Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1076: Explore in the dark night (29)


Chapter 1076 Exploring the Dark Night (29)

The electrolyte soaked in the whole body of the canine boy quickly receded from the hole, and the surrounding of Husky was filled with air again.

He coughed a few times involuntarily, emptying the electrolyte from his lungs. There was still a little greasy feeling on his lungs and trachea, but it wasn’t uncomfortable and didn’t affect his breathing.

“Umm… my head hurts meow.” Hal covered his head and climbed out of another crystal cabin.

“It’s my first time diving into the photon network for a long time, and it’s a matter of course that I don’t get used to it. It’s good to get used to it.” Calvin also opened the door of the crystal cabin and climbed out. He looked good and seemed to be used to it.

“Beep~!” Crystal Dolphin Bit was also wagging his tail excitedly on the edge of the beach, as if he wanted to say something.

“Beet said, this trip was fun.” Calvin translated: “Let’s go to that game next time, okay?”

“When…of course.” Husky smiled wryly, walked up to the crystal dolphin, and touched the big fish with extremely high transparency: “Thank you, Bit, we also had a good time today.”

Although he doesn’t think he’ll ever visit the submarine again.

Bet licked the canine boy’s face with his large, crystal-jelly-like tongue, seemingly reluctant to part with Husky.

“Stop playing, go back down the waterway! The lunch break is over!” Calvin urged again.

“But…” Husky looked at the waterfall above the Crystal Cave. That’s where they fell from before. Not to mention how difficult it is to go upstream, how they climbed that waterfall mouth is also a big problem.

“You don’t need to go back from there, little dog.” The little murloc prince plunged headlong into the crystal clear lake: “This way! The waterways are circulating, just go downstream and make a circle. go back.”

“No, don’t leave Hal Meow.” The leopard boy quickly chased after him. Unable to swim, he had to hug Calvin’s waist and let the murloc prince take him to swim through the waterway.

“Huh~” The evil star, who was lying on top of Husky’s head, yawned: “Let’s go too.”

The canine boy nodded, jumped into the lake, followed Prince Calvin, and swam to another channel on the edge of the lake.

As soon as he approached the waterway, he was caught by an invisible undercurrent and involuntarily galloped towards the dark end of the waterway.

The way back was indeed faster, because it was more treacherous than the way back, and the current was so fast that Husky could barely handle it. Mermaids are familiar with water, and may not care about the rapid current, but as a dog, Husky is really difficult to keep from drowning in this current! He could only slap the water with the strength of his whole body, constantly maintaining the upstream posture, in order to try his best not to choke on the water in this turbulent torrent!

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Time passed by, and Husky’s ears rang frantically whistling water back and forth, and he was also swept away by the high-pressure water for a long distance. What about the sphere of light that Calvin used to point the way? Can’t see anymore… Husky doesn’t have the time to care! Just when he was exhausted and thought he was dying, he stretched out a hand from above the waterway and pulled the dog boy up.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!” As soon as the canine boy was dragged into the ventilation duct, he gasped for breath: “Oh, almost died!”

“It’s not so exaggerated, ahahahahaha.” Calvin laughed heartlessly, while reaching out and patting Hal’s belly. The leopard boy can be said to be full of water, and his belly swollen like a hill just needs to be slapped lightly, and a small jet of water will be ejected from his mouth.

“This is… heaven meow?” After spraying the water, Hal slowly got up in a daze, full of nonsense.

“This is a cruel reality, wake up, kitty.” The murloc prince slapped Hal’s face lightly, not knowing whether it was to wake up the leopard boy, or to take the opportunity to hit someone.

“Okay, let’s go back, it’s just a little bit.” Calvin smiled happily, dripping with water, and took the lead in crawling in the ventilation duct.

“Hal, hold on to the bark again.” The canine boy pulled up the weak leopard boy, half-supporting and half-carrying Hal to crawl forward.

Fortunately, Calvin knows this secret path very well. Considering the physical overdraft of the friends, he has chosen the shortest secret path. They climbed about fifty yards before the murloc prince stopped in front of a small vent and gave a magic command that opened the vent.

“This is…?” Husky glanced at the dark and empty room after he placed Hal by the wall.

It is dark because the light is not turned on in the room; it is empty because it seems that the room has not been used for a while, and the whole room has lost its human breath and looks very empty and monotonous.

This is obviously not Calvin’s room. But the luxurious decoration of this room is by no means inferior to that of the little murloc prince. It is estimated that living here is some kind of big man. An ornament hanging on the wall of the room, a snow-white rabbit foot carefully preserved with a glass frame, greatly attracted the attention of the dog boy Husky.

“This is the second brother’s room.” Calvin, who was in charge of the rear of the palace, also crept into the room: “Take a rest here for a while, and continue walking after recovering your strength.”

“That’s great!—Saved!” Husky, who was so tired that he almost fell apart, couldn’t wait to lie down when he saw the bed beside him.

“Ah, I can’t lie down! That’s the second brother’s bed!” Calvin stopped in a rare, panic-stricken manner.

It’s too late. The drenched canine boy slammed down on the big, luxuriously furnished bed, and of course the water on him also wet the entire high-quality velvet sheet—he was, after all, a A puppy with a full body of hair, the dog hair can absorb more water than a mop.

“Oh no!” The little murloc prince covered his face and said in despair, “Second brother will definitely kill Calvin…”

“Is it so exaggerated?” The dog boy asked casually. For some reason, seeing Calvin so terrified, Husky always felt a chill in his heart and wanted to add more chaos: “Who is your second brother, he When will he come back? Shouldn’t there be a problem? We’ve dried the sheet by the time he comes back.”

“Oh, really?” a voice asked: “So, after someone has done something bad, they still want to eliminate the evidence?”

At this time, a figure had silently entered the room, but Husky was lying with his back to the door, not finding it in time.

“Hey, where’s the bark.” Because the bed was so soft and comfortable, Husky couldn’t help rolling on the bed a little more: “Just lie down for a while, and it won’t die for a while…”

Clap! Someone’s hand grabbed Husky’s puppy’s legs and stopped Husky from rolling the sheets.

Whoosh! Husky only felt a whirlwind, he was lifted by his left foot, and he was hanged upside down and held up in front of someone.

“Uh oh.” Calvin let out a sigh of mischief.

Appearing in front of the canine boy is an upside-down, handsome blond young man’s face. Although Husky was still dazed and couldn’t see clearly, he had noticed the terrifying anger on his face.

“Little devil.” Tristan, the first prince of the Icelandic kingdom, glared at Husky with a burning gaze that could almost set people on fire: “Who are you? Why are you running wild in my room?!”

“Oh—“The little prince Calvin’s legs softened: “Second brother, listen to Calvin’s explanation…”

“Don’t listen!” Tristan turned his head sharply and glared angrily at his brother: “You bring your friends to play on my warship, and let them run into my room and make trouble? Your **** is itchy again. Do you want me to make it bloom!?”

“Second brother…” Calvin looked at Tristan aggrievedly: “I thought you were going to take the exam, but you won’t be back for a while.”

“That’s not the point!” said the murloc prince Tristan angrily, “I’ve only been away for a few weeks, and you kid has brought people to make trouble in my room. If I go away for a few months, how many What about the year? Isn’t my battleship going to be demolished by you?!”

“We don’t have that much destructive power…” Husky whispered.

“Noisy, you little puppy!” Tristan threw Husky onto the leather sofa next to him, then looked at his sheets with pity: “God! It’s woven from Kashmir goat hair. It’s the best product! You lie down all over your body, what if it shrinks! It’s not enough to kill you 10,000 times!”

“Yes, I’m sorry…” Husky apologized in a low voice, even though he was snickering inwardly.

“What’s going on here?” Another young man also walked into Tristan’s room. It was the Ice Crystal’s first mate, Prince Evan.

He glanced at the group of brats in the room who were wearing only pants and full body, and asked suspiciously: “Calvin, what are you doing? Are you having a swimsuit party?”

“Third brother…” The little murloc prince pretended to be even more aggrieved: “Second brother is angry, think of a way!”

“Why don’t you want to save yourself?” Evan rolled his eyes at Calvin, then turned to look at the evil star who turned into a little lizard.

Xinghuilong had flown away from Husky’s head at that time, and was dozing off on the table, seemingly not intending to participate in the farce.

“Oh, isn’t this Master Shaxing?” Evan asked curiously: “Why are you in this place, with these troublesome little devils?”

“Me?” Sha Xing changed his lying position a little, and replied lazily: “It was Arthur who asked me to protect these little devils, why don’t you ask. In short, you want to Whether it’s spanking them, whipping them, or performing all kinds of torture, as long as it doesn’t endanger their lives, I won’t intervene. You can do what you want.”

“Very good.” After receiving the [approval] from the evil star, Tristan clenched his fists, his eyes were fierce, and he began his sentence: “Calvin, you brought a friend into my room to make trouble, sin Damn it!”

“Ouch!” The little murloc prince let out a groan.

“And you—you little puppy from nowhere! You boy soiled my Kashmiri goat wool and velvet sheets, and you are to blame, and you must be punished!”

“Uh.” Husky hummed gloomily.

“And you!” Tristan looked at the leopard boy: “Huh? Aren’t you the youngest son of the Palamidis? Why are you here?”

“Ahahaha… Hal was just joining in the fun. The Leopard Man laughed apologetically. At that time, he was shrinking in the shadow of the table and thought he would not be found.

Watching Hal’s floor wet with a puddle of water dripping from his body, Tristan’s eyes shone even more brutally: “Never mind, even you will be punished! Treat it like a discipline for Palamides. child!”

“How, how can you be like this, meow!” Hal had a depressed feeling of being shot while lying down.

“So, Calvin——” Tristan leaned over and grabbed, just in time to grab Calvin’s left leg, who was trying to escape. With the other hand, he ripped off the little murloc prince’s pants: “Start with you boy!”


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