Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1145: Lost in the Oasis (27)


Chapter 1145 Lost in the Oasis (27)

“This should be regarded as a kind of mental interference art.” The murloc prince explained: “I have heard of some mantises that can obscure their eyes and catch their prey. They can release some kind of mental interference hormone, disturbing each other. The optic nerve, which prevents the prey from seeing what it can clearly see.” “Is this… possible?” “Of course. There is a [blind spot] on our retina, and there is a long time in the horizon. [Area that we can’t see]. We think we can see, but because the brain uses the image near the blind spot to complete the image in the blind spot. But if the blind spot is enlarged, most of the images we see are Is it something added by the brain itself?” “Damn…” Bedivere frowned: “This **** mantis has always been in front of our eyes, but we just subconsciously ignore it from our field of vision. Is it gone?” Tristan looked at the withered mantis, who was still struggling. “This is actually a lower-level technique than hypnotism, but it only disturbs our nerves with interfering hormones. It’s easy to know this, as long as Put on a gas mask and avoid inhaling this vision-disrupting hormone, and you can break their [invisibility].” Bedivere rolled a murloc prince. However, they did not bring gas masks. It’s impossible for them to take something that gets in the way when they go out on an adventure.

“Then use this.” Tristan took out a medical bag from his belt. Although the medical bag contained no gas masks, there were a few lightweight masks.

“The mask…can it protect against it?” Bedivere frowned suspiciously. How ridiculous this all seems.

“With this, it should be fine.” Tristan took another small vial from his medical kit, which contained some sort of colorless crystal.

Although Bedivere was not familiar with medicine, he was able to identify the contents of the small vial.

That’s smelling salts. A drug used to wake a comatose patient. The stimulating scent it brings can lift the spirits and wake a drowsy person. Of course, it is poisonous and harmful to the body if inhaled in large quantities.

Tristan takes medical alcohol, dissolves some smelling salts, and applies it to the outer layer of the mask. He applied the smelling salts well, trying to avoid too much odor. He handed one of the prepared masks to Bedivere and put on the other.

“When you feel abnormal in the surrounding environment and your vision is disturbed, you must take a deep breath and inhale the effective effect of smelling salts.” The fishman prince said, “It should revive your disturbed nerves. , so that you can temporarily see the invisible enemy. But this thing is poisonous after all, don’t breathe too much.” “Very good.” The werewolf put on the mask and looked at the exhausted withered leaf mantis: ” What to do with this guy?” Tristan pulled out his spear and rushed up: “Of course, kill!” The spear pierced the monster’s head with ease, and stabbed its red-ray compound eyes to pieces. The monster died without struggling a few times. With a powerful stealth ability, the dead leaf mantis, who once forced two young people into a desperate situation, is so fragile.

Bedivere retracts the tungsten tortoise-tongued whip, which still has the monster’s green disgusting blood on it. The werewolf wiped the whip on the ground a few times, trying to get the sticky, disgusting substance away: “Uh. Let’s move on.” go ahead.

Pounds! —— Something, about five yards in front of the two of them, exploded!

Affected by the shock wave of the explosion, the two of them flew backwards weakly and fell to the ground! Although the power of the explosion is not very big, it sputters some kind of dark green corrosive liquid, which is overwhelmingly sprinkled on the two of them!

Dangerous! ! Bedivere instantly took off his mask and took a deep breath.

Roar! ! —— A powerful wolf roar resounded in the air! The shock wave it raised was also very amazing, just in time for the corrosive liquid to fall on the two of them, bouncing these terrifying liquids away!

Fuck! ! The acid changed its direction and flew out, landing in the grass, making a rustling sound of corrosion! If you are drenched by this kind of thing, even if it is not dissolved by the acid, it will definitely be disfigured!

“Damn! Acid bomb!” Tristan climbed up from the ground, instantly removed his breastplate, and assembled a middle shield with the armor.

But the area of ​​this shield is really not large. It may not be realistic to use it to defend the whole body of two people at the same time!

Too bad, they are now in a minefield full of traps and cannot escape quickly, and must dismantle the traps as they go.

To make matters worse, Bedivere’s roar was so loud, it had already revealed the location of the two! They are now like living targets. Once they are besieged by the enemy, they can only be beaten all the time!

Whoosh whoosh! ! There was the sound of countless heavy objects slicing through the air, and someone fired at the location of the two!

The cannonballs that exploded and sputtered deadly acid just now were flying towards the two of them from all directions, and there were at least ten or more! With the middle shield of the murloc prince, it is really impossible to guard against such an overwhelming and intensive offensive! If they don’t run, they will be dissolved in the acid pool!

“Damn! We gotta run!!” Bedivere exclaimed.

“But this is a minefield!” Tristan reminded hurriedly. He might be able to escape this catastrophe by sprinting, but Bedivere, who ran in a hurry, didn’t have time to sweep away the trap! If they took half a step wrong, they would step in those Venus flytrap traps and get their legs pinched in no time! Losing a leg is not the worst situation, the worst situation is that the mobility is blocked! Once the running stops, they are basically certain to die!

What should I do? !

Whoosh———-The enemy’s artillery shells sliced ​​through the sky, screeching as they rubbed against the air. It should be some kind of anti-aircraft gun. After flying to high altitude, it will smash heavily to the ground and explode!

There is no time to hesitate!

“There’s no other way but to do this.” Tristan drew his dagger, held it high in the air, and pressed some hidden trigger.

Clap! Something was fired, it was the whole plugin installed in the dagger.

Clap! ! It flew into the air about ten yards above their heads and exploded! As if pre-programmed, at the moment when the plug-in exploded, the medical gel hidden in a subspace inside the plug-in was sprayed out in an umbrella shape, forming a protective cover and falling on the top of the two of them!

Is that so, covered with gel to block acid corrosion? But does this really work?

Bediver covers his face, expecting to be doused in the sticky gel. Tristan, however, was ready for his next move, raised his spear, pulled the trigger instantly, and sprayed liquid nitrogen from the plug-in!

Clap la la la la la! The frozen gas just met the gel protective cover that fell from the air, freezing the gel protective cover!

Bang! It was like an upside-down big bowl that fell heavily on the ground, covering the two of them firmly in it!

Clap clap clap clap clap! Countless shells fell on the cryogel protective cover and exploded!

At that moment, Bedivere thought that the translucent green, seemingly extremely fragile gel protective cover would be blown apart, or would be eroded by the acid to create countless holes.

But it’s much stronger than expected! It’s even stronger and lighter than ice made of pure water vapor! The viscosity of the medical gel is very good. After being frozen, it has the hardness of a brick wall and excellent toughness. It was originally manufactured as a substitute for medical bandages, and it can even be used as a temporary plaster after being frozen to fix the fractured limb. A little shock won’t break it at all!

The enemy’s artillery bombardment may seem violent, but in fact the explosion is not strong enough to shatter this gel protective cover! The splashed venom encountered the low-temperature gel shell, not only did not corrode the protective cover, but was frozen, forming a pimple like a patch, sticking to the outside of the gel protective cover, and thickening the protective cover little by little, so that the It’s getting stronger! The more violent the shelling of the monsters, the thicker and stronger the protective cover will become, and it should be able to withstand this crazy shelling!

“Oh.” Bedivere sat on the ground, gasping for breath. Finally escaped the disaster again: “The plug-in can also be used as a protective cover? How much medical gel is stored in it?” “Five hundred liters. Enough to completely wrap a person in a pool of gel.” Murloc Prince He took out another plug-in from his waist. The plug-in was actually only the size of his thumb: “Because it is a subspace, there is no pressure at all to store a lot of liquids or gels.” Bedivere reached out and touched the inner wall of the gel protective cover: “The person who invented this weapon plug-in is really a genius!” Tristan was stunned for a moment, then suddenly said: “Oh, thank you.” “Huh?!” Invented?!” “Actually, it’s a plug-in [designed] by me. Of course, the plug-in system was invented by someone else.” Tristan clarified coldly: “Of course, since you want to praise this prince as a genius , I’ll just accept it honestly.” Bedivere gave Tristan a white look.

“This is the last medical gel insert, I didn’t bring too Tristan went back to his work and put the spare insert on the dagger:” This thing It was originally intended for emergency use. It was launched at the opponent, blocking the oncoming props, and at the same time sticking the opponent together. However, it is not impossible to launch it into the air and then freeze it to make a protective cover. “It’s like a sticky grenade. It can smear the enemy’s face while blocking the enemy’s attack.

“This reminds me that I have to be careful with this trick when playing against you in the ring.” Bedivere said coldly. He wanted to compliment Tristan more, but seeing that the murloc prince’s attitude became more and more arrogant, the werewolf’s flattering words immediately swallowed back in his stomach.

At the same time, Tristan’s face became solemn. He sensed something ominous.

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