Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1144: Lost in the Oasis (26)


Chapter 1144 Lost in the Oasis (26)

“Damn… Does that **** really have no weaknesses?” After observing for a long time, the murloc prince couldn’t find any flaws, so he sighed unwillingly. [Eight Zero eBooks..]

“There must be weaknesses! You’d better find them as soon as possible!” The werewolf said while exploring the way: “According to this trend, we will soon be caught up. And this time, I am afraid that it will be directly beheaded by it! “

“Hey, why am I responsible for finding——” The murloc prince just wanted to complain.

“Well, because I already have something I’m responsible for?” Bedivere answered rightly.

Yes, the werewolf is exploring his way with a tortoise-tongue whip, removing the Venus flytrap traps in the grass along the way. The tungsten tongue whip is powered by electricity and waving like a tentacle, requiring Bedivere to operate it with extreme concentration. This has consumed all the werewolf’s mind, and at this moment Bedivere has no energy to think about other things.

“Think of countermeasures before being overtaken by the invisible guillotine monster”—this task, of course, fell on the head of the murloc prince Tristan. Whether he likes it or not.

“Very good, very fair,” muttered the murloc prince. It’s no use protesting now, after all, Bedivere’s responsibility is irreplaceable. And it was Tristan himself who first pushed the task of [responsible for vigilance] to the werewolf. Bedivere is now just doing what he did to him. No matter how unwilling the murloc princes are to cooperate with each other, they are now sitting in the same boat and must work together to survive this crisis!

But why? ——The murloc prince couldn’t help but murmured in his heart.

Before this, the two were still mortal enemies, and they quarreled as soon as they met. At a time like this, Bedivere actually trusted Tristan so easily?

What if the murloc prince didn’t have time to come up with a countermeasure, and the two of them were killed by the monster’s sword at the same time?

If the countermeasures he came up with were enough for Tristan to survive alone, would he kill Bedivere without any reason?

Although the situation is critical, the werewolf should have no choice. But how could this guy Bedivere be so gullible with his nemesis? Is it really possible to do this? Is he an idiot?

Buzzing buzzing———The invisible monster’s wings are getting louder and louder, indicating that it is getting closer. When it was only five yards away from the two fleeing, it would definitely use that terrifying ultra-high-speed slash to chop off the heads of Bedivere and Tristan!

The time is running out, but the murloc prince is immersed in great doubts and can’t think of any countermeasures!

“Come on!” Bedivere urged urgently as he dismantled the trap and moved forward slowly. txt novel download

“I’m thinking! I’m thinking!!” The murloc prince was also anxious and replied in a rather rude tone.

Buzzing buzzing buzzing — the stronger the flapping sound, the closer the invisible death **** is, and the more intimidating it gives people! After getting close, it is a spike, there is no room for negotiation!

Click, click, click! Despite this, Bedivere is still methodically dismantling the traps on the road ahead, seemingly determined to believe Tristan to the end, that the murloc prince’s strategy will help the two escape from life!

(Why so convinced?)

(Have you never doubted me?)

(Our positions are clearly opposites. A few weeks ago, I made up my mind to let you die.)

(What the **** are you thinking?!)

Buzz-buzz–the flapping sound couldn’t get any stronger, the thing was getting very close! This volume is almost the same as when the two were attacked for the first time before, and it will attack at any time!

Tristan turned his head sharply, slapped Bedivere on the back hard, and said at the same time, “No more minesweeping! I counted three, stood up and ran forward. When running, you must arch your back and keep your head down! “

“But—” Bedivere wanted to say, even running with his head down is not necessarily useful. What if the other party gave up beheading and cut them in half with a vacuum blade? But he felt a certain chill spread behind him, and vaguely understood Tristan’s intention.

“Trust me!” said the murloc prince: “Three, two, one, run!”

Whoosh! The two stood up abruptly, and sprinted straight ahead on a short section of safe road where the trap had been removed! ! They ran at high speed, and the swishing sound of their clothes rubbing against the air spread through the jungle!

Om! ! —— Seeing that the two of them started to flee desperately, that thing also hurried to catch up! It raised a terrifying wind pressure at an astonishing speed, and the wind pressure immediately turned into an extremely sharp vacuum blade, and the deadly blade chased the two who were fleeing frantically! !

Under the dim moonlight, among the shadows of the swirling trees, the blade cuts frantically! It cut off the heads of the two running people with unparalleled precision, killing them with one blow! !

The bodies of the two decapitated youths slumped to the ground, unable to resist.

They are dead.





More silence.

The monster began to appear in the dark moonlight, and looked back at the two corpses. Of course, most of the corpses of the two young men were hidden in the knee-high grass, and the environment was slightly dark, so they could only see it clearly.

But the feeling of cutting off the head is still there, it cuts off Bedivere and Tristan’s heads perfectly, and there should be nothing wrong with that.

This monster with only invisibility was stunned for half a second. It is composed of dead wood, but looks like a praying mantis, with extremely sharp mantis blades on its arms, and huge insect wings composed of extremely thin leaves on its back.

This deadwood mantis has done its job well, it’s time to assassinate the next target ———

——Or maybe not! !

Crash! ! Bedivere’s tungsten tortoise-tongued whip instantly surrounded the dead leaf mantis, and once the net was tightened, it immediately bound the monster!

“Finally caught!” The werewolf’s body, which should have been decapitated, slowly got up from the grass, but his head was still there!

“It was dangerous just now.” The murloc prince Tristan’s body slowly climbed up, and his head was still there!

He touched a scar on the back of his neck, where a small piece of flesh had been shaved, and his cervical vertebra was almost exposed. The murloc prince raised a dagger in his hand behind his neck and pressed the trigger at the same time.

Puff zi zi! —— The jelly-like medical gel sprayed from the insert mounted in the dagger adhered to Tristan’s wound and blocked it.

It’s a survival knife. Generally, people don’t use it as a weapon, but it is used to cut down trees for survival in the wild. The plug-in on the survival knife is used for first aid, emergency treatment of wounds, and disinfection.

“Ow!” Of course, the stimulation it brought was so powerful that the murloc prince cried out in pain. He immediately pressed another trigger on the dagger, and a moderate amount of refrigerated gas was ejected from the insert. While fixing the gel, it also brought a good pain relief effect at low temperature.

Tristan, who advocates “safety first”, likes to bring some tools for emergency treatment of wounds. This small dagger with two medical inserts he bought from the arsenal of the battleship Britannia. It’s very useful and affordable. The murloc prince touched the not-so-sharp edge of the dagger and put it back into its sheath.

“Hissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss” The mantis monster was still struggling, making an angry hissing sound like a real creature. But it is obviously not a power-type creature. With its limbs, it is absolutely impossible to break free from the tungsten turtle tongue whip. Victory is a foregone conclusion!

It knew that it had lost, but it used its huge, red-lighted insect compound eyes to look at the two people who should have been beheaded, but had not died yet! This is really incredible!

“Can’t you figure it out? Yes. With the low IQ of your plants, I’m afraid you can’t understand it.” The murloc prince gave a gloomy smile and reached out to pick up the “head” on the ground.

That thing freezes a little hard, but it has a certain toughness like gummy candy itself.

The two “heads” that the two youths were cut off were actually two pieces of medical gel the size of which were heads. The cross-sections they were cut off were basically the same as the remaining pieces of gel stuck to the back of the duo’s necks.

That’s it. Tristan put away his dagger. The special dagger has inserts that spray medical gel to stop bleeding and pain, as well as inserts to freeze objects.

In the nick of time, the murloc prince used these two plug-ins to spray a large amount of medical gel on the back of Bedivere and his own neck and freeze them in place to make a fake” head”.

The two suddenly stood up, bowed their heads and rushed forward, and the fake heads behind their necks stood out. From the back, they looked like real heads. Coupled with the dark environment of the forest, the chaos brought about by the two of them running wildly made the fake head look almost real!

As a result, the Invisible Deadwood Mantis cut off the duo’s fake heads by mistake, thinking that this would kill Bedivere and Tristan!

The two fell down and pretended to be dead, waiting for the monsters to and set up traps to capture the monsters! !

That’s the strategy!

Seeing that it couldn’t break free, the monster began to use its stealth ability. Its body gradually became transparent.

No, not really transparent anymore. Its form gradually disappeared from Bedivere’s field of vision, becoming more and more blurred.

“What, what?” The werewolf rubbed his eyes with his hands that didn’t handle the whip, a little unable to believe his own eyes.

“Are you doing this again?” Tristan slammed Bedivere on the head: “Wake up!”

“Ow!” The werewolf was dizzy after being slammed by the opponent’s fist. But thanks to this, the shape of the dead wood mantis appeared in his vision. That guy wasn’t invisible at all.

“What, what’s going on?” Bedivere looked at the monster in disbelief and asked in a low voice. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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