Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1055: Explore in the dark night (8)


Chapter 1055: Exploring the Dark Night (8)

“It also includes the craft of making dragon weapons.” After listening to Solar’s confession. Bedivere couldn’t help but sigh with regret: “What a pity.”

At this time. The sound of knocking iron in the house gradually decreased. The weapon appears to be almost ready.

“No way. Because the old die-hards don’t allow the craft of making dragons to spread outside the clan.” Solar stood up. Pat the sand on his trousers: “And I’m too lazy to learn. It’s just a waste of time to learn.”

“Yes.” The werewolf also jumped up from the boulder he was sitting on. I can’t help but feel a little sad. Ancient dragon hunters made dragon weapons. Magical craftsmanship. It’s really going to disappear from this planet.

Dragon hunters are not only physically aging and dying. Even the spirit continues to age and die. What an unbearable reality.

Bediver looked at Solar again. The last descendant of this dragon hunter clan. It seems very heavenly. There is no pessimism about imminent demise. Maybe a family will. For the magic swordsman Solar. Rather, it’s a relief.

“Okay.” Father Odin walked out of the house with Bedivere’s tongue whip. “It may feel completely different than it used to be. Give it a wave and see.”

“Uh. This is my whip.” The werewolf looked at the whip, which had turned solid black. The soft, flesh-pink ligaments of the turtle tongue whip had completely changed. As if roasted. Or soaked in a leather-making potion. turned into real leather.

When you hold it in your hand. Bedivere also found that the whip was much harder. Much heavier. The feel has really changed completely—not to mention the black metal handle that the old man put on at his own discretion.

The werewolf youth cried and said: “What the **** did you do to my whip. Is this really my whip?”

“Long-winded. Don’t ask questions. Just try it out.” The old man threatened with a hammer.

Bedivere had to take a few steps back. Brandish the whip and try the knife.

Whoosh. The black whip swept past. A steady, thick sound came out.

The initial feeling was [heavy]. The whip is much heavier than it used to be. As if poured into iron slurry. Ordinary people can’t swing this whip without strong arm strength. But Bedivere, who whips with a metal prosthetic limb, has no such restrictions;

Pop. The black whip slapped the ground hard. Make a deep cut in the sandstone floor.

The next feeling is [ruthless]. The whip becomes unusually “sharp” after being enchanted. At first glance it looks like a blunt blow. In fact, it is a knife cut – when the whip body touches the surface of the object. The impact causes countless invisible, saw-blade-like photon blades to emerge from the surface of the rough whip. Cut objects into pieces.

Swipe, swipe, swipe. Werewolves use the electricity from their arms to drive their whips. The first update made the turtle tongue and black whip make countless incredible movements in mid-air. Twisting like tentacles.

The final feeling is [light]. That’s right. is [light]. Compared to the previous turtle tongue whip. This modified black whip conducts better. It is more flexible to operate. Although it looks a lot tougher. Also a lot heavier. But these changes did not affect the activity of the electrically operated turtle tongue whip at all. Instead, it becomes easier to handle because of its rigidity. This is really an intriguing oddity.

“Okay.” What the **** is going on. Bedivere finally understood: “You really poured molten iron into it.”

“It’s not molten iron. It’s tungsten.” Father Odin said proudly.

“Tungsten. Update as soon as possible.” The werewolf was stunned for half a second: “It was used in that…ancient electric light cannon. It’s like something like silk.”

“That’s the one.” The blacksmith sneered: “Tungsten is a very conductive, heat-resistant, and malleable metal. Mix it in a whip and make it. Let it melt into the Nile Swamp. In the tongue tendon fibers of the giant tortoise. It will eventually become like this. In order to increase the strength of the whip, it will not affect its softness and maneuverability. This is the only way to modify it.”

“But. Tungsten… I always think it’s easy to break.” The image of the light bulb breaking the tungsten filament kept replaying in Bedivere’s mind: “It’s used as a weapon. Is there really no problem?”

That is, of course, Bedivere’s wishful thinking. The first update of Solar couldn’t help but murmured in his heart. But in fact, it’s not. The tungsten wire on the bulb is easy to break. It is because they are made thinner than the head silk. Steam continuously under long-term power-on and heat. It ends up being too thin and fragile. The tongue whip mixed with tungsten is tens of thousands of times thicker than the tungsten wire in the light bulb. And there is no problem of long-term electricity heating. It can’t be broken so easily.

“They are all enchanted.” The answer given by the old man was very different from the magic swordsman’s idea: “After enchanting, its strength and toughness will be greatly increased. The problem that tungsten metal is easy to break has long been ignored. .”

“Really. Okay.” The werewolf was stunned for a while. Actually agreed: “In short. As long as it can touch the lightsaber without breaking. It is qualified.”

“Qualified. Hehehehe—” The old man sneered proudly. “How can the weapons made by Lao Tzu only be [qualified]. Look at it. This weapon must still have room for evolution. What rare materials do you find in the future. Remember to come and find me. I will be able to use them to continue Strengthen this whip.”

“So, let’s talk about it later.” Bedivere was quite afraid of this powerful old man.

“Then. I’ll leave the rest of the weapons to you. Father.” Solar handed his two machetes to Father Odin: “Enchanting doesn’t seem to require a lot of insect pulp. Can I borrow some bug pulp to use. My friend.”

“Yeah. Just keep the bucket.” The werewolf got a new toy. He was playing with the black whip indiscriminately. Absent-minded, he was extravagant: “No. Keep two barrels for spare. Just leave it with you, Dad. Please use it as you like when crafting weapons.”

“Oh. I’m obviously poor. But I’m pretending to be arrogant. Then I’ll accept it.” There was a thorn in the father’s words. Hearing that, Bedivere felt a little embarrassed.

He takes Solar’s two machetes and Bedivere’s dagger. He asked again: “What about the remaining insect pulp. What do you plan to do with it?”

“Of course it was shipped to the black market and sold.” Bedivere asked without hesitation.

“Too wasteful.” The old man waved his hand disdainfully: “How much can you sell a barrel of insect pulp. Ten thousand yuan. Twenty thousand. Those merchants are veterans of the business world. No matter how good you are at bidding. They can push down the price even if they are ripped off. In the end, it will always be you who suffers. After all, you are only selling [semi-finished products]. You can buy 20,000 to 30,000 yuan. And the materials you consume are insignificant.”

The werewolf’s ears moved. Smell that this is a good idea to get rich: “So…what do you propose. Dad.”

“My suggestion is. Call your little friend who makes weapons. He’ll make the weapons. I’ll enchant one with the worm pulp. That’s a good batch of weapons. Get the weapons. Go to an auction on the black market. You’ll make money.”

“Uh. Why don’t you make weapons yourself, Dad.” Bedivere wondered: “If you do…”

“Too troublesome,” the old man roared: “Enchanting is easy. Making a weapon from scratch is another matter.”


“Dad’s principle is to use only keel to make weapons.” Solar translated for Bedivere: “Every weapon he makes will be sky-high. No one dares to buy it.”

He asked Daddy Odin again: “Little boy. Why do you know the man who made these weapons is a child, Daddy.”

“Of course I do. Although his idea of ​​making weapons is novel and his workmanship is unique. But he is too naive after all. Gems are inlaid on the knife to increase the resistance to electricity. Hehe——” Old man Odin Criticized without leaving: “Although this gorgeous weapon can be well-received in the market as a work of art. But it has holes dug to increase the gem-setting groove. It will make the hilt easier to break – change In other words. It’s just not useful. Only a kid would come up with such a bad idea. And the kid who came up with such a bad idea. I’m afraid I’m not very mature.”

“I understand.” Bedivere became more and more depressed: “Your words. I will tell Seglade as it is.”

“Yes. I’m never afraid to have a grudge against others.” Father Odin raised his eyebrows. Very high-profile and authentic: “That’s why the kid is called Seglade. How old is he. Ten years old.”

“Humm… Eighteen years old. Probably.” Bedivere tried his best to suppress his smile: “I’m sorry. You dragon hunters can make weapons at the level of a ten-year-old kid. It took him eight years more. Just catch up.”

“Hmph. That’s fine.” Dad waved his hammer. “Anyway, call him here. This naive boy needs to take his time. When he grows up a bit, this good embryo will be wasted.”

The old man’s words. Bedivere could only understand half of it at best. But Father Odin said a lot. In fact, he just wanted to meet Seglade. In the end, it’s better not to let Seglade see this crazy old man. Bedivere still had doubts.

Seeing the werewolf hesitates. Dad picked up Bedivere’s lizard-tooth dagger. Immediately removed the gold crystal gems. I poured a little more insect pulp from the water bottle. Put it on the blade and wipe it a few times. After it’s done. He pretended to hit the sword with his hammer a few times: “This is You can take this and sell it on the black market. Let’s see how much money you can make.”

“That’s just a simple treatment…” Bedivere groaned while hiding behind Solar.

“Just take it and sell it.” Dad roared: “If you are satisfied with its price, let’s talk about cooperation again. I do business without any deceit. What about you?”

“Okay… okay.” Bedivere didn’t think Father Odin would be that kind of profiteer. Although this old man has a bad temper. It’s fair to do business. The werewolf asked the magic swordsman for help: “Help me take care of the goods. I’ll be back when I go.”

“Don’t be in a hurry. I’m busy here too.” Dad had already walked into the house holding Solar’s double machete. Started beating ding ding dong dong.

Solar shrugged. Watch Bedivere leave.

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