Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1078: Explore in the dark night (31)


Chapter 1078 Exploring the Dark Night (31)

“Uncle Shaxing?” Husky, a canine boy, got up from the bed: “Why are you barking here?”

But he instantly felt how stupid and pointless his question was. The evil star’s room is right next to the children’s bedroom, and the evil star, which has become a small flying dragon, only needs to fly halfway across the room to get in through the window to find Husky and the others.

“Ugh…it’s late at night…” Hal rubbed his eyes and got up reluctantly: “What the **** is Uncle Shaxing trying to do?”

“Take you to play.” Xinghuilong fell on the table: “You also want to find that stupid dolphin and connect to that game, right?”

“Uncle Shaxing, you really can do it——” Husky exclaimed. But he was only halfway through when he was interrupted by Hal covering his mouth. He had no choice but to lower the decibel level of his speech and said, “Do you really have a way?”

“Of course there is.” Sha Xing smiled strangely, and he had turned into a teenager in golden armor, sitting on the table: “Anyway, come with Lao Tzu.”

He picked up a crystal box from the table. It was the kind of box that children used to hold candy, but the box was long out of candy and was kept in the children’s bedroom because the box itself was so beautiful. .

“Well, this size is just right.” Shaxing seemed very satisfied, holding the crystal candy box in one hand, and reaching out to the two orc teenagers with the other: “Grab my hands, I’m going to stuff it into the candy box. go.”

“What, what?!” Husky showed a horrified expression, always feeling that Uncle Shaxing was planning to do something very rude.

“It’s magic, magic.” Shaxing didn’t bother to explain, just fooled around: “If you want to take you there, a series of preparations are essential. Now I’m going to cast a creation magic on you, and bring you all the way.” Shrink. Don’t resist, or the magic will fail.”

“Shrink us down…and then what?” Hal asked suspiciously.

“Don’t ask so many questions, you will naturally understand when you’re done.” Shaxing said angrily: “Hurry up!”

Two orc teenagers stretched out their hands towards Xinghuilong suspiciously and placed them on the dragon’s palm.

“Take a deep breath and relax.” The evil star suggested, “If a strange order comes up in your head to make you smaller, let it do so, don’t resist.”

Husky and Hal follow the prompts and try to relax and wait for the magic to take effect. Sure enough, a strange, mind-control-like command flowed into their minds. Its instructions are simple and straightforward:


Make it smaller.

Again, getting smaller.

It’s done.

When Husky opened his eyes, he found himself sitting in the palm of Uncle Shaxing. Uncle Sha Xing became extremely huge, holding Husky and Hal in one palm. In other words, the two orc teenagers have shrunk a lot and can be caught by Xinghuilong with one palm.

Amazing – that’s the only kind of sigh that Husky has in mind.

“Now, jump in, it’s time to go.” Shaxing moved the crystal candy box to the two teenagers. When he got bigger, he spoke like a giant beast roaring, which was a bit scary.

Husky and Howl winked at each other, jumping from Shaxing’s palm and falling into the candy box. They got smaller and squeezed into the crystal candy box without any difficulty. The candy box, which was only the size of a palm, has now turned into a boat that can carry two teenagers.

“And then, meow?” Hal asked curiously: “Uncle Shaxing, what should you do to be able to——“

Close. Sha Xing did not answer the Leopard boy’s question, but closed the lid of the crystal candy box. The two teenagers hugged each other and squeezed together, and the candy box was a little crowded now.

“Should be alright, alright?” Husky was a little scared.

Eat it!

The evil star actually put the candy box in his mouth! The surroundings became pitch black in an instant, and what remained on the retinas of the two teenagers was only the moment when the evil star devoured the candy box!

“Oh no! He’s going to eat us meow!” Hal cried in panic, hugging Husky tightly.

“Don’t panic! Uncle Shaxing must…”

Whoosh! Rumble, rumble—he suddenly heard a stormy noise in the world outside.

They are clearly in the candy box and in the mouth of the evil star (in the stomach?), but the sky is falling apart and the mountains are shaking, and the amazing momentum seems to be the end of the world.

“No—No way, meow!” Howl couldn’t keep his panic all the time, the magic on him began to fail, and the leopard boy began to grow bigger!

The already crowded candy box is even more crowded as Howl grows bigger. Husky could only feel the bones in his body rattling, and even the air left in his lungs was squeezed out. Deprived of oxygen, he was dizzy and numb, but he couldn’t struggle, he couldn’t even move!

No way! About to be squeezed into meat sauce!

Spit! Just when Husky thought he was going to die, they were vomited.

The crystal candy box fell to the ground, and Husky and Howl instantly returned to their original sizes and fell to the ground.

What followed was an angry complaint from the evil star: “Ow! What are you doing?! It suddenly became bigger in my mouth, are you trying to break my mouth?!”

“Ugh…” Husky rubbed his sore waist and got up from the ground: “I almost died.”

“How did you, how did you get in?!” The voice on the side also exclaimed. Husky followed the prestige and found out that this was the room of the fish-man little prince Calvin, and someone suddenly broke in late at night, and the little prince Calvin, who was startled, was leaning against the wall in a self-defense posture Side, obviously frightened.

“Huh?” The door opened instantly, and a patrolling mermaid guard came in to check: “His Royal Highness? Did something happen?”

“Uh…hahahaha, no, nothing!” Calvin sat on the bed and replied calmly, “This prince just had a nightmare, nothing happened!”

The merman frowned slightly and glanced at the prince’s bedroom. There were no trespassers in the dark bedroom, and everything seemed normal.

“Okay. Then, good night, His Royal Highness.” The mermaid guard smiled and closed the door and left.

“Phew…” Calvin breathed a sigh of relief: “Can you come out now?”

“Okay, so dangerous.” Husky, the dog boy, crawled out from under the bed, followed by the leopard boy Hal, and the star dragon evil star (has turned into a small lizard) .

“Explain, how did you get into this prince’s bedroom?” Calvin’s face was slightly displeased.

“This, you should ask Uncle Shaxing Wang.” The two orc teenagers looked at Xinghuilong at the same time.

“Don’t you understand by now? It’s a teleportation technique.” The evil star hovered in the air and landed on Husky’s dog’s head: “You remember I bit your ear during dinner. huh, little guy.”

“That?” Calvin touched his earlobe subconsciously, where he was bitten by the evil star, although there was no scar.

“That’s a magic mark, in order to be able to track your position at any time.” The evil star stretched out his small claws and drew a circle in the air, opening a portal-like thing: “If there is that mark as an anchor point, I will I can teleport myself to you at any time.”

“Oh…” Calvin replied half-understoodly: “So you can set anchor points on this prince at will — such a big courage!”

“Huhuhu,” Shaxing smiled funny: “This is to fulfill your wish. If you don’t like it, I’ll delete the anchor point?”

“Uncle Shaxing, Husky still doesn’t understand Wang.” The canine boy also asked eagerly: “If you can use teleportation spells, just use spells to send us here, why do you have to shrink us? , put it in a box?”

“Because it is a special transmission channel for dragons, and there is a powerful time-space turbulence in it.” Shaxing explained reluctantly: “Dragons are protected by hard dragon armor, and it is a piece of cake to pass through that kind of transmission channel. Is it you weak guys? After entering for less than a second, you will be torn apart by the turbulence of time and space.”

Hal protested in a low voice: “Even then, we can’t be shrunk into a box and swallowed meow…”

“Do you have a better way?” Shaxing grinned: “Or, the box can be dispensed with. It would be better if I just swallow you all next time?”

“Wow!” Hal twitched as if he was being stabbed, and remained silent.

“You are afraid of being like this for a few seconds after being put in a box. Your psychological quality is still too poor.” Sha Xing shook his head and said, “If you dare to swell in my mouth on the way back, I will spit you all in. In the teleportation channel, let the time and space turbulence tear you apart! Do you understand?!”

“Uncle Shaxing is so stern…” Husky complained.

“Anyway!” Prince Calvin interrupted impatiently: “Since you are here, let’s go? Let’s go and play with Bit!”

“Wow now?!” Husky gave a reluctant look. It was already night, their bedtime was long past, and he was half tired today. It would be too much exercise for him to swim through that long waterway again to reach the Crystal Dolphin Bit.

“No, we’ll go back now.” Shaxing said coldly.

“How can it be like this!” Calvin hugged Husky’s waist: “Don’t go! Since you’re here, let’s play with this prince for a while!”

“No. This time is just to test the water, to test whether the magic can work smoothly.” Shaxing said with a serious face: “But it is very late today, and children should go to bed obediently at this time. If you are not obedient, I will not use teleportation to bring you here next time!”

“Great… oh no, what a pity!” Husky echoed.

“Ugh—” Calvin pouted and said dissatisfiedly: “It’s rare to come here, and he won’t lose money to play with the prince… Well, Calvin will follow you back, let’s go there. Play again!”

“You have to stay here, kid.” Shaxing quickly rejected: “The anchor is on you, forget it? If you follow us back, you won’t be able to teleport back.”

“Woo!” Calvin pouted longer: “Okay! You guys can go back and leave this prince alone! Calvin wants to apply to play with Bit for a while, then you must come over. Oh!”

Husky and Hal looked at each other. If he sneaked in during his nap time, he should be able to meet Calvin. Although they had to go around a lot, they finally found a way to log into that virtual game again.

“Then,” the evil star turned into a human again and picked up the crystal candy box on the ground: “Again, please come in.”

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