Light Spirit Epic Chapter 113: Isolation in Turmoil (Part 2)


Chapter 113 Isolation in Turbulence (Part 2)

Another blade blocked Palinlor’s attack.

The celestial knight of the Knights of the Western Heavens, the Grand Duke of Yones, stood in front of Arthur and blocked Palinlor’s fatal blow with his sword!

“Youns?!” cried the Grand Duke of Palinlor.

“What’s the matter, I wonder why I’m here?” Celestial Knight Youns laughed.

“It’s very strange, but the strange thing is something else.—-You actually helped the traitor! Did you also betray Pantoracken?” Grand Duke Palinlor said angrily.

“Betrayal? No! You idiot!” Grand Duke Yones drew a sword to force the opponent back. “Obviously, it was Orlando of the Council who betrayed Pantoracken. You are blind. Didn’t see the evidence submitted to you?!”

“I don’t care what Orlando did! Now the council has ordered Leon Dickens to be brought back to await trial, I’m just executing the order!” Celestial Knight Palinlor raised his sword, “detailed your and Let the council debate slowly!”

Who’s going to argue with the council, Arthur thought, if the council is going to be slaughtered or beheaded, can you argue with your incorrupt tongue alone?

“As I said, he’s a stubborn guy.” The Grand Duke of Leon Digens walked to Yones and finally drew his sword.

“Palin, don’t ask children to accompany you to practice, let’s play with you.” Grand Duke Younes also clenched his sword, killing intent in his eyes, “It’s just, if you really want to do it. , please do it with the awareness of death. We will also fight against you with the same awareness.”

The three Heavenly Knights face off, and there will be a turbulent battle at any time.

However, at this time, a group of knights rushed in. Judging from the medals on their armor, they were reinforcements sent by the Western Heavenly Knights.

“Lord Commander, all strategic objectives have been suppressed, and the Knights of the East have begun to retreat!” Gaia knight Aoyun reported.

Grand Duke Younes sneered, “Palin, your troops have all run away, do you want to continue fighting?”

“Tsk, what a disappointment.” Celestial Knight Palinlor said, “Come out, Lawrence!”

A black unicorn appeared in front of everyone. The hair on the beautiful horse’s body is black and shiny, and it can be seen that it has been carefully groomed.

Celestial Knight Palinlor jumped on his horse in an instant, “Remember, Leon Dickens! I’ll be back soon to take your head off!  … Uh, no, I can’t kill it. You.—–I will come to arrest you soon!”

“Boy over there,” Palinlor on horseback suddenly asked Arthur, “You seem to be called Arthur? Have we met before?”

“No. We’ve never met, Lord Duke,” Arthur whispered.

“…It looks like it.” The Grand Duke of Palinlore murmured doubtfully, pinching the black unicorn’s belly with his boots, “Drive!”

The black unicorn screamed and disappeared instantly in a burst of excess light that teleported magic.

“Hehe, it turns out that Palinlor’s mount is a unicorn, no wonder he always teleports so easily.” The celestial knight Leon Dickens said.

“It also means that there are infinitely many opportunities for him to appear to kill you, when you are sleeping, when you are eating, or even when you are going to the toilet.” The Duke of Yones said on the side.

“Parin Lore is a idiot, he won’t do sneak attacks.” said the Grand Duke of Leon Digens.

Grand Duke Yones sneered and didn’t answer.

“Get up, Knight Arthur. How many ribs are broken?” The Duke of Yones pulled Arthur up from the ground.

“I——” Arthur checked his injury. He thought his injury was serious, but…”Is it okay?…I’m actually okay?!”

“Not a single rib? Lucky boy.” The Grand Duke of Leon Digens laughed, “The people who survived the fight with Palinlore have finally risen from single digits to ten digits. Well done boy!”

“Just for such a boring reason?!” Kai finally couldn’t help it, “Arthur might actually be killed!”

“If he was really killed, it would only be his own incompetence.” Celestial Knight Leon Dickens said ruthlessly.


“Enough, Kay,” Arthur stopped.

“What should I do next?” asked the Celestial Knight Yones. “Hall seems to be still swaying. I guess he will always remain neutral and don’t want to provoke the council. Just our two knights.” Fighting Palinlor? The Eastern Knights and the Council’s own forces, we can only fight a balance of power at best.”

“Perhaps it’s not even a balance of power at all. The old foxes in the Council, I don’t know how many secret weapons are still hidden.” The Heavenly Knight Leon Digens said.

Ser Arctor said, “Nevertheless, we have to fight. Orlando is the source of darkness. If we don’t get rid of him, there will be no future for Pantoracken.”

The two Celestial Knights nodded in agreement.

“Then,” the Celestial Knight Leon Dickens turned to Arthur and said, “The Silver Knight Arthur Kelton obeys.”

“Yes, Archduke Leon Dickens.” Arthur knelt on the ground respectfully.

“Arthur Kelton, the silver knight of the Northern Heaven Knights, is officially upgraded to the golden knight from today.” Leon Digens, the heavenly knight, said.

“…!…Thank you for the promotion of the Grand Duke.” Although Arthur was full of, he still said mechanically.

(Isn’t there supposed to be an upgrade test? Is there any problem with this direct upgrade?!)

“Then…Gold Knight Arthur Kelton, and in the same squad, Silver Knight Kai Yakuto, Dark Iron Knight Evan Ewens, and Bronze Knight Bedivere. You The group started to remove all their duties today and were expelled from the Northern Heaven Knights. You are limited to returning the weapons and armors provided by the Knights before noon tomorrow, and then leave the Northern Heaven Knights. That’s it.”

“What, what?!” Arthur felt the blood in his body as if it had solidified, and his body was stiff and unable to move for a while.

“Is this a joke?” Kai also said.

“Seriously, of course.” The Grand Duke of Leon Dickens’ face was no longer drunk, and he seemed to be speaking from a state of complete sobriety, “Don’t get involved in this war, yourselves. Go do whatever you want. If you’re going to join the Parliament, then we’ll be the enemy. Now, step back!”

“Yes.” Although he was unwilling, Arthur still replied mechanically.

Ser Arctor looked at Arthur quietly. He knew that the wheel of fortune for this group would soon start turning.

The irresistible, irreversible, [Kama’s reincarnation], will be upon the young knight within a week.

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