Light Spirit Epic Chapter 112: Isolation in turmoil (middle)


Chapter 112 Isolation in Turbulence (Part 2)

“Grand Duke!” When Arthur and Kay arrived…the Celestial Knight was getting drunk with Ser Arctor.

“What the **** is going on?! Why are the people of the Eastern Knights attacking us?!” Arthur asked.

“Oh, how do you say it,” the Celestial Knight said while waving his hand to dispel the smell of alcohol on his head, “Well, (hic) we were a little concerned before going to France, so we secretly sent someone to investigate. The result? , (hiccup), the council is ‘black’.”


“Member Orlando and several (hic) members are secretly manipulating the council.” Sir Arctor said, the smell of alcohol made people afraid to approach, “they seem to be planning (hic) ) some conspiracy to usurp (hic) power and establish himself as king.”

“I originally wanted to inform the other Heavenly Knights immediately, but the Council took a step (hic) first and in turn falsely accused me of being the mastermind of usurping power.” Heavenly Knight said.

“But don’t you have evidence in your hands?! If you show the evidence to other Celestial Knights——” Arthur said.

“The Knights of the West and the Knights of the South are easy to say,” said the Grand Duke of Leon Dickens, “but the Knight of the East, Palinlor, is an extremely stubborn, happy ( Hiccup) Prejudice boy. He (hic) believes everything the council says, so he won’t listen to us anymore.”

“How come. Thank you for your compliments.” A voice said above everyone’s heads.

“What!?” Arthur felt someone fall, and hurriedly swung a sword.

Long! ! ! Arthur only felt the floor shaking under his feet! The sword that the opponent had just slashed into the air collided with Arthur’s lightsaber, producing a huge impact, and even the floor collapsed a few feet!

What a terrifying attack! If it wasn’t for reflexively swinging his sword to block, Arthur would have been split in half at this moment!

“Oh, good boy, you actually blocked this blow?” The knight who attacked took a few steps away and distanced himself from the crowd.

“Who!?” Arthur shouted.

“You’re so naughty, Palinlor.” Celestial Knight Leon Dickens sneered, “So you’ve been hiding here and not showing up?”

The Celestial Knight of the Eastern Knights, the Grand Duke of Palinlor, raised the photon greatsword.

“I thought that was your last fun, so I’ll let you drink it until you finish it. Who would have known that you would drink more and more!” said the Grand Duke of Palinlor, “Do you seriously want to fight?! “

“I was going to ask you to come and have a few drinks, but I’ve been waiting.” The Grand Duke of Leon Digens also said, “Who knows that you can’t hide all the time, we drink more and more. Hey, it’s empty again?” The Grand Duke threw the bottle away and went to open another bottle. “This is a brandy from two hundred years ago. Oh, good stuff, do you want to drink it together?”

“Damn! Who wants to drink with traitors!” Palinlor said angrily, “Pull out your sword and fight with me! I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for thirty years!”

“Hehe, don’t be impatient, it’s only 30 years, and you won’t die if you wait too long.” Ser Arctor also said.

“Yakto, if it wasn’t for the fact that you were an old servant of the previous generation of Heavenly Knights, I would have killed you now!” Heavenly Knight Palinlor said, “No matter what reason you have, I still First arrest you all and take them back to the council for trial! Wake up!”

“Arthur, I’ll leave it to you,” said the Grand Duke of Leon Dickens.

“What, what?!” Arthur was at a loss.

Palinlor has already rushed over and slashed at Leon Dickens! But Leon Dickens not only didn’t dodge, he didn’t even draw his sword, just drinking there!

Will die! If you don’t do something, the Grand Duke of Leon Dickens will die! Arthur flashed this thought in an instant, there was no time left, he rushed over and swung a sword!

“Long!!!” The heavy sword pressure made Arthur’s hands and feet numb, and the floor he was standing on collapsed a few inches.

This guy wields such a heavy photon greatsword, but still can move freely, wielding that huge blade like a dagger? !

Is this the level of a Celestial Knight? !

Can’t win! If you fight like this, you will be completely suppressed in just a few rounds!

“Don’t get in the way!!!!” The Grand Duke of Palinlore pulled his sword back, and the impact was like a storm, sweeping Arthur away!

Arthur, who was photographed flying into the saw the Grand Duke of Palinlore heading for Leon Dickens! He quickly transformed the lightsaber in his hand into a bow and shot a luminous arrow!

Sure enough, the power of the light arrow quickly diminished, and it could not be used like Bedivere! However, the light arrow still with the remaining power forced Palinlor away!

“Oh, boy, you’re holding a very interesting weapon.” Celestial Knight Palinlor turned his head just to see the moment Arthur turned his bow back into a sword.

“But, holding this toy——” Palinlor, who rushed to Arthur in an instant, slashed horizontally with a sword! “You can’t beat me!!”

It’s too late to dodge! Arthur could only reflexively throw a sword! The moment the blade collided with the blade, Arthur felt that his arm was about to break, the pain was unbearable! Although he blocked this blow, his body flew out involuntarily!

“Ugh!” Arthur slammed into the wall beside him!

“Die!” The Grand Duke of Palinlor has already caught up and stabbed out! The photon sword pointed directly at Arthur’s abdomen. If it was stabbed, it would not only be as simple as leaving a big hole in the abdomen, but I am afraid that it would be dismembered in an instant!

My whole body hurts! Can’t move a little bit!

However, if you don’t move, you will die!

Get moving! Body, hurry up! ! ! !

Keng! ! A harsh sound exploded in front of Arthur!

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