Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1141: Lost in the Oasis (23)


Chapter 1141 Lost in the Oasis (23)

“This is also one of the disadvantages of physical bullets: the bullets will run out.” King Arthur looked at Evan in the reload and said: “The light gun can extract photons from the environment as bullets, and has almost unlimited ammunition. This point , firearms that fire solid bullets will never compare.”

A blue vein loomed out of Ivan’s forehead: “Your Majesty, it is you who asked me to test the effect of this weapon. But why do you keep criticizing this gun? Do you want me to use it or not? Where do I use it?”

“Oh, don’t worry about it, I’m just comparing its performance with an ordinary light gun.” The King of Knights said casually.

Evan couldn’t help but rolled his eyes at the King of Knights: “Don’t forget, in the dark continent’s world full of shadows, ordinary light guns can’t collect photons as bullets at all — that is to say, they can’t be used at all. .”

“I’ll take that into consideration,” Arthur replied. In fact, he had already thought about the same issue, and he didn’t need Evan’s reminder at all.

After changing the magazine, Evan once again stuck his head out from behind the cover and started a new round of shooting. Dozens of deadleaf monsters have fallen!

“My impression of the use of these live ammunition firearms is that they are difficult to use.” Evan continued to report to King Arthur as he retracted his cover to avoid the attack, “The recoil of the shot is too strong, and the higher the caliber of the bullet. The bigger the problem is, the more obvious the problem is. After all, it is a live ammunition, not a photon.

This gun requires a long time of training to use it proficiently, and it is not a weapon that ordinary civilians can master in a short time.

It was me. Without the assistance of Eagle Eye, it would be very difficult to hit the target accurately. I heard that Your Majesty intends to popularize this weapon and make it a weapon against the dark army? I advise you to give up this idea better. “

“Understood, it seems that some minor changes to the plan are necessary.” King Arthur replied thoughtfully.

At this moment, the army of dead-leaf monsters began to narrow the encirclement and pressed towards the cover of the two. They probably saw that it was not helpful to retreat far away, and they would rather go forward and fight hard.

“It happened!” Ivan saw the overwhelming army of monsters: “I can’t stop the number of enemies! Can you think of something, Your Majesty?!”

“Leave it to me.” King Arthur had long anticipated that the enemy would do this, and he had come up with a plan a long time ago. He pinched out a dragon fireball again and threw it high into the air!

Pounds! The fireball exploded in mid-air, split into hundreds of flame darts, scattered all over the place! They expand in a very regular circle and become a ring of flames with a radius of twenty feet before they hit the ground!

But after the fire ring fell to the ground and ignited all the weeds on the ground, a circular wall of fire with a radius of more than 20 feet protected Arthur and Evan in it, just in time for the charge of the dead leaf monsters. !

“Your Majesty, I didn’t say don’t use fire—” Ivan complained with a puzzled face.

“It doesn’t matter, this ignition power will not cause a forest fire.” King Arthur seemed very confident in his control of the dragon’s flame.

Evan still insisted in dissatisfaction: “Not yet, but if those monsters rush up to death——“

“They won’t,” said the King of Knights firmly.

He knows.

He has amazing insight. After a long period of observation, he has seen through the nature of these monsters and this forest.

The dead-leaf monsters dare not rush up and risk being set on fire. They are not afraid to do this because they cherish life, they are afraid of making this forest fire. If the dead leaves on their bodies are ignited, the fire will spread in pieces, out of control. This is a catastrophe for the entire forest.

These dead-leaf monsters actually act under the great will of the forest, some kind of puppet. Their actions will never violate that great will and do harm to the forest.

So they never dared to step over that wall of fire, even if it was a false wall of pure terror that Arthur had made out of low-temperature, harmless dragon flames.

A little intimidation and blackmail can make these monsters, this forest compromise!

In that case, how could King Arthur not take advantage of this? !

“It is now!” shouted the King of Knights: “Destroy them all as soon as possible!”

“Impossible! How can I carry so many bullets!” Evan complained as he changed the magazine.

“Then use melee combat!” Arthur rushed out of the cover and attacked the monsters in the chaos!

The half-long youth hurriedly shouted: “No! It will be cut—“

He originally meant to say, [If you approach rashly, you will be cut to pieces by the storm of leaves]. But he just stopped talking, because the sight in front of him happened to slap his face.

There is no leaf storm at all. The dead-leaf monsters stood outside the fire wall, looking at the very bright fire wall that seemed to be burning violently, and flinched! In order not to be ignited by the flying sparks, the dead leaves on their bodies had already stopped flying, but shrunk into a ball and protected near the core of the dead leaf monster.

They now look like little **** of dead leaves, and that dangerous shield of dead leaves is no more!

Arthur recklessly stabs a deadleaf monster with his sword!

Zha! No matter how full of magic power those dead leaves are, with the hardness of American steel, the piercing power of the King of Knights Lightsaber is still better, and it can easily penetrate the defense of monsters!

The pale green blade penetrated through the layers of protection of the leaves and plunged into the blood-red core of the monster, ending the life of the dead leaf monster!

“Deal with one first!” Arthur grinned cruelly, throwing another low-temperature dragon fireball at the same time!

The flame darts shattered out, forming another wall of fire on the ground—of course, it was also a low-temperature wall of fire.

Although it is a low temperature and harmless fire wall, it is more than enough to deceive the deadleaf monsters. Since monsters are puppets, they will not be given too high intelligence. In other words, they are stupid.

Arthur deftly controls the wall of fire, allowing it to divide the monsters into clusters, each cluster containing only a dozen or so. The monsters isolated by the wall of fire immediately fell into chaos and were overwhelmed by the bright fire, let alone counterattack.

The King of Knights rampages through the walls of fire as if he were no one. He wielded his lightsaber and slashed as much as he wanted, killing the chaotic monsters one by one!

“Is that okay?” Evan was dumbfounded.

“What are you waiting for?” shouted King Arthur. “Come and help! They won’t stay awake forever!”

The half-dragon youth frowned, and immediately took out his short knife to protect himself and rushed out of the cover. In order not to accidentally injure allies in the big melee, he and King Arthur rushed out in the exact opposite direction. With the advantage of being able to repeatedly enter and exit the wall of fire, he slashed and slashed and shot wildly with his gun, killing as many enemies as he could see, no matter how far or near!

The army of thousands of dead leaves monsters was instantly reduced by most of the two under the charge of the two! The remaining dead-leaf monsters saw that the field was emptied, and began to regain their senses, danced the whirlwind of leaves again, and planned to make a final counterattack!

“Humph!” Arthur pressed a dragon fireball on himself, causing himself to ignite a low-temperature dragon flame. Now he is like a fire man. Although he will not be burned to death, he looks terrible!

The monsters were about to attack Arthur with the Leaf Knife, but suddenly backed away. They probably thought that a leaf hitting Arthur would cause a forest fire, so dare not attack!

This is exactly what the King of Knights wanted. The enemy dared not attack him, so he became even more reckless, rushing towards the monsters frantically, firing tiny flame darts from close range, smashing the blood-red cores of the monsters one by one! Because they were afraid of being ignited, the dead leaf monsters even removed the leaf whirlwind of their body protection and took the initiative to give up their core to die. It was really stupid!

After dozens of rounds, Arthur and Evan slaughtered the deadleaf army like a massacre.

“Finally!” The half-long youth gasped.

“Ha!” Arthur smashed the core of the last monster with one foot, and then shouted toward the empty forest: “You’re watching, aren’t you?”

No answer.

The low-temperature flame on Arthur’s body has not been completely extinguished, and the knight king who is on fire is like a demon from purgatory: “Don’t you want to answer? It doesn’t matter. I don’t care who you are and what purpose you fight against us. But you It’s pointless to send this kind of little guy out to fight us! If you want to go up, go up and go in person!”

Still no answer. The thing that used telepathy to warn Arthur and others before doesn’t seem to be here.

“Are you still reluctant to answer?” Arthur was angry, or he deliberately pretended to be angry: “Well, I’m going to start setting fire to the forest, keep burning it, and burn this forest to the ground. So far! See if you can’t come out!!”

The dark, remote forest is still silent. But this silence could not last long. Especially when Arthur squeezed out a super-giant dragon fireball and held that fireball high in the air.

The huge fireball was like the sun, illuminating half of the forest as bright as day. This is actually a low temperature fireball created by a low temperature flame, but it still looks very scary.

Arthur has seen through these Those deadleaf monsters could clearly feel the heat of the fireball before, and instantly realized that this low-temperature flame was fake, but they have never been able to detect it, just instinct away from the flames.

Because, after all, they’re just plants, they don’t feel pain, and they don’t know if the flames are really that hot.

So, if a little false flame can scare the dead leaves, this huge fireball like the sun is enough to scare to death the thing lurking in the depths of the forest—the one who has been secretly commanding Attacking something in King Arthur’s party with an army of monsters!

Finally, “he” answered.

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