Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1118: Searching for secrets in the sand sea (39)


Chapter 1118 Searching for secrets in the sand sea (thirty-nine)

“Husky? Are you okay, meow?!” The Leopard Man shook the Dog Man.

Husky opened his eyes and found himself in the control room of the battleship, which looked utterly devastated by the blast. The leopard boy Hal was supporting the dog boy in a half-kneeling position, letting Husky recline on the ground.

“What…what’s the matter…” Husky only felt a splitting headache. He seemed to have a good dream just now, but when he woke up, he couldn’t remember anything.

“You hit your head just now,” Hal whispered, rubbing the back of Husky’s head with his kitten paw, thinking it would help slow the injury.

“Um…” Husky recalled everything that had happened before he passed out.

That’s right, just now that snake-like aunt wrapped the body of a snake around Uncle Sha Xing, and let out a snake to bite Uncle Sha Xing. According to their conversation, it was supposed to be a form of hypnosis. The teenagers in the control room tried to yell to keep Uncle Shaxing awake, but this drew the wrath of the aunt, who raised the missile launcher to attack the ship, and the missile hit the Ice Crystal. control room.

Fortunately, the shell made of blue crystal is very hard, it protects the control room well, and the missile with such powerful power just blew a small hole in the control room. However, due to the impact of the explosion, everyone in the control room fell to the ground one after another. Not to mention the mermaids who had already been hypnotized and lost consciousness, even Husky, Hal, and Calvin fell because of this shock, each with varying degrees of injury.

Husky had the worst luck, hitting the back of his head on the edge of a table in the control room. Even if the edge of the table has been rounded off, it’s still pretty deadly to hit. He was in a coma for several minutes from the impact, and woke up with a swollen pain in the back of his head that spread throughout his brain.

But Husky remembered what his dad said, that pain is a good thing, and it means the injury isn’t too bad. If you hit it hard and you don’t feel any pain, but only feel numb, that kind of injury is really fatal.

(No problem, I can continue to bark.)

Husky struggled to get up, and the surveillance screen inside the battleship was disturbed by the impact of the explosion, showing only a snowflake. They can’t see the outside situation from here, they can only go outside.

The canine boy peers out of the blasted hole in the control room. At this time, the witch with the snake body was still entangled with Uncle Sha Xing, and looked at Uncle Sha Xing with all her attention, as if she was whispering some hypnotic words to Uncle Sha Xing. Since she is still trying to hypnotize Uncle Sha Xing, it means that Uncle Sha Xing is still not completely hypnotized, and there is still hope for this battle!

“I must help Uncle Wang,” Husky muttered in a low voice.

“How can we help? There’s nothing we can do about it! That monster is too powerful!” Calvin, the little murloc prince said in despair, “Even Uncle Ginger can’t win, and we kids can’t help at all!”

“We can use combat skills——“

“This is the real world, not the game!” Calvin interrupted angrily: “In the game, there is system support, and of course combat skills and magic are easy to use. But the real world is completely different, you need long-term support. It takes time to learn and exercise to do the same thing as in the game!”

Husky and Hal looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

“Then you can use magic meow in real life?” Howl whispered.

“I can use one, Ice Mist.” Calvin frowned: “I can make a Frostbolt one size smaller than the one in the game. But don’t expect its lethality, use that kind of thing, Might as well throw people with stones.”

“Humph…” Husky pondered for a while. Calvin’s magic doesn’t seem to be of much use, and in reality, Hal is already weak and needs a cane or wheelchair to walk, let alone expecting this cat to help.

It turns out that Husky is the only one to do the dirty work.

“You are the son I am proud of. With your courage and wisdom, you must be able to do something.” I don’t know where I heard this sentence before, but this sentence gave a great encouragement to the dog boy at this time.

“Wow we can do something.” Husky muttered in a low voice, “Listen, that aunt——“

“It’s the succubus,” Calvin corrected impatiently.

“Uh, that succubus—- was hypnotizing the evil uncle Wang with all her energy. It also means that she didn’t control us. She even thought we died in the explosion just now, I don’t care about us anymore. So, this is our good chance! Take this opportunity to sneak around behind that succubus auntie and attack her suddenly, even if it doesn’t hurt her, it can interrupt her hypnotism!”

“Really, really succeed meow?” Hal asked in a low voice.

“It must be successful.” Husky observed the surrounding terrain from the hole in the control room: “This is our last chance!”

The battleship is not high off the ground, and Husky remembers Calvin using magic to make long icicles that slide silently down to the ground. After that, he just crawled forward and slowly approached the succubus aunt.

It is surrounded by mountains and forests, and there are many uneven stones along the way, and the surrounding lighting is based on those magic light **** in the air. There are shadow areas along the way, and there are many blind spots in the field of vision. If a kid like them crouched down and used the cover to advance, it would be impossible for the other side to see it — not to mention that the succubus aunt is still busy hypnotizing the evil star uncle, and he has no time to care about Haas. base them.

It can be done. No matter how terrifying the opponent is, as long as she can stop her from hypnotizing Uncle Shaxing, it will be Husky’s victory!

“After getting close? What are you going to do?” Calvin asked again worriedly.

“Of course I picked up the stone from the ground and threw it at the succubus aunt.” Husky crept out of the hole and reached the outside of the battleship: “It doesn’t matter if it’s not lethal, as long as it can disturb the auntie. That’s it.”

“What if you hit Uncle Shaxing, meow?” Howl crawled out slowly.

“Huh?” Husky suddenly figured out something, and couldn’t help grinning: “That would be better. If he hits, he will definitely wake Uncle Shaxing.”

At the same time, in Africa, somewhere under the Sahara Desert, in the golden ship—the ship of the desert.

Bediver wakes up.

No, it should be said that the werewolf felt some kind of scorching gaze and knew that he was being stared at, so he subconsciously woke up.

“Ah, Arthur?” The werewolf opened his eyes suddenly and saw the King of Knights staring at him in front of his bed, he couldn’t help but startled: “Why did you come to my room? At least the door should be opened. Call me!”

“You overslept, little idiot.” Arthur said with a slight displeasure: “I’m still wondering if I should slap you awake, or let you wake up naturally.”

Bediver rubbed his eyes and said lazily: “Uh, has the ship arrived at its destination? Sorry… this strange bed is so comfortable to lie on, if you don’t pay attention… …”

“Aerogel quilt, one of the ancient technologies, is really a wonderful living facility.” Arthur flicked the pale golden opaque jelly wrapped around Bedivere’s body with his fingers: “This is our There are also on warships. However, because our technology is not advanced enough, the aerogel will automatically volatilize and disintegrate every time it is used, which is rather annoying. In addition, it is too far from our culture, and the knights are very resistant to this. The bed on the warship In the end, I changed back to a normal bed. It was the first time I used this to sleep so soundly, and your kid accepts new things very quickly.”

“Uh, hehe…” The werewolf blushed and got up, but in a daze, he had already forgotten one important thing: he was completely naked, sleeping naked.

When he pressed the switch on the edge of the bed with one hand, the aerogel receded from the edge of the bed and disappeared quickly. Don’t look at it!!——“

The King of Knights laughed mischievously: “Oh, your kid has such a strange habit.”

“No!” Bedivere roared with a blushing face, covering the important parts of his lower body with his hands.

“Forget it.” Arthur just glanced at it, and immediately looked away subconsciously: “Can you at least wear pants when you sleep? If you don’t wear anything, on the one hand, it is unsanitary, and on the other hand, it will condense the air. Glue may run into you from somewhere while you are fully asleep and relaxed.”

As soon as I said this, Bedivere jumped up in fright: “Really, really!?”

“Obviously joking, you stupid wolf!” Arthur glared at Bedivere and put on your clothes! “

“Uh, wait—” The werewolf looked around frantically looking for the clothes he was taken to wash. The clothes were placed on the table in front of the bed, neatly folded, as neat as if they were folded by a machine—maybe they were folded by a machine.

As the werewolf hurried over to get his pants and put them on, Arthur’s phone rang. The King of Knights turned to answer the phone: “Evan? Where are you now? Can you see our ship?”

“According to the signal, we are on top of your head. But——” Banlong youth suppressed his surprise and whispered: “Your Majesty, I will send the photo here, you have to take a good look at this .”

“Oh?” The King of Knights put his phone in front of him and clicked on the picture sent by Evan. An astonishing sight appeared on the phone’s screen:

This is a photo of [City of the Dead] taken from above the desert by Ivan and the others riding on a dragon cavalry.

But it is very different from the oasis in Arthur’s imagination, which is not so much an “oasis” as it is a “glass basin”. –6139+xs260440–>() “Act of the Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only Committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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