Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1120: Lost in the Oasis (2)


Chapter 1120 Lost in the Oasis (2)

Bediver lay flat on the ground, avoiding the gaze of the King of Knights.

(There are as many things as I want to tell you.)

(But every time I want to say it, they freeze in my mouth.)

(The so-called “truth” is meaningless if it is not remembered.)

(When the truth is spoken, the truth has long become less truthful.)

(Since you have no way of knowing, there is no need to believe.)

(Since you don’t have to believe, what’s the use of asking?)

“It’s the same again.” King Arthur gave the werewolf a displeased glance: “Just like when we parted seven years ago, every time I ask you this question, you choose to be silent.”

“Sorry…” Bedivere whispered.

“Hmph… it doesn’t matter.” The king of knights got up from the ground: “Get dressed and go.”

He involuntarily glanced at Bedivere’s belly button one more time: “The wormholes of the Transcendents are generally inside the body, but the wormhole on your belly button is obviously exposed outside the body, it is obviously a kind of wormhole. Very unstable. You better be careful.”

“Be careful?” Bedivere also sat up from the ground, reaching for his shirt.

“I don’t care what kind of miracle you can use, the [miracle] you use must be some very unstable factor. You’d better use as little as possible, otherwise… maybe it really is like you As I said earlier, that wormhole will turn into a black hole and devour you.”

“This kind of deceiving children…” Bedivere shuddered after putting on his shirt, not sure if he really felt cold, or because he was frightened by the assumption of the King of Knights.

The [miracle] that Bedivere can use is far beyond the three miracles.

That’s a miracle that even fate itself can concoct out of thin air.

During the last war seven years ago, Bedivere used the Fourth Miracle to not only resurrect many people who had already died, but even turn the world upside down, and even the wall of the world was It became completely transparent overnight.

Of course, the Fourth Miracle that Bedivere was able to unleash wasn’t originally on such a large scale. In order to expand the scale, the werewolf not only created a new destiny (Kama) out of nothing, even he only remembered the destiny (Kama) and it was all exhausted.

Therefore, no one in this world recognizes Bedivere anymore. He became a man [who should not be in this world].

This is the [truth] of all events surrounding Bedivere. It is also a [truth] that only he can understand.

At the same time(?), somewhere in Great Britain.

Three teenagers surreptitiously crawled to the other end of the battleship. With the cover of the battleship, the excess light that casts magic from this side cannot be seen by the succubus.

The murloc prince carefully walked to the edge of the deck, squeezed a ball of light between his palms, and prepared to cast a spell: “Calvin has never tried to do this in reality, if the slide breaks in the middle and hurts someone, This prince is irresponsible.”

“Don’t be so long-winded, hurry up!” Husky urged impatiently. The situation on Uncle Sha Xing’s side is obviously very critical, but Calvin is still hesitating.

“Humph.” The little murloc prince hummed, releasing a cloud of ice mist that hovered in mid-air. If only using magic to make ice fog, he is still very confident.

The question is the next step. Calvin compresses the moisture in the air, turning it into a blast of ice arrows…or at least a chunk of ice hockey. He threw the puck vertically in the direction the ice fog was floating.

Clap la la la la la! The cold ice ball collided with the ice fog, creating a wonderful physical effect. An icicle is rapidly forming, pointing straight at the ground. But this icicle was not strong enough, and it became sharper and thinner before it fell to the ground. It seems that the ice fog technique that Calvin casts in reality is not powerful enough, and it is not enough to make it turn into a whole icicle leading to the ground!

Shhh! The sharp and long icicles were inserted into the ground smoothly, landed in the rather soft soil, and sank deeply into the ground.

“Oh, God…” Calvin sighed in disappointment when he saw that he had screwed up: “I hope the sound just now won’t be detected by the succubus.”

“It’s fine. You can jump off here.” Husky looked at the icicle under his feet. It was about ten feet from the edge of the deck, and Husky would not be hurt if he jumped on the icicle. If you can land on it smoothly, and then slide down the icicle, you can reach the ground.

“No! Jump from here?! Are you crazy?” Calvin protested: “One miss, if you don’t jump on the icicle, you’ll fall from hundreds of feet in the air to the ground! Yes! I fell to my death!”

“We don’t have time to take care of this wang.” Husky frowned. “Hal, your body is inconvenient to move, just wait for the **** on the deck. Calvin, if you don’t want to follow I figured out a way to make another ice slide. But Husky is going to Wang.”

After speaking, the dog boy has already jumped out from the edge of the deck.

Pfft! He landed gently on the icicle.

Slide! But something unexpected happened! Calvin’s icicle was slippery than expected (the surface of this icicle should have been specially treated, so it should not be slippery!), and Husky jumped on the slippery ice and slipped feet up!

“Wow ah ah ah!” The dog boy slid down from the icicle!

“No! Puppy!——” Calvin exclaimed. He thought that he would see the scene where the canine boy fell to the ground and was shattered to pieces!

Catch it! Husky turned around in the air before he slipped, and swiftly embraced the icicle with both hands!

Swish, swish, swish———Husky hugged the icicle desperately, and took advantage of the not-so-smooth surface of the icicle to slide down smoothly to the ground.

Clap, he hits the ground. It’s really scary! Calvin pinched a sweat.

“Scared, frightened me to death meow.” Hal was sweating as he watched.

“The impatient guy.” Calvin also continued to squeeze out another ball of light, preparing to use magic to create another ice slide.

As soon as Husky lands, he falls to the ground to minimize the risk of being seen. The dirt floor was a little dirty, and Husky was wearing only a pair of swimming trunks at the time, and his body was covered in mud before he climbed too far, and he was quite embarrassed.

But he couldn’t take care of so much anymore. The canine boy used the cover of various protruding rocks along the way to get closer to the succubus and evil star in the distant battlefield.

The succubus doesn’t seem to have discovered Husky yet, and she is engrossed in hypnotizing the star dragon. Dragon’s will is very firm, and it has strong resistance to all kinds of magic. It is not easy to hypnotize a dragon. While the dragon and the succubus were still fighting in the spiritual world, Husky had moved from one cover to another, only twenty yards away from the succubus!

Coming here should be enough. The canine boy weighed the distance.

He looks at his feet. The ground in the wild in the forest is full of gravel, so there is no need to worry about “ammunition”. Husky picked up a few rocks about the size of his palm, and planned to use this to attack the succubus.

Anyone else okay? The canine boy looked back, but couldn’t see any trace of Prince Calvin at all. Either he thought the little murloc prince was hiding too well, or because he was still worried about making the ice slide, and he didn’t follow him after the delay.

Want to wait?

No, the situation is urgent. God knows when Uncle Sha Xing completely lost his resistance and was successfully hypnotized by the succubus?

If you want to do it, take advantage of it now.

Husky turned around, and without thinking for a moment, threw the stone in his hand at the succubus.

Boom! ! The stone hit the back of the witch’s head.

“Ow!…Who is it?!” The succubus was obviously surprised too, turning his head to look.

There was no movement in the mountains. Husky had already tumbled straight from where the stone was thrown to another bunker and was well hidden.

“I didn’t expect that there were still people awake.” The succubus instantly understood the current situation: “Is it the group of brats who were yelling just now? After eating a missile, they still haven’t died?”

Husky stood still, continuing to wait for his moment. The succubus is now looking around on full alert, and she’ll be spotted by her if she sticks her head out of the cover. If you want to throw stones again, you can only wait for the next opportunity, and she is negligent.

“Damn little devils, you want to play hide-and-seek with me, right?” The succubus sneered: “If that’s the case, I’ll play with you!”

The monster let go of one of the hands that hugged the evil star, raised it into the air, and said something in its mouth: “Get up, my army of undead warriors! Find those little devils and kill them!”

What? ! Husky felt vaguely uncomfortable. He originally thought that the only enemy was the succubus, but he didn’t expect her to have a helper! ?

The place where the succubus was said to have suddenly emitted a violent purple demonic light. At the risk of being discovered, a curious Husky peers out from the edge of the bunker:

I saw countless black venomous snakes crawling out of the succubus and kept drilling into the corpses on the battlefield! The corpse that was bent over by the poisonous snake began to slowly climb up! Some of the soldiers killed by Uncle Sha Xing had no heads, some had broken arms, and some only had **** lower bodies! However, under the magic manipulation of the succubus, they continued to move like living creatures!

Crap! that’s terrible! ! Husky alone is no match for this army of monsters! They spread out and started searching around the clearing! It’s only a matter of time before Husky is found and killed by them!

Now is the only chance. If the attack from here can’t wake Uncle Shaxing, it will be too late! !

Husky mustered up the courage to jump out of the With enough strength in his arms, the stones in his palms flew out instantly with the movement of his arms!

“Is it there?” The succubus had already seen Husky and the stone thrown by the dog boy. She turned to one side to dodge, and the stone whizzed past her without hitting!

“Hahahahaha! I missed it, kid!” The succubus said proudly.

“No bark!” Husky sneered, and at the same time began to run away: “It did hit the bark!”

“What?!——” The succubus turned around and was surprised to discover the real purpose of the dog boy.

The slap-sized stone slammed firmly on Shaxing’s forehead, leaving a bloodstain on Xinghuilong’s (transformed) human face.

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