Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1119: Lost in the Oasis (1)


Chapter 1119 Lost in the Oasis (1)

The entire floor of this basin, like the subterranean sea of ​​glass in the Sahara Desert, is composed of extremely thick glass. Its center is slightly concave downward, like a concave lens, which produces an excellent concentrating effect on the sunlight in the desert.

And the half-block and half-granular “sand” on the edge of the basin that has not completely melted seems to have undergone some kind of thermal conversion process and turned into crystal sand with extremely high transparency. They make the light transmittance of the ground so perfect that the sun shines through the glass floor and into the ground hundreds of feet below.

And the land under the glass basin not only enjoys the moisturizing of sunlight, but also has a “natural” glass cover to keep the water. It has become the best breeding ground for green plants.

The weather conditions are favorable, and the plants thrive like crazy. That lush green area can no longer be described as an “oasis”, it is a “tropical rain forest”!

Although the distance is too far, the ultra-high-definition photos cannot clearly see the condition of the vegetation in the rainforest, but Arthur can imagine that the vegetation here must be the main source of food for the ancients, and it must be full of various crop.

Arthur looks again at the edge of the glass basin. It seems to be protected by an enchantment around it, which blocks out the opaque yellow sand in the Sahara Desert and maintains the transparency of the glass basin. There are some strange light distortions on the edges that appear to be optical camouflage. This basin, which suddenly sunk in the middle of the desert, was originally extremely hidden. Coupled with the protection of various enchantments and optical camouflage, it was almost impossible for ordinary people to find it!

If it wasn’t for a golden boat to lead the way, Arthur and the others would not have been able to find it after a few days with a metal detector. How far-sighted is Arthur’s initial statement of borrowing “luck” from Bedivere!

“Your Majesty, the ground here is so thick that it seems impossible to get through.” Ivan’s voice came from the phone again, “How should we meet you?”

Listening to Ivan’s tone, if they really want to get through the ground of this glass basin, they still seem to have a way. But doing so may destroy this special natural (or man-made) landscape, which is a kind of destruction to the heritage of world civilization. If you don’t have to, don’t act recklessly.

“We’ll always find a way.” Arthur said perfunctorily, turning to the werewolf: “Beddy, are you all right? We need to go outside and see right away.”

At this time, Bedivere had just put on his trousers and was about to pick up his shirt and put it on, but he didn’t expect something to fall from the shirt—his keystone. The golden square brick slammed into the werewolf’s toes so hard that Bedivere grinned and shouted in pain, while jumping on one foot: “Ow! Oooooooooooo my toes!!”

Arthur just wanted to help Bedevill, but he didn’t expect a small golden thing suddenly appeared on the ground – the scarab golem responsible for cleaning. It may have come to pick up the keystone that had fallen to the ground, but in doing so, it was simply adding to the mess: Bedivere, who was hopping on one foot in pain, didn’t even notice the scarab, jumping up and down When he stepped on the golem.

The little thing was instantly crushed and made a muffled “Boom!”, and Bedivere was shocked, lost his balance and fell forward!

Arthur only turned halfway, not expecting Bedivere to turn upside down so awkwardly. The King of Knights hurriedly turned around to catch the werewolf, but the werewolf’s weight was far beyond what the King of Knights expected. Arthur’s own center of gravity was also unstable, so not only could he not be able to catch the werewolf, he was also hit by Bedivere to the end!

“Bump bump!!” The two collapsed in embarrassment, and Bedivere gorgeously pinned Arthur under him! Moreover, the werewolf had a great tendency to fall forward, and he continued to slide forward while falling to the ground. As a result, he used the eight-pack of abdominal muscles on his belly to press the face of the King of Knights!

“Ow…what are you doing, you stupid wolf!” Arthur’s nose was sore from the bump, his eyes were pitch black, and he could only feel Bedivere’s fluffy body.

“Hug, sorry! I didn’t mean to!” Bedivere blushed and tried to get up in a panic. He was secretly thankful that he had at least put on his pants, and that his body didn’t slide forward a few more inches. Otherwise, what sticks to King Arthur’s face is not the werewolf’s eight-pack abs, but something else further down – the consequences are unimaginable!

“Wait!” When Bedivere wanted to move away, Arthur suddenly saw something and grabbed the werewolf’s waist with both hands: “Don’t move!!”

“Uh, Arthur!?!” Bedivere blushed even more, and if his face could explode with blood and redness, his face must have exploded by now: “Don’t, don’t stare at me. Look at your belly!”

“Noisy! Get me down!!” But the King of Knights twisted his waist with a twist, and threw Bedivere to the ground as if he wanted to wrestle.

“Ow!” The werewolf was about to complain when he saw Arthur pressing on his body, staring at Bedivere’s belly. Bedivere didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and shouted even more embarrassingly: “Arthur, what are you looking at! You have abs yourself! (Although I have eight-pack abs, not everyone can have them.)”

Knight King’s answer was far beyond Bedivere’s expectations: “Idiot! Who wants to see your abs!? I’m looking at your belly button!”

“Belly, belly button?!”

“Don’t move—” the King of Knights whispered: “Is that really a wormhole…”

“Insects, wormholes?! There are worm holes on my belly button?!” The werewolf was shocked: “Isn’t there a roundworm or something crawling out?!”

“You idiot! Of course the wormhole you are talking about is a wormhole of physics, why do you think of roundworms!” The King of Knights really slapped the stupid wolf: “It’s the same thing as a black hole, but a black hole. It’s a bottomless pit, but the wormhole has an exit…it connects to another time and space.”

“…Arthur, didn’t you bump your head just now? What are you talking about that is only in science fiction?” A cold sweat broke out on Bedivere’s forehead: “My How could there be a black hole on the belly button, if there is a black hole, it will **** my whole being away soon meow——“

“It’s all said to be a wormhole, not a black hole, you idiot!” Arthur slapped the werewolf in the belly.

“Ow!” Bedivere screamed immediately, with a look of grievance on his face.

“In order for you to see the reality clearly—” Arthur picked up the phone, pointed the camera at Bedivere’s belly button and took a picture, and then shoved the phone in front of the werewolf’s face:” See for yourself! What is this?!”

The werewolf glanced slightly reluctantly at the photo of his belly button. The camera on Arthur’s phone performs very well and takes very clear pictures. (But the sharper the picture, the more embarrassing Bedivere is.)

Werewolf’s navels are of the very well-handled kind, sunken but not deep enough to hide much smudges in them — and Bedivere is often careful to clean the navels smudges.

But that’s not the point.

In the very center of Bedivere’s navel, where the sunken point is the deepest, there is a careful black spot.

If you don’t look closely, you might think it’s some kind of sweat. But no, it wasn’t any filth, it was very evenly dark and, oddly enough, seemed to shimmer in it.

“This is…”

“Click the touch button on the side to zoom in on the photo.” Arthur reminded: “Look carefully, what the **** is that!”

Bediver frowned and complied, multiplying that tiny spot several times over.

A blob of light in that black spot…like something. a vortex?

Bedivere’s brows furrowed even deeper, filled with doubt, expanding that tiny dot dozens of times.

The black spot has spread all over the screen, and the effect of the light in it has become more apparent.

That’s a universe. The vast sea of ​​stars, rotating and composed of countless tiny light spots, is another universe.

The wormhole in Bedivere’s navel connects to another universe.

“Oh damn—” The werewolf was so frightened that his face was pale: “I must be crazy to see this hallucination.”

“You’re not crazy, according to Chancellor Merlin, all [Transcenders] () have something like this in their bodies. That’s probably the source of the supernatural beings able to use the power of [miracle] out of nothing. Arthur explained: “I also have such a wormhole in the retina of my left eye. It seems no coincidence that I was able to use [the third miracle – photon creation].”

All “arts” in the world were originally induced by manipulating or changing the properties of photons.

Because the total amount of mass, energy, space-time, and photons in the universe is constant, so magic is just an equivalent exchange, changing the photons that exist in the world from one form to another.

The reason why [miracle] is called [miracle] is that it completely overturns the concept of [equivalent exchange], it is not a mutual transformation between [beings], but a conjuration of [nothingness] out of thin air [ Yes] The three known miracles in modern times, the first miracle [space-time creation], the second miracle [mass and energy creation], and the third miracle [photon creation], all originated from places that did not originally exist Create space-time, mass-energy, or photons out of thin air.

According to Arthur’s inference, the [transcendents] were able to use the [miracle] out of nothing, largely because of the influence of this wormhole in the body, intentionally or unintentionally taking the other parallel universe. things, temporarily pulled into this universe.

Whether or not it can summon the ghost, it seems that Bedivere can use some kind of [miracle], it is already an iron-clad fact.

“Then answer me.” Arthur let go of the werewolf and stared at Bedivere with interrogative eyes: “Which [miracle] can you use? The miracles you can use, and the things that happen around you Is there a connection between a series of oddities?”

(Of course.)

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