Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1143: Lost in the Oasis (25)


Chapter 1143 Lost in the Oasis (25)

Bediver raised his whip, half-kneeled to the ground, and swept along the ground. txt e-book free download

Click! First, an abnormal noise came from somewhere in the nearby lawn.

Click, click, click, click! Next, there were countless strange noises on the lawn, all of which were the sound of the Venus flytrap trap being touched.

“Oh, use a whip to find the way?” Tristan looked at the werewolf’s actions and asked curiously, “Aren’t you afraid that the whip will be caught?”

Bediver sneered, not answering the murloc prince’s silly question. His turtle tongue whip is only as thick as two thumbs, and the cross-section can be said to be very small. It is difficult for those Venus flytrap to hold it smoothly, and even if it is unfortunately caught, the smooth shape and hard and flexible texture of the turtle tongue whip can allow it to escape without being damaged by the Venus flytrap.

On top of that, the whip sweeps across the ground at extremely high speed, and the wind pressure it creates is the main cause of the trap. Although the Venus flytrap traps are powerful, there is a momentary delay in the process from sensing the vibration to clipping, and this momentary delay is enough for Bedivere’s whip to pass through.

Click, click, click, click! Countless traps were hit by whips, and there were continuous abnormal noises on the entire grass. Just by hearing the sound, it was known that the number of traps exceeded at least three digits. If you don’t try it, they still don’t know that this grass is full of murderous intentions!

“You bastard!” Tristan scolded with blue veins on his forehead, “This is a complete minefield! There are so many traps for plotting against people!”

At this time, the werewolf finally couldn’t help the urge to complain: “Please, aren’t you a prince? You get angry so easily. Are your manners and self-cultivation all pretended in front of people?”

I didn’t expect that this unintentional rant just hit Tristan’s dead end. The murloc prince immediately retorted aggressively: “Yes, I am a prince, and it is the duty of the royal family to pretend to be noble in front of others. It is for the sake of public image. What can’t you do? You dare to say that you are not pretending, whether you are in front of people or alone, you are all the same? Now you seem to be a decent person, maybe you are wearing a pair of pants at home and drinking on the sand with a sullen belly What about a beer slob. [Just loves to read]”

I didn’t expect that this unintentional guess also hit Bedivere’s dead end. The werewolf was full of smoke, and his anger was about to explode. But he suddenly thought of the agreement [not to quarrel with Tristan], so he immediately suppressed his anger: “I don’t want to quarrel with you, it’s better to stop this topic here.

“Are you right?” Tristan let out a dignified and glamorous grin.

“Perhaps. Let Jun guess.” Bedivere was too lazy to discuss with the murloc prince.

(Actually, that’s right.)

“Huhuhu, he really is a lazy person.” Seeing the werewolf flinch, Tristan sneered unforgivingly.

“Shut up.” Bedivere said coldly.

“Just telling the truth, do you have any complaints?”

“It’s not a read;! It’s just——-give me a little quieter!” Bedivere angrily said, “Did you not hear anything again?”

“Me? No.” The murloc prince knew that his hearing was not as sensitive as a werewolf: “That’s your job as a vigilante, okay?”

“So you can say a few words less and let me concentrate on my vigilance?” Bedivere felt like he was drained of all his strength. Conversing with Tristan is exhausting and exhausting.

Tristan was about to say something more when a voice interrupted him.

Buzz hum hum hum hum hum humming humming humming humming humming humming humming humming humming humming humming ————————-

It was a low, continuous, annoying muffled sound. A roar.

More correctly, it’s the sound of an insect flapping its wings.

But that thing sounds amazing, it’s oppressive. Judging from this wonderful sound, this roaring thing is either very huge, or it is very close to the two.

Or, both! !

“Bend down!!” Bedivere yelled quickly. Behind him, Tristan crouched down almost at the same time as the werewolf to avoid the enemy’s next raid!

Fortunately, there was such a quick and capable crouch, otherwise the heads of the two might have moved at the moment! Something huge slammed into the two of them at high speed, raising some kind of wind pressure barely visible to the naked eye, cutting the tip of Bedivere’s ear and the tip of Tristan’s head!

The wind pressure distorted the air, forming an extremely sharp vacuum blade, which not only shaved off a few fluffs from the tip of Bedivere’s ear, but also shaved off a few pieces of Tristan’s gold, and scared them both. A cold sweat broke out!

No, it wasn’t the unseen vacuum blade attack that really terrified Bedivere!

What really terrified Bedivere was the fact that the opponent was charging head on, but the werewolf couldn’t see it at all! That thing seems to be invisible! Even the low insect-wing chirping could only be heard from a distance of about five yards. The invisible monster just sneaked up to five yards in front of the two of them, and then approached at high speed from that distance!

And it failed a sneak attack, and immediately disappeared, completely lurking in the woods, preparing for the next assassination reads;!

What a joke! This is simply an invisible guillotine!

What the **** is that holy, to be able to approach from a mere five yards from the front, and yet be completely invisible to a werewolf with excellent vision? !

Is it illusion, invisibility, or stealth? !

They should be facing the ferocious plants in this Resident Evil area. The opponent is just a brainless and extremely low-intelligence plant. This kind of ghost can even use magic? !

No, it doesn’t have to be magic. It’s too early to draw conclusions.

Bedivere remained crouched on the ground, half-hidden in the weeds on the ground: “Don’t stand stupidly, keep this position and run forward!”

“Are you crazy?! This is a minefield full of traps!”

“My whip will detect all the traps. As long as we don’t run too fast, we can find a safe way!” Bedivere has already begun to move forward. While he was in a semi-crouching position, he was crouching and running. With his left hand, he lifted the tortoise-tongued whip in an awkward position, and operated the whip to sweep across the fan-shaped area in front of him.

Click, click, click! The sound of the trap being touched came and went, but it was relatively sporadic. Venus flytrap traps in the grass are not as dense anymore.

“Hey, will that invisible thing catch up to us?” Tristan also crouched and ran behind the werewolf for a while, and asked in a low voice, “Is there really no problem with this speed?”

The werewolf didn’t answer. He was now moving with all his attention to sweeping mines, and he even wanted to save the energy to answer.

In fact, this is the maximum speed they can move safely. No matter how fast they ran, the tungsten turtle tongue whip would not have enough time to clear the mines, and they were likely to step on the Venus flytrap trap, break one foot, and be chased and killed by the invisible killer.

Bedivere can only hope that the opponent’s movement speed will not be much faster, they have a chance to escape smoothly, and finally find a countermeasure. That monster wants to stay invisible and keep sneaking, so it’s probably impossible to move too fast, right?

Click! Click! Click! Click! The sound of the Venus flytraps being touched was still coming from the grass ahead. The werewolf and the murloc prince continued to crouch forward, walking past countless touched Venus flytraps at a slightly slower pace than usual.

Buzz buzz buzz! And the roar behind them is getting closer and closer, the invisible monster is obviously chasing them closely, and the distance between the enemy and the two is getting closer!

No way! Running away at this pace, it is only a matter of time before being caught up! Tristan put his hand on the werewolf’s shoulder and let Bedivere navigate, while the murloc prince himself walked and looked back, trying to figure out where the enemy was so he could fight back.

As Bedivere guessed, the thing couldn’t move very fast, maybe just a little faster than Bedivere and the others crouched forward.

——But its invisibility is completely flawless!

I don’t know what trick was used, but it sounds like it’s definitely less than ten yards away from Tristan – at such a close distance, the Murloc Prince is still invisible!

The darkness of the forest does have a slight impact on vision, but Tristan’s eyesight is not bad, and the slightest impact from environmental factors is insignificant. The result is because the invisibility of this monster is really powerful!

Originally, since this thing is flying in the air, even if it uses magic to make its whole body invisible, it will at least expose its tracks due to the air flow caused by its flapping wings, or the swing of the surrounding grass. ! Yet no nothing! Even though Tristan narrowed his eyes and stared at it, the air in that direction was still calm, and he couldn’t see any flaws! Even the grass nearby did not respond, and there was absolutely no abnormality in the swing of the grass!

What principle does it rely on to fly in the air, and what principle does it rely on to offset the unavoidable air flow and distortion caused by flight? This is really too wonderful to be understood by normal logic!

Not only is there no visual flaws, but even the auditory flaws are subtly covered up by it! The sound of its wings seems to have a diffusing effect. Although the direction of the monster can be roughly determined from the sound source, the sound seems to come from the inside of a huge sphere, and it reverberates many times in the sphere, and the echo goes back to spread out by random diffusion.

This diffuse sound source is so complex and unpredictable that even the sensitive Bedivere can’t pinpoint the enemy’s location!

This guy’s invisibility is superb! It is simply a perfect monster specially made for lurking assassination! () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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