Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1054: Explore in the dark night (7)


Chapter 1054: Exploring the Dark Night (7)

Daddy Odin’s eyes fell on the two machetes. His eyes were full of disdain at first, probably because he looked down on such crude weapons;

But after the second glance, he frowned immediately and the doubts on his face covered his disdain;

He glanced back and forth again and couldn’t help but whisper “ah”:

“Give it to me”

Solar didn’t say much and shoved the scimitar into Father Odin’s hand: “You can take a look at it slowly”

Father Odin took the Thunder Lizard Dual Blades in his hand and weighed it, waving left and right knocking, not waving the dual blades and trying to get used to the feel of the two machetes

After touching it for a while, the old man handed the two machetes back to Solar, then stroked his gray beard and whispered, “What a pity”

“Yes, but unfortunately” the werewolf asked curiously

“The workmanship is very ingenious, the production is very delicate, and the idea of ​​using the bones of different hardnesses of the thunder lizard to make the core and shell is also very novel and wonderful.” The old man praised the machete: “But the teeth of the thunder lizard are always only The material of Thunder Lizard’s teeth is cheap, which directly affects the quality of the weapon itself. If it is attached to a demon, it is possible to use it as a sharper weapon, but I want to make it a magical weapon for generations and celebrities. –Impossible”

Solar put away the machete and complained irritably: “Dad, why are you always thinking in that direction, we don’t need any generational and famous weapons, we just need a well-known weapon. survive the next exam”

“Exam” Father Odin pondered for a while before he remembered this: “Oh that stupid round table knight exam, right? Your face has been lost to you.”

“I don’t want to talk about this daddy,” interrupted Solar hurriedly

“Humph” Father Odin hummed dissatisfiedly and put the cooled hammer on his right shoulder: “Then what kind of strength does your ideal weapon have?”

Bedivere waited for this for a long time and took the opportunity to say: “It can be slashed with a lightsaber without breaking it”

“A lightsaber, that kind of cheap thing that the evil way makes out of random parts” Father Odin smiled disdainfully: “If you want to surpass the lightsaber in performance, it’s not as simple as using the weapons in your hands and dipping a little bit of insect pulp. Just go back to the furnace and forge it, and the hardness is enough to touch the ordinary lightsaber.”

The “really” werewolf seems to have seen the light of hope, plucked up the courage to walk out from behind the magic swordsman, and asked his father tremblingly: “So…how much does it cost”

Daddy Odin raised a finger

“One hundred million” Bedivere almost vomited blood again

“It’s not a thousand Egyptian coins” was misunderstood, and Father Odin’s face was slightly displeased: “I won’t make money that doesn’t belong to my labor. This weapon is only worth a thousand no matter how strong it is, so I Just take a thousand.”

So the price Daddy offered is still very fair. One thousand Egyptian coins can get a weapon with the strength of a lightsaber. It’s a good deal

Bedivere pulled out his tortoise-tongue whip and lizard-tooth dagger from behind him: “If these weapons cost about a thousand dollars to strengthen, then they will be strengthened by you.”

“Hehe, what’s the matter with this whip?” Father Odin took the whip in Bedivere’s hand and looked at it again: “It’s strange that he deliberately used the tongue tendons of the Nile giant tortoise to make it with high conductivity. Weapons? The lethality is not high and the workmanship is rather poor. What is the significance of the weapons made in this way?”

The old man moved his face closer and observed every fiber of the turtle tongue whip almost like sniffing: “The only advantage of it is that after the electrical conductivity is turned on, the whip can be forced by the three ligaments with each other. It’s fun to swing freely like a creature’s tentacles, but how to energize and how to precisely energize each ligament is impossible.”

Actually implemented

Father Odin glanced at Bedivere as if he had realized something: “Don’t tell me you can control the movement of the whip electrically, I won’t believe it”

“Uh” Bedivere shuddered, and even the secret was seen through by Father Odin, sure enough, nothing could be kept from the experienced blacksmith

“How could it be possible?” The old man sneered suspiciously

“But this whip seems to have been soaked in insect pulp once, and it’s still the first pulp.” The old man began to mutter to himself some words that only he could understand. It’s been too long and its magic has begun to coagulate the fiber. If it is not processed quickly, there may be unpredictable changes in properties, and then processing will be troublesome.”

Bediveville stretched his face to reveal a bewildered look: “I didn’t understand anyway”

The old man “1000” happily offered a price: “It is not too late to pay immediately and give priority to finishing this processing”

“Okay… okay” The werewolf didn’t think much about taking out a thousand-dollar bill from his pocket. It was originally the money he carried with him for emergency use, and now it is finally used in the right place

Odin grabbed the money and stuffed it into his pocket, then went over to open a wooden bucket, took out the water bottle at his waist, filled a small bottle of insect pulp, and rushed into the house in a hurry: “Wait outside the house to say goodbye. You’re going to be a distraction in my workshop”

“Okay, okay” Bedivere felt a sense of loss when he was shut out of the door, but after all, he had to guard the car’s cargo and it was not convenient to enter the house and sit for a long time, so it was just right

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom

The sound of hammer beating was heard again in the hut. Why should a soft and tough whip use a hammer to hit it? /

Cairo’s also cold desert terrain lacks vegetation to retain heat, so it is as hot as an oven during the day and as cold as an ice cave at night. The rapid alternation of day and night makes the werewolf almost walk from one oven to another. He couldn’t adapt to the drastic temperature difference for a while and couldn’t help sneezing

“Please take care of your health, my friend,” Saul said, sitting next to Bedivere

“Well” the werewolf reached out and rubbed his puppy’s nose and turned to look at the magic swordsman: “So…you are a dragon hunter.”

“cough” Solar turned his face away embarrassedly: “Please don’t make fun of me, Mr. Bedivere, I am the last of this clan and, as Dad said, an unworthy descendant – one who never learns Forging skills only know the idiot who wields the knife to kill the enemy”

Before he met Solar, Bedivere thought the dragon hunters were just an ancient legend. It was said that these fierce humans were active in the ancient dragon wars, slaughtering dragons and making them from the bones of the dragons they hunted. Various legends [Longwu]

However, along with the dragon clan, the hidden dragon hunter clan has not fallen.

Since the world is at peace, there is no need to hunt dragons; since there are no dragons to hunt, it is impossible to create Longwu, a mysterious family that relies on hunting for a living, and is destined to be buried in the long river of history

Solar looked up at the dark night sky: “My hometown is in Norwich. It is one of the main strongholds of the dragon hunters. The people built the Greatsword Monument to remember their past glory, but everyone knows this in their hearts. Imminent demise – utter annihilation in my generation and in me”

“I don’t understand” The werewolf glanced at Solal secretly: “How could your clan die if you are still alive? As long as you have more children and progeny—”

“It’s because I can’t give birth.” The magic swordsman smiled bitterly: “In my great-great-grandfather’s generation, there were more than 30,000 descendants of the dragon hunters; The people of that generation have realized that there is a problem and started trying to reproduce but still can’t stop the population decrease. In my father’s generation, we only have less than 50 people left. In my generation…the only babies born smoothly are I’m alone and I’m infertile. Even if I can marry a woman, I can’t have a child. Our family is sentenced to death.”

“Just kidding…” The werewolf took a breath while covering his mouth: “How could it be possible”

“It’s true” Solar also shuddered: “The parents have been eager to find out the reason, but everyone actually knows the reason.

In ancient times, in order to better hunt dragons, our family would domesticate the captured dragons and drink their dragon blood every day to change their physique little by little

Because of the power of dragon blood, our clansmen are not only stronger and have better self-healing ability, but also have a special sense of smell like dragons and can sense nearby dragons, which provides a lot of convenience for clansmen to hunt dragons, but also brings negative impact”

“It’s the problem of infertility”

“That’s right, while our people gain the power of dragon blood, they are constantly changing their own physiques. After several generations of long mutations, we have become half-human, half-dragon monsters, both for humans and for humans. As far as dragons are concerned, we are all aliens and cannot be combined with any race.” Solar shrugged: “It turned out to be like this, even if we keep marrying foreigners and having children, the dragon blood power in the dragon hunter clan will not be able to. The reduction, instead, becomes thicker and thicker with the accumulation of generations. It weakens our ability to reproduce. Dragon blood is such a domineering thing.

And I am the last victim of this power. After I die, no more dragon hunters will be born in the world. This tribe will literally disappear from this planet.”() “Lightning Walk” Biography” only represents the views of the author Raven D. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform.【 ], thank you all!


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