Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1053: Explore in the dark night (6)


Chapter 1053: Exploring the Dark Night (6)

In a slightly oval square. Thousands of shops made of wooden shelves are operating with great fanfare. The scene is brightly lit and very lively. All dignitaries and dignitaries. Gang characters. Heroes. They are all wandering in this black market. Occasionally pick up the weapons and works of art in the store and look at them. From time to time the shop owner haggled over the price. more than this. Those who do wholesale art or weapons will bring a large number of bodyguards or workers to sweep the goods. driving. Transport the piles of goods away.

All in all. The scale of this black market is bigger than the werewolves imagined. Weapons and resources circulating here. Enough to organize an army. Bedivere couldn’t help but wonder. Is the Egyptian government crazy about money? To allow such unsettled factors in his own country.

“My God. That’s the pulp of the golden bug.” The werewolf’s van had just driven into the entrance of the black market. Some knowledgeable merchants have seen the mystery from a little juice seeping from the edge of the barrel.

As soon as someone yells. Other merchants also focused their attention on the werewolf’s van. It was as if they had unearthed a huge treasure in no time. One by one, excited and inexplicable, rushed up and asked the werewolf: “Little brother. The goods in your car. Are all insect pulp? Sell it or not. It’s a good price for you.” “How about 10,000 Egyptian dollars per barrel.” “I’ll give you fifteen thousand.” “Hey. This is the deal I grabbed first.”

“Uh…” Bedivere was taken aback by the sudden lively scene. I didn’t know how to respond for a while. He didn’t even know the true value of the golden insect paste in his hands. Afraid that random trading will lose money.

Solar sees Bedivere indecisive. Immediately helped to reject the merchants’ requests: “Thank you. But the pulp is not for sale for the time being. It needs to be evaluated for quality. I’ll talk about it later.”

“Oh—“”Hurry up.””Waiting for you.”The merchants dispersed immediately.

One sentence is enough to make businessmen lose interest in doing business. Solar is indeed a man of the road.

“Uh. What did you just do?” The werewolf looked at the magic swordsman in disbelief. As if afraid that his business will fail.

“They’re all veterans of buying and selling stuff. You’re going to get terribly underpriced doing business with them.” Solar lowered his voice. He gave Bedivere a wry smile: “Even I can’t handle these people. So. I’d better leave them alone. Let me take you to see Father Odin.”


“Still. You don’t believe me. Want to deal with these people. My friend.” Solar continued to smile at the werewolf. But this time the smile was a little oppressive.

“Uh… ok, ok.” A drop of cold sweat appeared on Bedivere’s forehead. indeed. There is a good chance that this guy Solar will bring Bedivere to his acquaintance. Buy the goods in Bedivere’s hands at even more ridiculous prices.

But now Bedivere is a little bit out of luck. After all, he was brought here by Solar. Do not follow the magic swordsman to his designated shop. If you want to do business with other merchants at will. It also seems to be a bit treacherous.

Anyway. Check it out first. whether to do this transaction. The final decision rests with Bedivere. No matter what you do it won’t hurt. God knows who this “Daddy Odin” is that Solar wants to introduce to Bedivere. Perhaps he was willing to pay a higher price for the werewolf’s goods.

Bedivere drove away from the merchants. Head towards the east side of the market. He stared nervously at the rear-view mirror of the car all the way. I’m afraid any greedy guy will order the idea of ​​​​carrying goods.

When his nerves are tense. After finally following Solar’s instructions, he came to the east side of the black market. Parked in front of a slightly rundown shop. More faster chapters to come. It was completely dark by then. Even the sparse stars and moonlight were obscured by the downtown lights.

It’s different from those wooden shelves in the black city center. This shop seems to have existed a long time ago. Builders source materials locally. Renovate with shabby houses around the black market. Transformed into this weapon shop with a smelting workshop.

Not close yet. Bedivere could see the flames of the red furnace emitting from the gaps in the room from a distance. Heard a banging sound inside the house.

That’s the sound of someone’s hammer hitting the blade of a sword. It is even and stable. As calm and powerful as the sea. But it also hides the momentum of Pengbai. It can be seen that it is a very experienced blacksmith.

Bedivere doesn’t know much about weaponsmithing. But he could feel the soul in the knock on the iron. There is such good craftsmanship. Forged weapons must be extraordinary.

“Daddy Odin. I’m back.” Solar shouted as he jumped out of the van.

The banging of iron in the house stopped. Instead, there was a rustling sound. The blacksmith sends the beaten blade into the water to anneal (cool).

“Uh. Father Odin.” Solar called again, knocking on the door.

Zha. . Without warning. A razor-sharp blade pierced through the wooden door of the shop. He stabbed Solar in the face.

“Wow.” Solar, who responded quickly, turned sideways to avoid him. It was hard to dodge this killing blow.

It was only then that Bedivere realized what was going on with those disorganized knife marks on the door: it seemed that the owner of the shop was rather grumpy.

“Business is still as bad as ever. Right.” She took a few steps away. Solar is three yards away from the wooden gate. He was indifferent to the sneak attack that almost killed him just now. Not only not angry. He even laughed innocently: “Even so. You can’t cut your great-grandson with a sword. Father Odin.”

“Long-winded. You unworthy descendant. I don’t know how to learn the skill of casting swords well. I just know how to fight with the treasures left by my ancestors. The dragon hunters will fall into your hands.”

Speaking of which. Solar’s face changed: “Dad. There are outsiders. How can you just casually—“

“It’s long-winded. The people you brought yourself. If the secrets of a family are leaked, it’s your responsibility. Update the first time who told you that you are not good at choosing friends.”

Bediver breaks down in a cold sweat. There are too many things to complain about in the dialogue between the grandfather and the grandson.

“Ah…” Solar scratched his head slightly irritably. Eyes shot at Bedivere.

“I didn’t hear anything. Don’t mind me,” the werewolf said quickly.

“Let me see.” The man in the room just pushed the door out. Ignore Bedivere and Solar. Instead, head straight for the truck. As if he could smell the cargo from inside the house. The bearded man has gray hair. But he was so strong that his muscles were bulging and he looked like an old man in his fifties. It was actually Solar’s [great-grandfather].

“Yeah. The pulp of golden bugs. A once-in-a-millennium treasure. Update as soon as possible” Father Odin glanced at the barrels and said, “1.6 billion.”

“Wow.” Bedivere was taken aback. Twenty-two barrels of insect pulp can be sold for a sky-high price of 1.6 billion. The deal is worth it.

“Dad. Are you sure.” The werewolf continued, “That’s 1.6 billion Egyptian coins.”

“I’m sure.” Unexpectedly, Father Odin opened his palm and asked Bedivere to take the money: “1.6 billion Egyptian coins. Pay quickly.”

“Uh. What…” Bedivere nearly spat out a mouthful of old blood. Depressed and aggrieved, he shouted: “Since you want to buy insect pulp. Shouldn’t you be the one paying me? Why did I become the one paying?”

“Bullshit. Who’s going to buy your rotten pulp.” Father Odin waved the hammer in his hand. He said excitedly: “This 1.6 billion is the price of using these insect pulp to create new weapons.”

“When did I entrust you to help me build a new weapon.” Bedivere was even more amused. The old man in front of him was simply unreasonable: “I am here to sell insect pulp.”

“Dad. You can’t buy or sell.” Solar also helped Bedivere to speak: “I brought my friend here. Just to show you the quality of the insect pulp. It’s just a price.”

“So. You don’t need the weapons I made.” Dad Odin blushed with anger: “You unworthy descendants didn’t bring business for me. Don’t you ask me to forge weapons? .Then what are you doing to get in my way…Get out. Get out now.”

It’s not just Bedivere. Even Solar was in a cold sweat. No way to take Father Odin.

Out of curiosity. Bedivere asked in a low voice, “Father…what kind of weapons are you in charge of processing? Why does it cost more than one billion to build a weapon?”

Unexpectedly, the grumpy father Odin shouted: “Boy. You are an illiterate who ran out of a mountain pit. We are dragon hunters. What kind of weapons do dragon hunters make. Do you still Do you need to ask?”

Bedivere can’t help but shrink behind Solar. See yourself safe for now. Then he asked in a low voice, “Uh. Is it Longwu…?”

“Yes. It’s Longwu.” The old man roared sarcastically: “Only we dragon hunters know how to make difficult-to-process keels into weapons with special magic power—that is, Longwu. .We made the weapons in the ancient way. Every one is the best. The toys made by modern people can’t compare with them. That’s why they are so expensive.”

That’s true.

Daddy raises his hammer. Use that with the heat of forging. A hammer with faint smoke. Pointing at Solar: “And this ignorant brat. He didn’t learn the blacksmithing technique well. He knew how to fight. The dragon hunter clan will also be lost.”

“The dragon hunters have long since fallen.” Solar replied in a low voice.

“Long-winded. Don’t talk too much.” Papa Odin roared angrily. There is no room for the magic swordsman Solar to argue at all: “So what do you guys want. Give me money to build weapons. Or don’t build anything. Get out of here right away. Come on. I’m so busy. .”

“But I really don’t have that much money…” Bedivere muttered, still hiding behind Solar.

“Damn poor ghost.” Dad roared again. While roaring, Bedivere also shrank behind Solar.

“Phuhuhu—” Magic Swordsman Solal smiled and smoothed out: “Dad. Can’t you give us a little discount. We won’t spend a lot of your time. We don’t need to consume your store. materials. Just use the resources we have on hand. Plus these twenty-two barrels of insect pulp. Build something.”

“Oh. It sounds like you have good weapons in your hands.” Old Odin smiled disdainfully.

Solar responded with a confident smile. From the leather sheath he pulled his Thunder Lizard Dual Blades—two fine machetes that Seglade helped him build.

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