Light Spirit Epic Chapter 114: Wandering in the Wilderness (Part 1)


Chapter 114 Wandering in the Wilderness (Part 1)

“Oh, you really got fired?” Evan said.

“You seem to be looking forward to it?” Kai looked unhappy.

“I can predict that too. Did you screw up things in Rome?” Evan sneered.

“No. The alliance with Rome has been successfully formed. Rome also sent an envoy to discuss the alliance, but they went to the parliament.” Bediveville, who went out to inquire, slipped in from the room, while growing up as a child The dog reverted to human form.

“Then why exactly? I don’t understand!” Arthur said, although his tone was calm, there was a hint of anger in his heart.

“Probably didn’t want us involved in this civil war,” Kay said.

“Actually, I don’t want you **** to continue to stay in the Knights.” A voice said, and a silver knight walked in.

“Richard.” Arthur said contemptuously.

“Hehe, guess what I heard just now?” The Silver Knight Richard Leon Dickens walked up to Arthur, “I heard that my father fired you from the Knights? How wise The decision! A guy like you should have been fired long ago.”

“What did you say?!” Kai roared beside him.

“Richard, what are you doing here? Is it just to laugh at me? Now that there are wars everywhere, aren’t there more important things waiting for you to do?” Arthur said coldly.

“Other things can wait, but this one cannot.” Before Viscount Richard finished speaking, he suddenly punched Arthur in the face!

The punch was so powerful that if Arthur hadn’t dodged subconsciously, the bridge of his nose would have been knocked crooked!

“What are you doing?! Looking for a fight?!” Kai said angrily.

“Kay, shut up.” Arthur wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said coldly.

“Come on, fight back?” The silver knight Richard sneered cruelly, “It’s a felony to beat a knight by a civilian, so you can do it if you want?”

Kai, Bedivere, and Evan on the side couldn’t hold it any longer, all with blue veins protruding, ready to rush up to tear the villain to pieces. However, Arthur calmly gestured for them not to move.

“Hahahahaha, don’t you dare fight back!? You cowards! You cowards! When I finish humiliating Arthur, it will be your turn!” Viscount Richard the Silver Knight said.

Arthur, who was still calm at first, finally broke out at this time.

He grabbed Richard’s fist in an instant. He clenched Richard’s fist so tightly that Richard felt a pain through his arm armor.

“Richard, I apologize for all my rude behavior to you in the past. But now–please don’t come to trouble us!” said Arthur, staring at him with rage. Check out the Silver Knight.

“I don’t know when I can’t hold back my anger and tear you to shreds,” Arthur said.

Arthur’s words were actually not that loud. But the words that were so cold to the heart deeply shook Richard. Richard, the silver knight, saw for the first time in his life that someone’s eyes could be so cold and terrifying.

The aura of this young man in front of him is like a ferocious dragon, shocking the opponent!

The sharp eyes alone are enough to tear people apart!

——Can’t move! You’ll be killed if you move!

——This guy in front of him is a monster! ! Killing monsters without blinking!

“You, you…” Richard, who was too frightened to move, said stubbornly: “Do you still dare to resist me!? You know how you will be punished if you attack me. ?!—It is a capital offense for civilians to attack a knight! Understand?”

“Fuck!” Arthur said contemptuously, “You can beat me as much as you want. But you try to hurt my comrades? I’ll kill you in an instant!”

“You, you wouldn’t, you wouldn’t dare!” Richard’s words couldn’t hide his fear.

“Then give it a try!!” Arthur stared at the knight Richard, “I don’t care about being an enemy of the Knights of the North, I don’t even care about being an enemy of the entire Pantoracken knights. What about being their enemy? You can’t see it anyway. You’re dead by then. What’s wrong with angering me, do you really want to know?”

Seven o’clock in the evening.

“Is that going?” Bedivere asked regretfully.

“You can leave it until noon tomorrow if you want. I’d rather go into the city tonight and find a hotel to stay than to see Richard’s disgusting face again.” Kay said.

“Okay, return the lightsaber and armor that were allotted, let’s go now.” Arthur said in disapproval, as if Richard’s humiliation just now had no effect on him.

“I only have my own spear and your own lightsaber left in my hands? I don’t even have a piece of armor. Isn’t our team’s equipment seriously lacking?” Kai I still have some for myself Deposit, we’ll figure out a way to go into town. “Arthur said.

“Oh, are you gone?” Greenville walked into the room and said, “This is given to you by your father. It is the salary and other expenses that you have not received in the past two months.”

Arthur took the purse and weighed it in his hand. It was a heavy bag, at least 10,000 Pantoracken gold coins.

“Is that enough?”

“Golden knights earn three times as much as silver knights. That’s all.” The girl said, “Take it and live your life. Maybe we won’t have a chance to see you again. Take care of yourself.”

“Greenville, I…” Arthur looked at Greenville affectionately and said.

“Well, what?” the girl asked expectantly.

“No, it’s nothing…you’re taking care too,” Arthur said, walking out of the room with the others.

“Idiot.” Greenville said disappointedly.

“There’s no help, you wooden head!” Kai also blamed Arthur after walking for a while.

“What?” Arthur looked disapproving.

He was going to tell the girl “You look better in armor today than you usually wear a dress”. But with so many people around, he couldn’t speak, so he could only hide the words in his heart.

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