Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1079: Searching for secrets in the sand sea (1)


Chapter 1079 Searching for Secrets in the Sand Sea (1)

The next morning, Africa, Cairo, Egypt, in the restaurant of the Grand Hotel Cairo.

The buffet provided by the hotel is still luxurious, but everyone is so used to this luxurious meal that they feel tired and dislike it. Therefore, Bedivere and his party chose some simple and nutritious breakfast food, sat in a quiet corner of the restaurant, and discussed today’s itinerary while eating.

“So, you want me to meet that old Odin meow?” Seglade looked at Bedivere suspiciously as he ate his mashed potato salad: “I’m making money for you guys. I’m not very interested in planning, is this really necessary meow?”

“I don’t have much interest in making money, but that person is the descendant of the legendary ancient dragon hunter! Very ~ very ~ powerful weapon craftsman!” Fishing, he hurriedly persuaded: “You like to build weapons, don’t you? Go see him, you will definitely gain a lot.”

Although he deliberately concealed the fact that the secret skills of the dragon hunters to build weapons are not passed on.

“But these two boys are going to accompany me to see the old Sphinx today.” Palamidis stretched his arms around his two sons and pretended to be affectionate: “He asked to see our family by name. It is necessary for people to go. If Seglade does not go, I am afraid it is not polite.”

“Palramidis, are you really going to take your sons to meet the underworld boss?” Bedivere wouldn’t back down on the matter: “It’s both useless and dangerous. If it happens What’s the matter, what should I do? Taking one to death is better than taking both to death?”

“We’re not meows to die!” Saifer protested helplessly.

“Enough!” Palamidis asked with a displeased face: “Seglade, it’s up to you to choose. Should you go with your dad to see the old Sphinx, or Go with Bedivere to meet that suspicious old Odin? Pick one!”

The young leopard man looked at his father Palamidis and looked at the werewolf Bedivere. He sighed and replied slowly: “Go see Father Odin, meow. I also want to see how capable this father Odin is, and how he made dragon bones into dragon martial arts meow.”

Palamidis has a mixture of displeased and relieved expressions on his face. Perhaps he was also a little worried about the safety of his sons. However, the black panther’s mouth was very strong: “Great, now we are missing someone here. Daddy Sphinx will not be happy to see this.”

Bediveville patted Albert on the shoulder: “The spare tire is already available, what are you worried about?”

“Pfft!” Albert spit out the half-eaten spaghetti. Fortunately, he happened to be leaning over the plate to eat. The spaghetti just fell on the plate. People are particularly affected.

“You meow…” Albert hurriedly wiped his cat’s mouth: “Who is the spare tire!”

” But you followed Palamidis to the casino yesterday. Your every move was recorded by the casino’s monitors. Maybe the old Sphinx would think you were Palamidis. Son?” Bedivere sneered and said, “Anyway, if you are idle, you are idle. It’s okay to go with them to see the underworld boss!”

“You just said you were going to die!” Albert angrily complained.

“You must have heard it wrong, I never said that.” Bedivere tried to hold back a laugh.

Palramidis shook his head sullenly and set his eyes on Albert’s face: “It’s up to you, little tiger. —Although I don’t think Phileos would Hurting us and taking us to dangerous places.”

That’s true. If Phileos and the old Sphinx were bad people, they would have been able to deceive them as early as when Palamides and the others went to the casino yesterday. Instead of being scammed, they earned pocket money from the casino. Daddy Sphinx may have another purpose, but at least he’s not trying to hurt anyone.

Albert was taken aback. He still remembered the promise to Chanel last night. Although the tiger did not fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of this promise, he was also very curious to know what the old Sphinx was planning. If, as Chanel said, the old Sphinx is secretly plotting a coup, then Albert should really try to prevent this disaster and avoid the destruction of Egyptian life.

“I’ll… go.” Albert pretended to be reluctant: “It’s better to go to see this big man, maybe I can get some benefits, meow hahahaha.”

“Very well, it’s settled.” Bedivere quickly swallowed the seafood spaghetti on the plate: “Come on, Seglade.”

“Wait, what about me, me?” Elaine asked, feeling completely left out.

“You?” The werewolf looked at the white bear man with a slightly disgusting look: “My iron cavalry can’t hold more people, so I won’t be able to take you with me this time. You can leave the big sword, I’ll take it for now. Take it over there and see how much Daddy Odin can strengthen it. And you… just stay in your hotel room and don’t get in trouble, okay?”

“Uh… okay.” The bear man drooped his ears and replied in a very depressing manner.

His naive demeanor drew a burst of laughter from the audience.

Ten minutes later.

“This really won’t be overloaded, meow?” The moment Seglade jumped on the back seat of the cavalry, carrying his spear, large shield, and Elaine’s rhinoceros horn, the cavalry obviously sank!

“No problem.” Bedivere touched the ground with his feet. Fortunately, the height of the iron cavalry floating off the ground is still within the allowable range. As long as it doesn’t drag on the ground, the cavalry’s engine should still be able to support it.

“Let’s go!” He stepped on the accelerator, and the cavalry began to gallop forward!

Speeding? Maybe not. It was moving forward at a marvelous speed, slightly faster than a normal person would start running, but it was not at all “galloping”.

“Hahaha… The machine hasn’t warmed up yet, it will start up soon after it runs smoothly.” The werewolf smiled wryly.

Seglade rolled his eyes at Bedivere.

At this time, their vehicle just arrived at the exit of the underground parking lot, and the parking lot guard standing there also gave Bedivere a white look, as if he was protesting to the werewolf with his eyes: I knew this car was a piece of junk.

Bediver avoided these disgruntled glances and drove the cavalry out of the parking lot. As soon as he went outside, he found Arthur waiting in a dragoon.

“Ass…Aslan!” Bedivere waved from a distance and shouted, “This way!”

Seglade gave Bedivere another shot. Aslan? The black-robed man with the mask was clearly King Arthur.

Hearing Bedivere calling Arthur “Aslan”, the two young men in the back seat of Arthur’s dragoon also gave the werewolf a hostile glance. These two are Tristan and Evan.

“How bold to call your Majesty by such a vulgar name…” Tristan said dissatisfied as Bedivere approached.

“I know you’re trying to avoid revealing your Majesty’s identity. But your taste in naming is terrible.” Evan protested incidentally, pushing the frame of his glasses irritably.

“Why are they here?” Bedivere was also reluctant to see these two guys, and couldn’t help asking.

“Because I have to use their tools and talents in addition to your luck.” Arthur replied calmly. He obviously already knew the unpleasant things between this group of young people, but he knew that this group of people would have trouble together, so he brought Tristan and Evan with him.

“I’d better go back.” Werewolves gave Tristan a hostile look: “Since they have their tools and talents, luck seems to be optional. Good luck, Aslan. .”

“Oh, don’t go!” King Arthur stopped Bedivere, who was just about to drive away: “Are you a child, you are so angry about such a trivial matter? Anyway, come along – or rather I will follow you. After I find the Desert Rose, I will definitely reward you!”

Bediver pouted without saying a word, silently driving the cavalry forward. Of course, his sleek exterior is an iron horse assembled from an old engine, and it runs very slowly under overload conditions. Arthur’s dragon cavalry followed the iron cavalry and had to use the minimum output to slowly wait for Bedivere. Before taking a few steps, Bedivere heard the soft laughter of Tristan and Evan in the back seat of the dragon rider.

The werewolf blushed and wondered if he should refuse Arthur’s request and go home. Arthur said at this moment: “Seglade, come over to my seat and let Bedivere’s iron cavalry lighten the burden.”

“But Meow—“

“My Dragon Rider is limited to four people, plus the capacity of other weapon accessories, the actual load is five tons, don’t worry at Arthur added: “Come here. “

Bediver can’t help but glance at Arthur’s dragoon. Of course, the dragon cavalry is in a state of unloaded weapons. After all, it is driving in such a big city in another country. Equipping with weapons will cause a lot of trouble.

“Go, Seglyde.” Although he was ashamed, the werewolf ordered the young Leopard man in the back seat to change his car to lighten the burden of the cavalry.

“Hey… okay meow.” Seglade jumped from Bedivere’s cavalry and climbed onto the back seat of Arthur’s cavalry. Then the iron cavalry suddenly became easier, and the werewolf stepped on the accelerator again, and its speed instantly increased.

“Very good. This will save us some time.” Arthur chased behind with his dragoon, which was still more than enough to catch up to Bedivere’s iron when the dragoon was full.

The werewolf seemed to hear another laugh, from Tristan and Evan in the back seat of the dragoon. He blushed with embarrassment, and told himself to ignore such trivial matters as much as possible, and drove his iron cavalry toward the black market last night. –6139+xs144172–>() “Act of the Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Wixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only Committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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