Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1121: Lost in the Oasis (3)


Chapter 1121 Lost in the Oasis (3)

A certain place, a certain day, a certain time.

“Brother, I’m so hungry…” a small baby dragon called out coquettishly.

The scales on his body are like diamonds, showing a crystal-like texture, and the edges of the scales are covered with a thin white frost, making this Longyuan look like he is wearing a white lintel.

“Wait,” replied the other young dragon, rummaging through the bushes with his claws. Unlike his younger brother, this dragon’s scales are like rubies, with a fiery red glow in them, as if a flame is burning in them.

“Uh, found it.” The young red dragon found a fat, large earthworm from the bushes. The earthworm had just been dug out of the soil, and was writhing painfully under the stimulation of the air.

“Hey~ that’s disgusting!” The white baby dragon couldn’t help but exclaimed, “Please don’t tell Xianvia, this is the dinner!”

“Idiot, we won’t eat this.” The red baby dragon grinned, “But we’re counting on it for dinner.”

The white baby dragon tilted its head and asked, “What?”

Ten minutes later, on the river bank.

The red dragon uses the vine to tie the small earthworm, and the other side of the vine is tied to the branch on the other side. He threw the vine that bound the earthworms into the river, and the branch on the other end was firmly planted in the soil to prevent it from loosening.

“It’s all set, the next step is to wait.” The red dragonfly sat on the boulder on the riverbank.

“The sun is going down soon.” The white baby dragon also sat down, sitting beside his brother.

“I know. But this is the time for the fish to come out for food. If you stay quiet and don’t scare the fish away, we can have dinner.” The red baby dragon said in a low voice.

“Humph…” So his brother fell silent, waiting bored. But little dragons are always active creatures, and they can’t stand loneliness. After sitting for less than half a minute, the white baby dragon clamored and scratched its body with its small claws, scratching its head and back: “There are a lot of mosquitoes here.”

“Stop lying, you are a cold-blooded animal, and mosquitoes won’t bite you.” The red baby dragon said coldly: “Just be quiet and wait a little longer.”

“Humph—” The white baby dragon suppressed his temper again and waited quietly. Fishing is a job of patience, but what he lacks the most is patience, so Xiao Bailong has never successfully caught fish, and his brother has always brought the catches that he relies on.

“But why is my brother so good at fishing?” the white baby dragon asked in a low voice, “Did you learn this from your father?”

“Perhaps,” the red dragonfly whispered impatiently. He could have ignored his younger brother’s questions, but he knew that if he kept ignoring his younger brother’s questions, he would ask more questions, and chattering would only scare the fish away.

“That’s true—Father is so partial, why did he only teach this to his elder brother, but never to Xianwei?” Xiao Bailong was dissatisfied again.

“Because you always scream and scare the fish away, it’s strange that you can catch the fish successfully.” Xiao Honglong said helplessly, and wrapped his tail around his brother’s neck at the same time: “Now shut up for me, Unless you want to go hungry tonight.”

“Oh…” Little White Dragon whispered.

Every time the little red dragon wraps his tail around his younger brother’s neck, it is a signal that his younger brother must be quiet. Although this is just a formality, the willful little white dragon may not listen to it, but his brother’s tail carries the unique warmth of the red fire dragon. When the tail is wrapped around the neck of the little white dragon, the little white dragon will feel particularly at ease. , will naturally quiet down.

The night falls, and the starry sky appears. The hungry little Bailong stared at the starry sky boredly, feeling a little sour in his heart.

He thought about it for a long time, and finally took this opportunity to ask the question he had always wanted to ask but was afraid to ask: “Brother… Will the father and mother never come back? The mother left. How long ago was that day?”

“I don’t remember, and I didn’t count it.” The younger brother’s words seemed to touch the pain point of Xiao Honglong, and he replied in a low voice: “If they want to leave, I don’t care.”

Dragons have long lives, and their infancy is very long. It’s not uncommon for many dragon parents to leave before their children are fully grown, allowing them to learn to be self-reliant.

However, the parents of these two little dragons did leave a little early, prematurely abandoning these two little dragons who had little ability to stand on their own and were reluctant to even protect themselves.

Irresponsible? perhaps.

Unlike his younger brother, who has no brains and no worries, Little Red Dragon knows a little more. He occasionally heard some gossip from other dragons, most of which were ridiculing the little red dragon. “Wild breed”, “little bastard”, “dirty blood” — some dragons often mention these unpleasant words. And Xiao Honglong knew that these words were all describing him. At a young age, he still couldn’t understand the true meaning of these words, but it was really uncomfortable to hear these words in his heart.

Little Red Dragon vaguely understands the reason why his parents left their brothers prematurely—perhaps, their parents couldn’t stand the rumors and ran away. So, in this lair, only the two brothers were left to depend on each other. Although his younger brother Xianvia is a clingy and willful little guy, as an older brother, he must take good care of this troublesome younger brother.

Just as the little red dragon indulged in the past, the fishing rod moved a few times. Under the faint light of the starry night, the water surface continued to ripple. A fish has been bitten.

“Xianvia, wake up!” Xiao Honglong pushed his younger brother a few times: “A fish is biting the hook, it’s time for you to go out.”

“Huh? Oh…” The sleepy little white dragon opened his mouth wide and spit out a white frosty breath towards the water.

Crack la la la la! Under the extremely low temperature of frost, the water surface quickly froze, freezing all the fish that came close. Frozen in a block of ice floes, there are at least a dozen fish.

“Haha, great harvest!” The little red dragon went over to hold the ice cubes, “This is enough to eat tonight, let’s go, we will go to the lair.”

“Oh!” his younger brother replied obediently, apparently starving and eager to eat the fish raw.

Half an hour later, in a dragon’s lair.

Around a bonfire, dozens of fish were sticking out of the branches. They have been roasted fragrantly by the heat of the flame, and the natural fish oil slowly seeps out of the roasted fish and drips onto the ground, making a tempting sizzling sound.

“It looks delicious.” Little White Dragon couldn’t help but stretched out his small paws to touch those grilled fish.

Clap! Xiao Bailong’s claws were swept away by his brother’s tail: “Wait a little longer! This fish is not cooked yet, it will hurt your stomach if you eat it!”

“But I’m so hungry…” Xiao Bailong’s stomach was already terribly hungry. Although the dragon will not starve to death if he does not eat for several years, his brother cooks for him every day. Xiao Bailong is used to the feeling of eating twice a day. If he does not eat on time, his stomach will Noisy.

“I really can’t help you.” The little red dragon brought his mouth to the edge of the bonfire and gently blew the dragon breath of the flames. He increased the heat of the flame, carefully grilling the fish for his younger brother, and he even had to use magic to control the flames so that they formed a vortex of flames.

The temperature of grilling the fish is actually very elegant. Too much heat will only scorch the fish, too little heat will take a lot of time, and there is a risk that the fish will not be cooked. To bake a delicious grilled fish that is tender on the outside and tender on the inside, the little red dragon must use its own dragon flame to control the process of grilling the fish, adjust the temperature of the flame to perfection, and even let the heat of the campfire wrap every fish from every direction. Let them heat evenly. So troublesome, just to let the fish cook quickly, so that the younger brother can be full.

“Well, it’s delicious, the grilled fish made by my brother is delicious.” After another ten minutes, Xiao Bailong lay on the ground and ate the grilled fish contentedly. His belly was bulging from fullness, and there was even fat running from the corners of his mouth.

“Eat more if it’s delicious, and there’s a lot more.” Xiao Honglong handed another bunch of grilled fish to his younger brother, but he was slowly nibbling on a small skewer of the most charred and smallest size. Grilled fish.

“Xianvia has eaten enough! Brother, don’t you eat it? Why do you think you eat the same fish every time you eat it?”

“It’s just your delusion.” Xiao Honglong replied indifferently, and at the same time, he quickly nibbled away the slightly bitter fish on a skewer in his hand.

It’s awful. Because he gave all the grilled fish to his younger brother to eat, and the rest was unpalatable. But he was used to the slightly bitter taste, which was the taste of failure. He didn’t blame anyone, he knew it was because his control over the flames was not perfect. He will definitely do better next time, prepare better grilled fish for his younger brother and himself.

“Brother, Xianvia is sleepy…” Xiao Bailong, who was full and sleepy, snuggled up beside his brother and wanted to sleep.

“Is that so? Good night then.” Little Red Dragon replied in a low voice, wrapping his tail gently around his brother’s neck as before. The two dragons slept by the stones and the bonfire, and passed another day in silence.

Little Red Dragon’s younger brother is attached to the warmth from his elder brother who is a fire dragon;

But for Xiaohonglong, his white dragon brother’s whole body is as cold as ice, making Xiaohonglong still tremble in his Even so, he never thought about it in his heart Get out of this coldness. Even though his younger brother’s body temperature is as cold as frost, for Xiao Honglong, this is the body temperature of his family, and this is the only thing he can rely on at night after losing his parents. He has been spending his time trying to make life better for himself and his younger brother. He thought that this kind of life was the whole of their future life, and he never doubted that this kind of life would change.

“Xianvia likes my brother the most…” Little White Dragon muttered like a dream, waking up his half-asleep brother.

“My brother also likes Xianvia the most.” Little Red Dragon also whispered, as if comforting his younger brother. Since it was really cold, the little red dragon spit out another dragon flame at the bonfire, making the fire even hotter. Then he closed his eyes, pretended all was well, and fell asleep peacefully.

It would be great if it could last forever. continue forever. Brothers together, never separate.

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