Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1067: Explore in the dark night (20)


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Chapter 1067 Exploring the Dark Night (20)

At the same time, Great Britain, in the virtual world of a game.

“Wow.” The dog boy Husky, who just landed in the game world, immediately exclaimed when he saw the scenery of the Eternal Altar: “What’s going on here?!”

The leopard boy Hal also quickly glanced around. The Eternal Altar seems to have been upgraded, and the original barren and dilapidated scenery has been swept away, replaced by many buildings that appeared out of thin air. Although these slightly dilapidated stone houses are scattered all over the place and don’t form the style of a big village, it is indeed more popular than before.

“Look, the blacksmith’s shop has become so grand!” Husky pointed to the small stone house in the north of the town. The small house rested coolly in the shadows of the trees. Revealing the fire of the furnace, it is full of a classical fantasy atmosphere.

“Amazing!” Husky liked the improved set of the Eternal Altar very much, wagging his puppy’s tail cheerfully: “Would you like to chat with Uncle first and sell all the extra junk in our pockets Lost money for money?”

“Before that, do this meow—” Hal couldn’t wait to open his inventory and check his character status.

Sure enough, after yesterday’s battle at Zhangren Castle, Howl has risen to level four (while Husky is level five). There are two new skills to learn in the menu:

[Combat Skill 005: Inner and Outer Integration]

By stimulating the body’s nerves to increase the coordination of movements, it can make delicate movements that are not normally possible, allowing the user to act like a circus juggler. Use with [Spiritual Unity] for better results.

Five seconds duration, available times per day: 5

[Combat Skill 006: Skill Enhancement—Melee]

Use the action module memorized in the system to revise the combat technique, remove redundant actions in the battle, and make the attack more accurate and the force more appropriate. Because of the optimized technology, it can not only increase the lethality, but also reduce the attack speed and physical consumption.

Duration five seconds, available times per day: 3

Husky is also eagerly expanding his inventory to check for updates. Because he has risen to level 5, there is one additional combat skill he can learn:

[Combat Skill 007: Skill Enhancement—Defense]

Use the action module memorized in the system to correct defense techniques, remove redundant actions in defense, and make defense more accurate and force more appropriate. Because of the optimized technology, it can take less damage in defense and restrain the physical consumption of defense.

Duration five seconds, available times per day: 3

The dog boy was stunned for a while. These two combat skills seemed to be functions that he must learn. One was to increase his attack power, and the other was to protect his life. But he also really wanted to learn Hal’s two speed-based skills—[Powerful Sprint] and [Spiritual Unity]. Husky, who has risen to level 5, has three skill points, but he can’t learn four skills at the same time, so he can only selectively discard one.

Ding, ding. Hal didn’t think much about it, he had already selected the skills to learn.

“What did you choose?” The dog boy asked curiously, maybe it would be better to listen to the opinions of his friends first as a reference.

“Well, [internal and external integration] and [self-healing enhancement] Meow.” Hal replied with a smile.

“Why is it all life-saving skills…” Husky wondered.

The leopard boy nodded: “It’s safer this way, meow. In order to continue playing this game, the first thing is to avoid death meow. Especially this [self-healing enhancement], which Hal absolutely needs meow. With Well, I don’t need to bother you to help Hal heal the wound, meow.”

“Hmm… ok.” The canine boy nodded in agreement. In the previous battle, the Leopard boy had been seriously injured several times, all of which were treated by Husky to Hal. Hal may have been brooding over this, thinking he was holding the team back.

Husky turned to look at Prince Calvin: “How about you? What new skills did you learn?”

“Hehe…it’s a secret.” The little murloc prince smiled mysteriously as he put away his inventory: “However, the skills that Calvin can learn are not much different from yours, except for a few warrior-specific combat skills that are Except for magic, other basic skills can be learned.”

“Like meow?”

“For example, your move [powerful dash].” Calvin suddenly rushed behind Hal: “Hey, you don’t have to worry about running out of feet when you cast magic.”

“Hmph, want to sprint while playing magic? You’d better give up.” The evil star who had been silent for a long time finally said, “Stand in the same place when casting magic. It’s better to do it honestly. If you do, magic can easily get out of control. Mobile casting is a skill that can only be used by advanced magicians, not for laymen like you.”

“Oh, this big brother knows magic well?” Calvin rolled his eyes at the evil star: “It’s obviously just a lizard.”

“Not big brother, uncle Wang.” Husky interjected.

“Cough cough!” Shi Xing pretended to be serious and coughed dryly: “Don’t forget, I’m a dragon. In reality, of course I will use all kinds of fire magic. Spit out a pillar of fire or something, it won’t bother me at all.”

“Uh, alright.” Calvin still looked suspiciously at Star Dragon. The “juvenile” in front of him in (paper-pasted) golden armor looked unreliable at all, and it was hard to imagine that this guy would be a ferocious dragon that could spit flames from its mouth.

“Then—” The dog boy, who finally made up his mind, clicked on the skills on the menu, and learned [Skill Enhancement—Melee], [Powerful Dash] and [Internal and External Integration].

“Are you sure this looks good?” The leopard boy glanced at his friend suspiciously.

“Well, that’s good!” Husky thought about a set of available tactics, smug about his wit.

He’d seen Howl’s dash attack before. In fact, “speed is power”. If used reasonably, when Husky simultaneously launches [arm burst], [powerful dash], [skill enhancement—melee] and [internal and external integration] these four combat skills, all the power will be concentrated in one point and released at the same time. If so, the lethality in that instant will be terrifying.

Husky is the main force of the attack in the team, and instead of worrying about his own survival, it is better to focus on escalating damage. A strong enough damage output is the most important choice for a melee fighter. In this way, when the team faces a very difficult enemy, it is possible to turn the tide of the battle with one shot.

Of course, that’s just theory. Controlling and launching four combat skills at the same time is probably a very difficult operation. This also requires Husky to exercise for a long time until he has mastered all his combat skills.

As a result, the combat skills available to the three teenagers are:

Husky: Arm burst: 1010

Power Rush: 1010

Self-healing enhancement m: 77

Skill Enhancement—Melee: 33

Internal and external: 55

Howl: Power Dash: 1010

Self-healing enhancement m: 77

Internal and external: 55

Spiritual unity: 55

Calvin: Frostbolt m Frost Mist m: 1515

? ? ? ? : ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ? : ? ? ? ?

(Calvin is reluctant to tell his teammates about his newly learned combat skills, so his available combat skills or magic remain invisible.)

Husky turned to look at Xinghui Longshaxing at this time. When he concentrated on watching, a mark specifically showing the player’s level appeared on the top of Xinghuilong’s head. And the evil star is second-level.

“Uncle Shaxing, don’t you need to learn about the record?” Seeing Xinghuilong standing indifferent, the canine boy couldn’t help asking curiously.

“Combat skills?” Xinghuilong showed disdain on his face: “No need, thank you. I don’t need to learn this kind of trick to deceive children.”

The Xinghuilong, who has experienced hundreds of battles, has mastered many combat techniques in reality. That is the “combat technique” he mastered with his own body, which is very different from these systematic and modular “combat techniques” in the game, but it is entirely his own technology, which can be used wherever he goes.

Yes, Uncle Shaxing is already a very powerful warrior in reality. The strong are strong wherever they go. Even if he is only level 1 in the game, it has no effect on his battle… Probably that’s the reason.

Pa zi zi… The scene in front of the dog boy suddenly became chaotic. The world he saw seemed to be instantly covered by some kind of snowflake, which was very strange.

“Huh?” The canine boy exclaimed, but in the next second, this bizarre “huaping” phenomenon disappeared.

“It’s weird. I seem to have seen something…” Husky muttered. Is that an illusion?

“Beep!~” The light ball turned into by the crystal dolphin turned around Calvin a few times, as if trying to express something.

“Oh, I see.” After communicating with Bit for a while, the little murloc prince shrugged irresponsibly: “As you all know, we rely on that spy pod and snorkel through the long-distance photon network. Connected to this game. When the distance is far, sometimes there will be a signal delay (lag). Then…there will be all kinds of strange blurry screen, the character’s body is occasionally out of control… kind of.”

“Eh!?” The dog boy couldn’t help but complained loudly: “Isn’t it?! How can we play games with peace of mind?”

He would never like to see himself and the enemy suddenly stuck and unable to move on the way to the slashing, and being directly hacked to death by the opponent. This way of dying is so unfair.

Calvin shrugged again: “So, for the sake of safety, let’s stay in town today to prepare, and it’s better not to go out into the wild to do too dangerous things. It’s already (in reality) It’s afternoon, and we didn’t play for a long time, so it’s over with patience.”

“How can you be like this…” Husky was still planning to use his newly acquired skills to try something new, but the poor long-distance connection put his plans in jeopardy.


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