Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1142: Lost in the Oasis (24)


Chapter 1142 Lost in the Oasis (24)

~ Come on. ~

The voice was distant and ethereal, like clouds and mist, and like haze, floating into the minds of the two of them invisibly and colorlessly.

~Come here, in the heart of the forest. ~

That’s still telepathy. Because it is telepathy that is directly passed into everyone’s mind, it has no sound source. Even Evan shook his head, unable to determine where the thing was.

On the ground, a “road” was lit out of thin air. A forest path made up of countless bioluminescent mushrooms, full of blue-blue light.

It’s not exactly spooky, but it’s eerie and dangerous.

“This is definitely a trap, Your Majesty.” Evan advised worriedly.

The King of Knights looked disapproving: “Since the opponent has already committed the gauntlet, and I know it is a trap, I must go and meet him.”

He patted his shoulder, extinguished the last low-temperature flame on his body, and sorted out his equipment: “Let’s go. Tonight’s hide-and-seek is enough, it’s time to end it all.”

“I can’t stand it…” The half-dragon young man sighed, slapped a few times, got rid of the dust stuck to his body, and left with the King of Knights.

Also in the forest in Quarantine Zone Zero, the west wing of the forest, about thirty minutes ago.

Bedivere and Tristan walked in the forest, silent and solemn. The two were at odds in the first place, and they didn’t have a common language. In addition, it was only the two of them that were left alone now, so it’s no wonder that the atmosphere would be good.

And they both promised King Arthur that they wouldn’t quarrel with each other during missions. When these two guys were together, everything was just a quarrel. If they couldn’t quarrel, they couldn’t even start a conversation, so they had to keep silent.

It was quiet in the forest, plus there were no enemies along the way, it was really boring. Bedivere finally couldn’t take it anymore, and said, “Oh, by the way, I’ll give you this back.”

He took two L-shaped iron rods from his pocket and handed them to Tristan. That is the treasure of the mermaid, the metal detector.

Before King Arthur asked Bedivere to use these two metal detectors to find the city of the dead, but the werewolves found the golden treasure ship – the desert ship. As a result, in the chaos, the werewolves never had time to return the two iron rods to their owner, the murloc prince Tristan.

Now that the two of them are alone and lacking in conversation, Bedivere just remembered this thing, so he took it out and returned it to its original owner.

“Oh.” Tristan took the two L-irons and glanced quickly. After confirming that they were not damaged, the murloc prince took a peek at the back of the werewolf walking in front, and muttered to himself, “I still can’t figure it out. These two metal detectors are obviously precision instruments, and they are clearly only Reacts to people with merfolk royal blood flowing in them. Why would a guy like you be able to use them?”

“I’m really sorry that a guy like me can use them.” Bedivere replied gloomily. He didn’t want to quarrel, so he replied weakly, so as not to touch the nerves of the fragile murloc prince and make the other party crazy.

But the werewolf finally figured out something. Tristan used “blood” before, but this time he said “blood”. Thanks to this, Bedivere figured out the real reason why he could use these two metal detectors.

“Could it be you guy—” Seeing Bedivere’s silence, Tristan began to speculate randomly: “Do you really have the blood of the merman royal family? Your mother is a merman?”

“No, that’s not right…” Before Bedivere could answer, Tristan immediately denied his conjecture: “Mermaids have always only given birth to mermen, or murlocs. Even if you are a murloc (male) I was born as a mermaid, and it is impossible to become a dog——“

“It’s a wolf. Do you want to quarrel?” A faint blue vein appeared on the werewolf’s forehead. Of course, no one could see this vein: “I am a pure-blood werewolf. My parents are werewolves, and mermaids. It’s totally irrelevant. You don’t have to waste time guessing.”


” The reason is very simple. Your two stupid iron rods are broken. Before they fall into my hands, their ability to identify their identities is abnormal, so they don’t care if I have a merfolk royal family or not. Bloodline, just provide me with services.”

The murloc prince shook his head: “Nonsense. Evan didn’t react when he held this…”

“Don’t pay attention to this little detail!” The werewolf was too lazy to continue arguing with Tristan, and he just said something perfunctory.

“Humph!” Tristan looked displeased, but he wasn’t on fire. He promised not to quarrel with the werewolf, and he would do what he said.

Click! When the two were distracted, Tristan stepped on something. His feet made a sound like sharp scissors slashing something, very scary!

“Damn!” Tristan cursed angrily, looking down.

There is some kind of huge Venus flytrap-like plant lurking on the ground, and its fat, serrated leaves have pinched Tristan’s left foot! That powerful force even made the sharp needles on the blade pierce in!

Luckily the murloc prince is wearing a well-crafted suit of armor. His leg armor comes in handy at this juncture, blocking the Venus flytrap’s spines to a great extent!

Otherwise, stepping on the trap is enough to break the murloc prince’s left leg!

“Ooooooooooooooo! You bastard!” Tristan was still screaming in pain, and at this moment he was acting like a rogue, not showing the noble princely demeanor at all.

“Don’t move!” Bedivere looked at the giant Venus flytrap, trying to figure out a way to free Tristan. But it was tightly clamped, and if you moved it casually, it would probably only irritate it, make it clamp even tighter, and crush Tristan’s left foot.

With fire? no. If the fire spreads, it will probably burn the Venus flytrap and the left foot of the murloc prince to charcoal.

No prying, no burning, Bedivere lost his mind for a while.

On the contrary, the murloc prince first rescued himself: “You get out of the way, I will find a way myself!”

He gritted his teeth and drew his sword. It was a well-crafted longsword with some kind of insert on it, and it had a very high-tech feel.

Without a word, Tristan stabbed his sword into the gap between the Venus flytrap, and with a piercing sound, the Venus flytrap clamped even tighter immediately after being stimulated.

“Ow Oo Oo Oo!!” The murloc prince still shouted in a rather sublime manner, pulling the trigger on the hilt of his sword reluctantly.

Crack! ! A sharp and long sound of gas was expelled rapidly, and white liquid nitrogen was sprayed along the blade, from the hole in the insert, and shot on the Venus flytrap.

This plugin turned out to be a device that sprays freezing mist. Tristan seems to have a soft spot for freezing weapons and has been using similar things.

He also has a soft spot for another weapon. The murloc prince pulled the other trigger on the hilt, hum! A sharp roar sounded, and the entire long sword became like a tuning fork. However, it is not a sound, it actually caused a super vibration in the microscopic world, vibrating back and forth with an amazing frequency and a very small amplitude!

Clap! The Venus flytrap that clamped Tristan’s left foot shattered in an instant, and the murloc prince escaped smoothly! Freezing objects and shattering them with super-shocks is one of Tristan’s best tactics. This is just the simplest physical phenomenon, nothing magical changes. However, it is also very simple and violent, effective against most adversaries, and is a near-universal strategy.

Bedivere was a little worried that Tristan’s left foot would also be shattered, but his worries were unnecessary. The murloc prince’s body is amazingly cold-resistant, and the liquid nitrogen freezing gas just now couldn’t freeze his feet at all. There is still blood flowing in his left foot, and his body has a certain flexibility, and will not collapse under high-frequency vibrations. On the contrary, his leg armor – armor made of a special hard alloy – shattered to the ground after the interference of cold and high-frequency vibration, and the end was the same as that of the Venus flytrap.

“What a pity,” Bedivere muttered. It was originally a well-made armor, but I didn’t expect it to be damaged like this.

“It’s not a pity at all.” Tristan removed a fragment of the armor from his left leg and wrapped the injured left foot with a bandage in his medical bag: “It’s been pierced and damaged, and that kind of thing continues even if it continues. What you wear will only affect your actions.”

However, his right foot is still wearing leg armor, which affects the balance of the body. The murloc prince simply removed the leg armor of his right foot and wrapped it thickly with a bandage. He is now wearing a pair of light “bandaged shoes”, which looks a little funny.

“I thought you were a decent prince…” the werewolf whispered What’s the use of keeping a decent place in a place where no one sees it. Tristan replied coldly: “It’s good now, I don’t have any leggings anymore. Next time I’m caught in the same trap, I’ll definitely lose a leg. You’d better figure out a way to prevent this situation. “

“My responsibility?” Bedivere felt extremely aggrieved.

“Of course it’s your responsibility, you useless stupid wolf! Originally, Evan was in charge of vigilance, but Evan and His Majesty King Arthur have teamed up. Now you are in charge of vigilance. You better think about it as soon as possible. Come up with a plan!”

“But, how…” The werewolf tilted his head to think. If he was alone, things would be much simpler. He could use the tungsten tortoise tongue whip to fly back and forth on the tree without having to land at all. But now that he was a burden, he couldn’t carry Tristan on the swing together, he had to think of a different way.

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