Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1066: Explore in the dark night (19)


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Chapter 1066: Exploring the Dark Night (Nineteen)

This slightly archaic, jet-black E-Ink dashboard displays a long string of fluorescent green text with glowing liquid crystals. Refurbished by the power of the Holy Spirit, its time state was rolled back to a certain moment in the past, and the green light on this supposedly ancient screen was particularly dazzling.

The flight records are generally automatically memorized when the cavalry flies, and the other half is manually corrected by the user, which is full of technical terms that only a few experts can understand. Of course, King Arthur, who was once a servant of a knight and a trainer for the cavalry, happened to be one of these insiders.

He knows where to look. After a brief glance at the record, after skipping thousands of lines of irrelevant information, the King of Knights stopped his gaze on the last line of the flight record:

This file was recorded on xx, xx, 5xx, by: Gaia Knight of the Eastern Knights of Pantoracken, Jacques du Lac

——That string of characters says so.

The moment he saw this, the King of Knights could not help but take a deep breath, and took a deep breath to hide his surprise: “This is Uncle Yake’s iron cavalry!?”

“Yake?” Bedivere had just finished checking the engine at the rear of the car, and when he heard King Arthur’s exclamation, he couldn’t help standing up and asked: “Are you talking about—that—the sword saint Yake?”

“You know the Sword Saint Jacques?” Cador looked at Bedivere in surprise. Logically, it is impossible for a young orc who has no experience in the world to know what happened in Great Britain more than ten years ago.

The werewolf scratched his head again, and he just knew it, because Lancelot was the master who taught him swordsmanship, and Sword Saint Yake was Lancelot’s father.

Of course, he couldn’t tell anyone these things, and no one would believe them. All he can say is what happened today: “I don’t know anything. I had a fight with him at noon today, and I almost died under his sword.”

Speaking of this, not only the Knights of the Round Table, but also King Arthur was horrified: “Uncle Yake is still alive? What’s going on?!”

“It’s a long story.” Bedivere shrugged, he went out to work today, became a bounty hunter hunting sharks in the sand sea, and his weapon was stolen at noon, tracked the thief to an underground cave, and accidentally I met Sword Saint Ark… This series of experiences was briefly reported to King Arthur.

After listening to this, Arthur frowned: “Sword Saint Yake has also fallen. If you let Lancelot know about this, I wonder what he will think?”

“It’s better not to let Earl Lancelot know.” Cador also frowned deeply, while he started to dismantle the cavalry’s voyage recorder: “It’s useless for you to keep this thing, I will Can I take it away?”

“As you wish.” The werewolf nodded perfunctorily, thoughtfully. Now it seems that this iron cavalry that originally belonged to Sword Saint Yake is estimated to be something left by Yake when he fled to Egypt – it may even be sold by Sword Saint Arthur because of his livelihood.

“Kama (Fate) Reincarnation…?” King Arthur also sighed, thinking about the same thing as Bedivere. Twelve years is a cycle. Twelve years ago, the betrayal of the kingdom who brought Camilo almost to the fall, Sword Saint Ark, should have been executed. Why such a man would end up in Egypt, and why he was bumped into by Bedivere, only fate can explain.

“Cador, convene the knights, set up a search team, and search for the whereabouts of the sword saint Yake.” King Arthur ordered: “But be careful to act in secret, and once you encounter Yake, you must not fight with him. to capture him alive.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” The Knight of the Round Table Cador removed the cavalry’s voyage recorder and hugged it in his arms, and saluted the King of Knights: “My subordinates will prepare now.”

“And you, Bedivere.” As Cador walked away, Arthur glanced at the werewolf again: “Before you go back, I have one more thing I want to ask you. It’s a request.”

“Entrustment, entrustment?” Bedivere looked at King Arthur in disbelief, a little flattered: “What entrustment? Your Majesty, you have so many heartfelt knights helping you, do you still need to borrow my strength?”

“Well, because this is my personal business, and I don’t want to trouble the people in the knight order.” King Arthur smiled at the werewolf, with a kind smile, but also with an extra conspiracy: “Also, you seem to be getting lucky recently. ? You also met the golden bug that comes once in a thousand years, and the sword saint Yake also met you. God knows what else you will encounter? In order to find [that thing] in the vast desert, let me borrow yours Good luck.”

“That’s just superstition.” Bedivere wasn’t interested in luck matters, he just asked casually: “Arthur, what are you looking for?”

“A treasure. It is said to bloom every three thousand years in the Sahara Desert, an ultra-rare plant, [Desert Rose].” The King of Knights laughed: “The seventh anniversary of my marriage to Greenville is approaching, I want to give her a special gift.”

“I see.” Bedivere nodded and said, “Queen Greenville has been a little princess since she was a child. She has enjoyed all the splendor and wealth, and ordinary treasures can’t impress her. That’s why you want to get this rare item.”

“That’s right.—Don’t laugh!”

Even though he was ordered not to laugh, Bedivere grinned at the King of Knights: “Arthur, you are so romantic. . . . It’s not like you at all!”

“Speak as if you understand me very well.” The King of Knights retorted with a long face.

“Pfft.” Bedivere hurriedly covered his mouth: “Okay, I’ve accepted your request. When are you going to find Desert Rose?”

“No hurry.” King Arthur shrugged: “Actually, I haven’t fully grasped the news of the Desert Rose, and I need to continue to inquire. In short, I will come to you tomorrow morning.”

“Tomorrow… But I still have something to do tomorrow. I have to take Seglade to the black market in Cairo, and I have to go to Zvar.” ) Brother thief in the underground cave of Zvar: “It might take half a day.”

“It’s okay, I’ll go with you.” King Arthur nodded and said, “You have transportation, so it should be easy to get in and out. It won’t take too long.”

Bediver thought about it and thought that was right. Today, they took a sand boat across the sand sea from Cairo to Zwar, which took about two hours. The sand boats at that time were full of cargo and sailed very slowly. In actual sailing, Bedivere’s iron cavalry should be much faster than the sand ship.

The werewolf has only one thing left to worry about.

“I just hope we won’t be attacked by sand sharks when we cross the desert.” He scratched his body subconsciously, the monster’s blood still sticking to his silver hair, itchy and uncomfortable: “I have been all day today. I have spent all my time in the blood rain of sand sharks, and I really don’t want to encounter this kind of experience again.”

“You just don’t know treasure, Bedivere.” The King of Knights grinned mischievously: “The blood of the desert shark is said to have aphrodisiac effects, and it is very effective when applied externally or orally.”

“I don’t need this, my [Yang] is strong enough, thank you.” The werewolf replied helplessly.

A moment of silence.

“Then…the van was rented and it’s useless now, please help me return it?” Bedivere ordered.

“Yes,” Arthur replied briefly.

“Then… I’m leaving?” Bedivere went over to open the door of the mechanical warehouse, intending to leave the warehouse with a cavalry.

“Oh, goodbye, and good night,” Arthur said coldly.

The werewolf was silent for a while, and as soon as he approached his iron cavalry, he turned to the king of knights and said, “Arthur…do you have nothing to say to me?”

“No, what’s the matter?” The King of Knights remained indifferent.

“Hmm…” Bedivere frowned again.

Seeing the confused look of the werewolf, King Arthur couldn’t help laughing.

Seeing King Arthur laughing, Bedivere, who knew he was being teased, couldn’t help laughing.

The two looked at each other and smirked for about a minute before Bedivere covered his stomach that hurt from laughter and complained in a low voice: “Arthur, you are good or bad!”

“Huhu, I’m sorry, because you’ve been lacking in strength, I can’t help but want to tease you.” The king of knights smiled mischievously, and his colleague extended his hand to the werewolf: “Long time no see, Bedivere. See you soon. Good to meet you, my friend.”

Bediver smiled softly, too, wanting to stick his tongue out like a puppy and wag his tail at King Arthur if he could. But he just held out his hand and shook hands with the King of Knights in a low-key way: “Me too, Arthur. It’s great to see you again. It’s great that you’re still as approachable as ever.”

“Am I?” Arthur was stunned for half a second thoughtfully: “Anyway…it seems that you will get up early tomorrow, so you should go back and rest first. We will have a full day to do tomorrow. , no hurry.”

“Yeah!” The werewolf nodded vigorously and jumped onto his cavalry: “So, good night, Arthur.”

“Good night, Bedivere.” Arthur fully opened the warehouse door. “See you tomorrow.”

The werewolf activated the cavalry’s engine, which generated a slight levitating force, causing the vehicle to float two feet above the ground. Swish—— Under the impetus of the engine, the werewolf’s iron cavalry rushed out of the warehouse, flew out along the tactical deck of the battleship, and landed lightly on the open space.

“What’s the relationship between Your Majesty and the werewolf?” Kador, who just returned, looked at the silver light that the cavalry had gone complained with a little doubt: “I spoil him a bit too much. . This may not be fair to other candidates?”

King Arthur defended himself: “Nothing. We provided him with only the most basic convenience, and no favoritism.”

“Oh? So the matter of giving them weapons before was not partial?” Cador asked.

“That is just a little help for Palamides, it has nothing to do with Bedivere.” The King of Knights put on his half-covered mask again, revealing half of his face to cover the subtle expression on his face: “Don’t take it too far, Cador. That kid is a friend of mine, that’s all.”

These words made Kador of the Round Table even more puzzled. As a friend, the werewolf Bedivere and Arthur seem to be quite close. But in Cador’s impression, King Arthur seems to have never had such a werewolf friend. The fact that Bedivere seems to be an extra “friend” of King Arthur out of thin air is too strange.

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