Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1077: Explore in the dark night (30)


Chapter 1077 Exploring the Dark Night (Thirty)

Great Britain, 6 p.m.

“It hurts…” Calvin, the little murloc prince, sat at the dining table and rubbed his buttocks involuntarily. His buttocks had been slapped at least a hundred times, and now it was swollen and painful, even when he was sitting on the chair. Soft leather cushions couldn’t lessen the pain either.

“You deserve it.” Acting Captain Nasandrana covered her mouth with a smile, and half-seriously scolded Calvin and the others: “Why are you so naughty, running into the captain’s private room to make trouble? There are many important things in it. military secrets, do you know?”

“We’re just… uh, just curious.” Calvin was trying to justify himself: “Second brother always doesn’t let people into his room, people want to know what’s in there!”

“Next time you go in and try again, I’ll drive you off the ship immediately and send you back to your mother.” Tristan just walked into the battleship’s dining room and cursed with a long face.

“Good evening, Your Royal Highness.” Nassandra saluted Tristan, and at the same time saluted the half-dragon youth behind the murloc prince: “Good evening to Prince Evan.”

Seeing the two young people looking ready to go, she couldn’t help asking: “Aren’t you guys staying for dinner?”

“We’ve got what Arthur asked for, so let’s go back first.” Tristan looked a little cold,” Nassandrana, when the kids were done eating dinner, sent them back to their own place Go, stop letting them hang out in my battleship. And my room needs a thorough cleaning and disinfection, please arrange it.”

“We’re not germs…” Husky muttered softly, but was instantly greeted by Tristan’s rolling eyes, so frightened that the dog boy didn’t dare to speak any more.

“Follow the instructions of His Royal Highness.” Nashandrona said a few words to the intercom device made of blue crystal in her ear, and replied, “The teleportation device is ready, you can use it at any time.”

“Very good.” After that, Tristan and Evan walked away like a gust of wind.

“It’s coming and going,” Calvin muttered.

“His Royal Highness’s brothers are so scary.” Husky also muttered.

Nassandrana explained: “If you weren’t so mischievous, you would find that His Royal Highnesses and Prince Ivan are actually very gentle people.”

The leopard boy Hal listened to all of this, recalling what happened on the ship that transported the candidates, and fell silent for a while.

“Um… how can this be done? This prince still wants Husky and the others to play in the battleship. One day is not enough.” The little murloc prince said coquettishly to the acting merman captain: “Na Sandrona, think of something!”

At this moment, a group of mermaid sisters are coming with delicious dinner, and Nasandrana is tying napkins to Calvin. She smiled sweetly, and said helplessly and lovingly to the murloc prince: “We will think of a way, second prince. But today, do as the first prince ordered, and let your friends disembark after dinner. , okay?”

Unexpectedly, the murloc prince pouted and protested: “No! They must accompany Calvin! It’s too boring for this prince to sleep alone. We’re going to have a pillow fight tonight!”

Nassandrana shook her head slightly, and Husky, who was beside her, elongated her face.

(Who wants a pillow fight with you.)

“You also say something!” The little murloc prince leaned over and whispered, holding Husky’s ear: “You still want to continue to use the power of bits to connect to that game, right?”

“I thought about it, but it’s too reluctant.” Husky replied in a low voice, “Your second brother has already ordered us to go back, and if we go on like this, we will be spanked again.” “

That really works. Calvin prides himself on being a prince and is fearless, but there is one person in the world who can stop this wayward guy, and that is his second brother Tristan. If you make good use of this, you will surely make the little murloc prince shut up.

“Ow!” Calvin thought of the pain in his buttocks, and could not help but let out a helpless groan: “This prince will definitely find a way to get you on board! You wait!”

“Huhu…” Shaxing sneered, taking this opportunity to jump from Husky’s head to Calvin’s shoulder, while whispering in the ear of the little murloc prince: “Little guy, you really Do you want to play with this group of cats and dogs?”

“Of course—“

“Okay, there is a way, don’t move.” The evil star leaned closer.

“What?—Ow!” By the time Calvin realized it, the evil star had already bit the little murloc prince’s ear.

“It hurts…what are you doing?!” Calvin felt his left ear hurt like a needle and immediately protested.

“Don’t ask, you’ll understand tonight.” Shaxing smiled intriguingly.

“Huh?” Acting Captain Nasandrona just sat down at the dining table, picked up a knife and fork and prepared to eat. She heard Calvin’s low scream and couldn’t help but look up to see what happened.

But at this moment, the evil star has jumped on the table, and is ready to start before the plate of food prepared for him. It seems that the bite has never happened, at least the mermaids can’t see it.

“What’s the matter, His Royal Highness? Is the food not to your liking?” asked Nashandrona, slightly worried.

“No, it’s not.” Calvin was confused by what the evil star had just done, and was still thinking about what was going on. But the bite on his ear was not as serious as he imagined, there was no bleeding or wound, and the pain like a needle stick only lasted for two seconds. The little murloc prince rubbed his ears, put the matter behind him, and began to enjoy his dinner.

Eight pm, King Arthur’s bedroom, Husky and Hal’s bedroom.

“Hu~” The leopard boy wiped the moisture on his head with a clean towel, walked slowly into the bedroom, turned his head to face Husky, who was walking behind him, and also just came back from a shower, said: “Mom has to work overtime today, and Hal can stay here for the night again, it’s nice meow.”

“Well.” Husky agreed casually, muttering thoughtfully: “But what should we do in the future? It seems that there is really no chance to enter that game again.”

“What game?” asked Greenville, who was walking behind the two teenagers.

“Uh…nothing. Hahaha…” Husky laughed.

“Hmm.” Greenville showed a displeased expression: “Forget it. Now, boys, it’s time to go to bed, will you sleep well?”

“Yes, Aunt Greenville, meow.” Hal replied obediently.

“Understood, Aunt Greenville Wang.” Husky also pretended to be obedient.

“Very good.” The queen watched the two teenagers climb into the bed, cover the quilt, then turned off the light in the room, and gently closed the door and walked away.

Husky huddled under the covers, thinking. He tossed and turned, puzzled, and couldn’t help but stretched out his hand and pushed the leopard boy sleeping beside him: “Hal, are you asleep?”

“No. What’s wrong, meow?” The leopard boy turned to look at Husky, but in the darkness he could only vaguely see the outline of his little friend.

“Tell Husky, do you like that game?”

“That game meow? Well, it’s a very good game meow.” The leopard boy replied, then hesitated for a moment: “In that game, Howl can run and fight freely, which is a very good experience meow. “

“But, what a pity.” Husky blinked and sighed, “If Uncle Arthur wouldn’t take us to that castle, or Calvin wouldn’t let us go to Bit, wouldn’t that game be? Can’t continue playing Wang?”

“That’s really a pity meow.”

“We finally completed the enchanting task, made a very powerful weapon, and stopped the game like this. I don’t know when we can play it again. Is this really good?”

“But that’s something that can’t be helped, meow.” Hal said helplessly: “Unless we have a way to log in to that game ourselves, otherwise——“

“Aunt Vivian, please?” The dog boy interrupted him anxiously.

“Um…no meow.” Hal shuddered. “Mom would never agree with me, meow. She didn’t like Hal’s violent games meow long ago. This game is even more…”

Hal thinks back to what happened in the game over the past few days, where it wasn’t just violence, Hal and Husky were almost killed by some unknown force. He still has several scars from knife wounds on his back, which was indirectly caused by playing Uncle Arthur’s virtual game.

If his mother, Vivienne, knew all this, she’d probably be furious. Want her to help them connect to that game? Don’t even think about it.

“Isn’t that okay? Wang…” Husky couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed in his tone. It seems that there is really no way to continue that game. With the strength of their two children, it is absolutely impossible to achieve this impossible task.

“Go to bed first, Husky, meow.” The leopard boy touched his friend’s forehead: “Let’s just stay honest and have a quiet day before talking meow. Uncle Arthur doesn’t know where he went on a business trip. , but when he comes back, he will definitely think of a way for us meow.”

“Okay…Hal, good night Wang.”

“Good night meow.” The leopard boy replied, turning around and continuing to sleep.

Husky closed his eyes, but his mind was always on the game.

He’s handed a great rare weapon to Hal, but he’ll have to find a replacement for the greatsword, preferably one that combines power, weight, and lightness.

Once they found a good weapon, they had to find a witch for another but this time it was better to keep it simple.

Then go out to fight monsters and use the newly learned combat skills Husky has learned. With more combat skills, he will definitely be able to change more combinations in battle, making this game more fun and enjoyable to play.

And they also recognize the presence of other players in the game. Husky also met an apprentice knight elder brother named Daniel today, and he felt that he could be a good friend.

(Ugh… that’s annoying.)

He’s already thinking about the game. The more he thought about it, the more deeply he fell into this game. Right now, he is not in the mood to go to sleep at all. He can’t wait to find the equipment connected to the game right away, and take another adventure in that virtual world.

While Husky was tossing and turning in bed, a small shadow flew in from the window.

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