Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1065: Explore in the dark night (18)


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Chapter 1065: Exploring the Dark Night (18)

Bediver also stopped the car and looked at the empty scene around him. But he had no particular doubts. He clearly remembered that a certain battleship in Great Britain had a special optical camouflage system. Maybe that battleship is nearby, lurking with its optical camouflage turned on.

Sure enough, the Arthur Dynasty waved in the air, as if waiting for something to respond.

After less than two seconds, a strong beam of light shot down from the sky, hitting Arthur and Bedivere’s vehicles. In the blink of an eye, Bedivere has been transported to the warehouse of the battleship with a man and a car.

“Unbelievable!” After Bedivere’s consciousness recovered from a daze, the first sentence he heard was the complaint of the Knight of the Round Table, Cador: “Your Majesty, you brought in an outsider again!”

“Nothing.” When King Arthur took off his mask, he also jumped off the dragon ride: “Isn’t Bedivere a candidate for the round table trial? Then he is not an outsider, right? Candidates need help when they encounter difficulties. , it’s not too much of us to help, right?”

“Uh…” The werewolf also opened the door and climbed out of the truck: “Your Majesty, don’t you mean…”

“There are too many vacant warehouses in the battleship,” the king of knights smiled indifferently: “It is not impossible to make some space for you to put things. The premise is that your goods have this value.”

“And this is…?” Cador glanced at the barrels behind the Bedivere van. A little juice seeps from the edge of the wooden barrel, and he immediately understood the contents of the wooden barrel, and exclaimed: “Is it the pulp of the golden bug? Isn’t this a rare magical beast that occurs once in a thousand years in the Sahara Desert? You kid. I was lucky enough to be able to catch a golden bug!”

“Ahahaha…” The werewolf scratched his head embarrassedly.

“Um… well. It would be a pity if such valuable goods were left out and stolen. I’ll give you permission to use the ninth warehouse of the battleship.” Cador clicked the electronic notepad in his hand: “But the warehouse will not be loaned to you for nothing. We will charge the rent of the warehouse, one thousand Egyptian dollars a day, is that ok?”

“Okay.” Bedivere has at least 600,000 in savings, so he doesn’t need to be stingy. He took out his hotel room card, deposited the deposit in the bank, and bound it to the room card: “I don’t know how long I will stay in Cairo, so let’s rent the warehouse for five days temporarily?”

“Okay.” Cador took Bedivere’s room card and swiped it on his electronic notepad. It seemed that the relevant fees had been deducted by bank transfer. At the same time, a lot of golems who were in charge of transportation came from outside the warehouse. They began to unload the goods from Bedivere’s truck and transported barrels of insect slurry to the warehouse next to them.

“Besides that, I have one more thing I want to ask you, Cador.” Seeing that the cargo matter was settled smoothly, Arthur continued to ask: “This child’s cavalry, can you think of a way to do it?” Fix it?”

“That old and shabby one?” The Knights of the Round Table glanced at the old iron cavalry on Bedivere’s truck, and suddenly snorted: “Huh…?! Isn’t this iron cavalry the property of the Knights of Great Britain? You boy Where did you get it?”

“Black market.” The werewolf replied simply: “There seems to be a lot of interesting things circulating in the black market in Cairo.”

Cador said in a slightly reproachful tone: “And you are buying stolen goods. This cavalry was stolen by the Egyptians many years ago, but now you have bought it back…”

“Don’t worry too much about this kind of thing, Cador.” King Arthur interrupted the Knights of the Round Table’s complaint again: “We are not in Great Britain now. Since we are on the territory of another country, we are not in compliance with this kind of illegal behavior. Just turn one eye and close the other.——Stop talking, Cador, can you fix it?”

“It’s so badly damaged.” At that time, the Knights of the Round Table had already jumped into the trunk of the van and carefully inspected Bediveville’s old iron cavalry: “It’s so pitiful. Not to mention the dismantled weapons, the engine And the propellers have been replaced with something else. This kid is a completely different machine, only the outer shell looks the same as the cavalry.”

“It’s okay to just repair the shell,” King Arthur nodded: “Just make this cavalry look—not so—worn out, and that’s it.”

Bediver gave King Arthur a puzzled look, not knowing what the King of Knights wanted to do.

“Do you use the power of the Holy Spirit just to repair the cavalry’s outer shell…” Cador was still reluctant.

“Today is almost over, use your Holy Spirit and you won’t die.” King Arthur continued to urge: “Will you help? If you don’t help, it doesn’t matter, I will find another way.”

“Uh… well!” Knight of the Round Table Cador looked unhappy, but could not refuse the king’s request. He removed the cavalry from the truck and put it in the warehouse space: “Stay away from me, it may be dangerous.”

“Dangerous? Is there any danger?” The werewolf took a step back with King Arthur and asked suspiciously.

Cador ignored Bedivere and pressed his hand on the cavalry’s seat.

Boom! A certain white light emanated from Cador. In an instant, the Holy Spirit of Cador, Knight of the Round Table, appeared. It was some kind of huge gear or something, and the white gear, as a holy spirit, was abstract enough.

“Go!” Cador called to his Holy Spirit.

The white gear was spinning at high speed, crashing into Bedivere’s old iron cavalry with incredible speed. The werewolf felt bad, seeing that the iron cavalry he bought back with a lot of money was about to be smashed by the Holy Spirit!

Pounds! A burst of white light violently poured out, blocking the eyes of everyone around. The shock is like a large-scale explosion. Even the battleship warehouse with heavy armor plates is still shaken to the point of falling apart!

The werewolf’s eyes finally adjusted to the dazzling light, and his pupils focused in a panic, eager to see how his iron cavalry was damaged. But what appeared in front of Bedivere was not an iron cavalry that was broken into pieces, but a silver cavalry with a shiny metallic luster that looked like new!

Its fine-iron, mirror-smooth casing looks like it’s fresh from the factory. The carvings on the edges of each of its armor plates have been restored to its former glory! The whole iron cavalry has become spotless, not to mention those unsightly rust! The worn-out seats were replaced with original leather seats, which also smelled of chemicals from new factory leather.

Although it is not equipped with weapons, this shiny silver cavalry can already be said to be a high-end product!

“Wow! Really, really fixed it!”

This is not a repair, but a repair. To restore things that did not exist before, this kind of [repair] can only be explained by a logic.

“Time magic? Did you really turn back time?!” The werewolf exclaimed, “The power of the Holy Spirit is truly omnipotent!”

Cador remained silent, noncommittal about the werewolf speculation.

His Holy Spirit—white gear—has special [methods] capable of warping the flow of time, restoring old things to new ones, or rapidly aging new ones.

The power of the Holy Spirit was originally a secret in the Knights of the Round Table.

Of course, King Arthur didn’t stop this from happening, and the werewolf was even brought by the King of Knights himself. This werewolf can probably be trusted. There must be a reason for the king to do this, and Cador does not intend to delve into it too much.

“What is this, time magic is not that rare,” King Arthur said with a sneer, “even without the power of the Holy Spirit, there are humans who can do the same thing with their bare hands, right?”

“Really?” The werewolf glanced at King Arthur again and asked tentatively, “Your Majesty, are you talking about the candidate named [Logan]?”

“Yes, Logan the War Mage, Logan the Time Magician.” The King of Knights murmured, “I really hope I can see through the secrets of his little tricks.”

Cador hurriedly interrupted: “Your Majesty, stop talking! You are showing this candidate the ability of another candidate! This is not fair to other candidates!”

“Okay, let’s not talk about it.” Arthur stopped the previous topic with a little displeasure, and turned to Bedivere: “Look, what else is wrong with this cavalry that needs to be repaired? Renovation At this point, the guard should not dare to stop you. You can justifiably park the cavalry in the parking lot of the Cairo Hotel.”

“Indeed.” Bedivere carefully inspected the cavalry.

The shell is so shiny that the werewolf’s eyes hurt a bit, but upon closer inspection, the cavalry’s engines and propellers are still in their original condition—although they’ve been refurbished, a bargain is always a bargain.

It’s okay, though. The guards in the parking lot only know how to look at the exterior, but they don’t know whether the engine of this shiny iron cavalry is a bargain.

“Here.” Cador was also helping to check the machinery, and he found something wrong with the refurbished cavalry: “The electronic navigator seems to be still working. Let me see its voyage records.”

Bedivere didn’t stop Cador, and he was also interested in knowing the origin of the black market cavalry. But the truth is probably very It must have belonged to some hapless British knight, and this knight probably crashed or lost his iron cavalry in some old war.

The results were far beyond Bedivere’s expectations.

“My God!” Cador, the Knight of the Round Table, who was supposed to be very calm and composed, just glanced at the cavalry’s voyage records, and then seldom exclaimed.

He hurriedly called to his master, as if something was falling down: “Your Majesty, please come and have a look! This is—!”

“What’s the situation?” The King of Knights replied indifferently.

He also noticed that something was wrong, and quickly approached Cador, Knight of the Round Table, and stared at the voyage recorder on the dashboard of the Iron Cavalry.

He glanced at it and frowned immediately.

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