield that the medical gel had turned into.

It is indeed sinking, pressing deeper and deeper into the ground, and the edge of the shield has sunk into the soft dirt.

Outside the protective cover, the sound of explosions continued to and fro. The power of the enemy’s artillery was not enough to destroy the gel protective cover, but their continuous bombardment, the explosive impact of the shells hitting the protective cover, and the weight of the frozen acid all made the protective cover a little bit. Press down to the ground little by little.

If it goes on like this, the entire protective cover will completely sink into the ground, trapping the two people hiding in the protective cover to death, or even crushing it.

“We have to get out of here as soon as possible.” Bedivere supported the zenith of the protective cover with both hands, hoping to prevent the protective cover from sinking as much as possible. But the inside of the protective cover was still so cold that Bedivere subconsciously retracted his wolf claws.

“No. Going out now is like actively seeking death.” Tristan shook his head disapprovingly: “I don’t want to be bombarded in a wilderness full of traps, and then be corroded by acid into meat sauce.”

“Then what should I do?” Bedivere was stunned for a moment. He turned his eyes to the weeds around him, and suddenly thought of an idea.

“The enemy uses long-range anti-aircraft guns as a means of attack, the purpose is to make it difficult for us to determine their position.” The werewolf explained as he pondered: “But this also has a fatal disadvantage: they are too far away from us. See where we are right now. I can camouflage with those weeds, sneak through the grass, and take out the guys who bombard us!”

“Impossible!” The murloc prince immediately retorted: “The grass is full of traps. Even if you can dismantle the traps, the sound of their touch will reveal where you are!”

The rattling sound of a Venus flytrap trap being touched can be especially harsh in silent wooded areas. Although Bedivere can dismantle Venus flytrap traps at a medium distance, the opponent’s shelling has a large area of ​​venom splash damage. Even if Bedivere is not hit directly, the sprayed venom may injure the werewolf. Unless Bedivere’s tortoise-tongue whip is doubled, and the traps are removed from further distances, it will be impossible for him to safely move on that field of cannonballs and traps-strewn grass!

“We need more ways to draw the enemy’s attention. Mobile txt novel.75txt./” Tristan held his chin and thought for a while, then he took out his spear reluctantly: “There is no way. Do you use this?”

He took out dozens of finger-sized objects from the hidden compartment of the gun handle, which, judging from their shape, should be some kind of throwing knives.

This guy Tristan is still hiding a hand, which makes the werewolf look dumbfounded. But Bedivere didn’t understand the mystery of these flying knives, so he couldn’t help asking: “Just relying on this little prop, it seems like it can attract the attention of the enemy?”

“Oh, that’s not enough.” Tristan handed a throwing knife to the werewolf, “but you take this first and watch it.”

Bediver dubiously complied, holding the throwing knife in his hand.

Then, a malicious smile appeared on the murloc prince’s face, grabbed his spear, stabbed it into the ground, and pulled the trigger of a plug on the handle!

Om! —— A piercing hissing sound resounded in Bedivere’s ears, making the werewolf’s mind aching! Immediately afterwards, his arm was sore and numb, as if it had been electrocuted by a strong current! The werewolf was shocked, and when he released his hand, the flying knife he held in his palm fell to the ground, almost not stabbing his feet!

“Ow! What the **** is this?!” The werewolf scolded.

“It’s just a very simple principle of acoustic resonance.” Tristan sneered: “These throwing knives are made of exactly the same material as the spear blade, from the same forge. They are made of the same material. Same, the metal vibrates at exactly the same frequency. When I put the overclocking plug on my pistol and make the blade vibrate, those flying knives also resonate like a tuning fork.”

The werewolf blinked: “I see. You want me to take these with me and lay bait in the grass outside. The noise they make when they resonate will cover my progress.”

“That’s right in theory,” Tristan nodded. “But I’ve never tested these things, so I can’t guarantee they’ll work. It’s up to you to take the risk or not.”

The werewolf frowned suspiciously and asked, “What is the effective range of these resonating knives?”

“Five kilometers is enough.” Tristan replied succinctly: “I will pierce the spear into the ground and transmit high-frequency shock waves through the ground. As long as the flying knives in contact with the ground will sound together.. ….theoretically.”

“Understood. Just use this plan.” Bedivere put away the throwing knife that Tristan gave him, and began to pull up the weeds on the ground: “Help me, stick the weeds to me with your medical gel. body.”

“Disgusting!” the murloc prince grumbled, but he still cooperatively took out his dagger and sprayed medical gel on Bedivere’s back: “I’ll cover you here, overclocking every minute. Vibrate. But you better move fast, the battery in the overclocking vibration plug-in will drain very quickly.”

“Humph.” The werewolf put the weeds that were plucked and sticking to the top of his head, and now he looks like a fool with grass growing on his head: “I hope I can get rid of your spear plug before the battery runs out. Kill all the enemies.”

“Hopefully.” Tristan used his spear to poke a small gap in the edge of the shield, just enough for Bedivere to get through.

The explosion of the shelling outside splashed some acid, and they flew in through the gap, and the murloc prince quickly blocked it with his shield. Zi——! The acid falls on the shield, making a corrosive noise!

The enemy’s artillery fire has a tendency to slow down. It seems that they have been bombarding for so long, and they are tired. Taking advantage of the pause in the artillery fire, Tristan shouted: “It’s now, go!”

The werewolf got out of the protective cover without saying a word, squatted halfway, crouched and trotted out at the maximum speed he could use, away from the dangerous area of ​​shelling!

Bedivere glances back, the exterior of the protective cover is exaggerated. Countless cannonballs landed on it, and the splashed venom was immediately frozen, condensing into radiating spikes in mid-air. The outer layer of the protective cover becomes like a hedgehog! Countless ice thorns are generated in the explosion, and then shattered in the explosion, and the cycle continues like this, I am afraid it will continue until the protective cover shatters!

Tristan should be safe in that shield, right?

Bediver shook his head, deliberately putting aside his worries and focusing on his current task. He took out a small flying knife and threw it violently into the distance.

Om! ! ——It stabbed on the ground and began to make a harsh roar, which seemed to be just in time for Tristan to vibrate.

pound pound pound pound! Attracted by the roar, the bombardment of the monsters immediately changed direction and shot towards the landing point of the small flying knife. At the same time, Bedivere also waved his tortoise-tongue whip to explore the path, and touched a lot of Venus flytraps along the way!

Click, click, click! Along the way, the sound of the Venus flytrap mechanism was clearly subtly concealed by the roar of the small flying knife. It’s not because the sound of the Venus flytrap mechanism is too small, but because the resonance of the small flying knife is too loud!

Ultra-high frequency vibrations would have produced ultrasonic waves that were inaudible to the ears. But Tristan’s spear pierced the ground, transmitted high-frequency vibrations through the ground, and resonated with those little throwing knives. A little more than ten yards away from the source of the earthquake, the small flying knife whose vibration amplitude has dropped by one grade does not produce ultrasonic waves, but an extremely sharp and loud roar, which is just right to lure the enemy into feint!

Bedivere doesn’t have time to marvel at the ingenious design of these little things, he has to hurry up and deal with the guys who are shelling in the distance!

pound pound pound pound! ——More artillery fire was shot into the air, and they all aimed at the resonating little flying knife, bursting in the open space, and the acid splashed and corroded everything around it. The scene was terrifying. But the shelling has not yet targeted Bedivere, and the werewolves are still safe! He carefully observed, trying to calculate the position of one of the enemies from the angle of the anti-aircraft gun and the distance of the parabola!

Om! —— The material of the small flying knife is also very resistant to corrosion. It has not been completely corroded yet, and it resonates with Tristan’s next wave of super vibration shock! Bedivere took this opportunity to throw out his whip, sneakily touched the Venus flytrap trap on the lawn, and continued to trot forward for a while!

Then he saw the despicable guy who was hiding in the clearing in the distance and attacked Bedivere and the others!

The guy looks like some kind of stag beetle but is the size of a cow. Of course, it is not a real animal, but a plant-based biochemical monster composed of dead wood and vines. It is raising its huge shovel horns high, and from its hollow shovel horns like cannon barrels, it shoots spherical cannonballs into the sky!

Whoosh! The cannon made a dull sound and flew high. It must be full of acid, and the moment it comes out of the chamber, that acid splashes everywhere!

Bediver lurks in the grass, unable to move. He has to think of a better way to kill this enemy, and he will only be splashed by the splashing acid if he rashly attacks! Moreover, God knows if this giant stag beetle will explode when it dies? If it exploded, and by the way, the acid in the body was splashed everywhere, wouldn’t Bedivere who approached it suffer?

Om——The small flying knife in the distance is still ringing, but the sound has gradually become weaker. It is soaked in the pool of acid, and even if it is not completely corroded, it must not resonate as it should.

It’s time for another. The werewolf took out a new throwing knife from his trouser pocket. Then he had a brainstorm and had an idea. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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