Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1050: Explore in the dark night (3)


Chapter 1050 Exploring the Dark Night (3)

Perhaps, in the eyes of humans, these orcs are not [humans].

The leopards are only beasts, only lower creatures.

It turns out that this isn’t hunting thieves, it’s hunting.

No! This is not hunting, this is harvesting!

Yes, this was a [game] from the very beginning, and from the very beginning it was for [harvesting] these Leopard teenagers and condoning them to steal. Because the furs obtained from this group of leopard teenagers with special coat colors have already been well received by some human collectors, and each fur is expensive.

Whether it’s the Romans or the Grics, there seems to be some kind of dirty deal between the two sides, in order to secretly raise and fatten this group of small wild species that don’t deserve to die, in order to obtain better quality fur.

At that moment, Phileos, who was on the verge of death, realized this situation. At the age of thirteen, he understood the dangers of the world, and knew that he was in danger this time.

Without waiting for him to die completely, humans can’t wait to rip off the skin of the leopard boy.

His soft, half-ripe juvenile leopard skin was torn from him by humans, bit by bit. The flesh was torn, blood dripping, as if being scorched by flames, but also like a thousand needles. This is the pain of being stripped alive, no pain in the world can match it.

In the pain, Phileos lost consciousness.

His icy body was randomly discarded by humans in the corpse pile and disposed of as waste. It was getting late, and the Romans closed their doors to rest, ready to set fire to the corpses in the morning. However, no one would have imagined that Phileos, who was skinned and bled, and was so weak that his life was hanging by a thread, miraculously survived the night.

“Hey, come and see this kid! He’s still angry!” The next morning, stupefied by the burning, he vaguely heard someone shouting.

“Really!…Even the fur has grown, this monster!” The humans used their dirty hands to stroke the leopard boy’s back. A new fluff grew on his back, very short, very sensitive, and sensitive enough to feel the blood on those people’s hands.

After learning of the leopard boy’s peculiar constitution, humans did not kill him, but imprisoned the boy in a cage and shipped it to Egypt.

The Egyptians lead the world in surgical skinning, removing fur from animals with minimal damage and pain.

And this leopard boy, whose whole body can regenerate continuously, seems to be sent to hell. Every three days, a human would come and cut a knife from the Leopard boy, carefully tore it, and peel off his newly grown hair.

That’s right, the Egyptians’ skinning skills are very good. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. For the leopard juvenile, being skinned is still a piercing pain.

Because of this, during those days, his life was better than death.

Humans shackled his hands and feet and kept him in captivity in a small cell of less than ten square feet, like a livestock. In order to prevent him from committing suicide, humans did not let him eat any food, but plugged his mouth and injected various nutrient solutions into his body in the form of drips.

There is absolutely no dignity as a [person], and there is no freedom of movement at all, and there is a heart-wrenching pain every three days — Phileos lives this kind of A life of inability to survive and incapable of death for three full years.

When his spirit almost completely collapsed, someone broke this crazy cycle and came to the Leopard boy and extended a warm hand to him.

The hands were large and warm, but with blood on them. The owner of the hands single-handedly wiped out the organization that abused the Leopard boy, and killed all the Egyptians in the base.

The owner of the hands smashed the door of the cage with force, and easily broke the chains on the handcuffs and shackles of the Leopard boy, and carried the weak boy out.

“Don’t be afraid, my child.” The man whispered to Phileos: “From now on, you are free.” “Who is that man!?” Broken Phileos’ memories.

“It’s my father.” Phileos spit out a sentence softly, with pride and gratitude in his tone: “Father Sphinx.” Palamidis felt that he seemed to be Where have you heard this name?

“He is too—” The blue panther added slowly: “Egypt’s richest man, the big boss of Cairo Casino…and the leader of Egypt’s largest mafia, the [Blood Lion Party]. He His name is Sphinx Leonio.” After hearing this, Palamidis suddenly had a bad feeling. It turns out that the “father” Phileos said was the boss of the gang?

“Then,” Palamidis decided to finish listening anyway: “What did you just say? You’re afraid I’ll despise you…because of what you’ve done…?” Do you want to mention this after all?” Phileos scratched his head slightly uneasily, poured a whole glass of wine into his stomach, and then picked up the bottle and filled it up: “Yes. As you like. See, I’m in the underworld too. Over the past few decades, I’ve worked under my father, killed people, sold drugs, stole, kidnapped, and done every bad thing. If my soul could be blackened, my I am afraid that the soul has long been black?

I’ll tell you, that’s the right thing to do in order to survive. But that kind of statement must be an excuse, just a evasion to cover up his sins. In fact, my life already belongs to Father Sphinx. In order to help him achieve hegemony, I can do it even in the filth and injustice. That’s who I am, little Palamy. “After hearing this, Palamidis was stunned for a long time.

The leopard warrior took a sip of whiskey, and with a little drunkenness, he mustered up the courage to express the doubts in his heart: “…including, bribing me, right?” Phileos was stunned. Looking at Palamidis blankly, a strange, distant light flashed in his eyes: “You are so smart, my brother.” Palamidis touched the bottom of the cup and smiled awkwardly: “The casino’s Slot machines and keno lottery tickets are things that can control the odds. The casino won’t let the gambler win, and the gambler will never win. Those two stinky boys can’t be so lucky, just buy one and win the jackpot.

In other words, it was your casino that secretly did something to send us money on purpose;

Also, my vigilance is not bad, and the average thief can’t steal money from me at all. The Egyptian thief who stole money from my pocket must have been very professionally trained, probably one of the best in your gang, right?

——In order to arrange a meeting between you and me, you really put on a gorgeous scene. “In that instant, Phileos’ face changed. It was a look of surprise, admiration, and fear.

But his smile soon hides the complicated look on his face, and he admits, “Yes, little Palamy. I didn’t expect you to be so shrewd as you grow up. You really don’t hide anything. But you, my good brother.” “You’re doing so many tricks and tricks just to take me to your big boss, Father Sphinx, right?” Looking at Phileos: “Also, what you said just now——” “Everything I said is true.” Phileos hurriedly interrupted, while subconsciously touching My own neck: “Three hundred and fifty-seven times. It was like being in **** three hundred and fifty-seven times. They peeled my skin three hundred and fifty-seven times. Even now, every time I caress the scar on my neck. , the pain of that time will come. If Father Sphinx hadn’t come to save me, I really don’t know what it would have been like.” “Got it.” Palamidis sighed: “I will follow you. Go.” Phileos didn’t hear Palamidis’s words clearly, and continued to persuade: “So, please, just come with me… er, what?” “I’ll go see you there. An old Sphinx.” Palamidis repeated: “Although I don’t like your tricks and tricks, that old man was the one who saved my brother after all. My benefactor. It’s not that I want to do anything wrong, it’s okay to meet him.” “Little Palamy…” Phileos looked at Palamedis, and God gradually became more cheerful: “Ahahahahaha! Great! I knew you would say that! This is like my brother, little Palamy!” He put an arm around his brother: “Come on, drink! Drink as much as you can! Tomorrow I’ll take you and the children to see Father Sphinx, and we’re going to eat and drink tonight, without getting drunk!” “Oh, the children are going too?” Palamidis was a little upset.

“Of Dad will be happy to see them! Those two kittens are your sons, right! I can tell right away!” Phileos laughed and said: “They look the same as their fathers were when they were young, thin, but furry!” “Is this… a compliment?” Palamidis was very depressed.

Furthermore, Phileos seems to have misunderstood one thing: the two young men who followed Palamidis to the casino today, although Zephyr is indeed the son of Palamides, but the accompanying Al Not Burt.

What the **** is the big boss of the casino, Daddy Sphinx, thinking, why even the sons of Palamidis?

…whatever it is. The other party doesn’t seem to be malicious, and Palamidis and the others are skilled enough to deal with any unexpected situation. Even if they go to meet the gangster boss, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Palramidis thought about it, picked up a huge roasted chicken leg on the table, and sent it into his stomach along with the spirits.

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