Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1049: Explore in the dark night (2)


Chapter 1049 Exploring the Dark Night (2)

“The environment is good.

“Oh, little Palamy, my brother!” Phileos opened his arms and gave Palamidis a warm hug as soon as he came up. He hugged so hard that Palamides could almost hear the groaning of his bones.

“It will hurt…” the Leopard Warrior said gloomily.

“Oh, sorry.” Phileos let go of Palamidis: “The bones are still as crisp as ever, my little Palamy!” “Nonsense!” The leopard warrior walked to the sand , sat down side by side with Phileos, and reached for another glass of wine on the table: “Let’s talk about it first, you can drink with you, but I already have a wife, I’m afraid my wife Vivian will Not happy — so don’t call those messy escorts, okay?” “I knew you’d say that, so I took them away beforehand.” Phileos leaned his back on the sand , took a sip of whiskey leisurely, “Don’t worry, it’s just the two of us here tonight to catch up with the old days, there are no activities that are not suitable for children.” “Well.” The wine rippled in the throat of the leopard warrior, the potency of the alcohol slightly burning the big cat’s tongue.

“Remember?” Phileos put a hand on Palamidis’ shoulder and whispered, “When we were little devils, that time we took out the cargo of human merchant ships. Stolen a bottle of wine. A bunch of us little idiots were drinking at the secret base and it was our first time drinking.” “And we were unlucky and got the strongest Raven tequila.” Palami Dess recalled that he still had lingering fears and shuddered: “Uh, when that thing slid down his throat, it was like fire, and the alcohol was terrible.”” Hahahahaha, yes, everyone was drunk that day, When I got up the next day, the ground was full of last night’s food!” Phileos giggled, “You got drunk immediately after taking a sip, and even took off your clothes and rolled in the snow outside, what did you say? [I’m about to burn] stupid, and you got pneumonia and lay in bed for two weeks.” Palamidis flushed: “Don’t mention that…” “So what?” Phileos turned the conversation and asked, “What happened to everyone in the thieves group? Are there any still alive?” Palamidis’ face darkened all of a sudden: “They’re all dead…Lionus, Cadiz, Rem, Iskaner… all starved to death in the famine when I was ten. Torres and Baan died of the plague. Cherdis and Sandas were killed by humans Killed, during an attack on human merchant ships when I was thirteen. In the end, I was alone, joined the army at fourteen, followed Patriarch Hackett… for revenge on humanity. Now Come to think of it, I was really stupid back then.” “Oh?” Phileos let out a deep sigh, as if asking.

“Hackett’s leopard scum is the culprit of everything.” Palamidis took another sip of his drink, and his anger seemed to flow out with his drink, turning into a looming smoke: “You know Our group of orphans originally had parents. However, in order to solve the population problem at that time, the patriarch of the Glick tribe restricted the birth of parents of each tribe, only the first child was kept, and the second and later children were all discarded into the wilderness. Let them fend for themselves…. And that’s us. We orphans were not abandoned by our biological parents, but the policy at the time.” After hearing this, Phileos’ face was watery. The calm: “I’ve heard of this too.” “You know?!” Palamides looked at Phileos in disbelief: “Then why…” It’s a matter of ways.” Phileos smiled flatly: “Or, I should thank Patriarch Hackett, he just banished us into the wilderness, rather than throwing us directly into the river or the beast’s lair. Although He’s a leopard scum, but he at least gave us a chance to survive.” The leopard warrior looked at his brother in disbelief, surprised by Phileos’ generosity: “I didn’t expect you to be so open-minded. , Phileos.” “Why not?” Phileos took another sip of wine: “Anyway, it’s been more than 30 years ago, let the past pass. Now you are the only one left. With me, little Palami, my good brother.” “About this…” The leopard warrior also looked at Phileos with a puzzled face: “I also have a lot of questions to ask you.” “You want to know why I’m still alive, right?” Phileos shook the crystal wine glass gently, the ice cubes in the glass collided with the inner wall of the glass, making a beautiful sound: “I can tell you everything , but it’s going to be a very, very long story, and I’m afraid it’s going to make you uneasy. After listening to all this, you might even dislike me — even so, are you going to listen? “”No, I will not despise you, Phileos. No matter what has happened to you, you are still my brother. To me as an orphan, you are my brother.” Palamidi Si looked at his adopted brother sincerely: “At that time, you were obviously dead. How did you survive, what did you experience all these years, and how did you find this job in the big casino in Cairo? …I want to know all of this.” “Very good.” Phileos let out a sigh of relief, as if he had put down a big stone in his heart: “Then… Where should I start?” He took it out of his pocket He pulled out a dagger and cut off his arm unexpectedly.

“Phileos?!” Palamidis jumped in fright when he saw the blood on his friend’s arm: “Are you crazy?!” “Calm down. Look carefully.” Phileo With a bleak smile, he cut off a piece of flesh on his arm with a dagger.

No, it should be said to be torn off. He made an incision on his arm, and immediately following the incision, he tore off a palm-sized piece of his animal hide along with the fur.

He threw the **** piece of flesh on the table and took a deep breath: “Haa…look, look carefully.” After being peeled, Philae, who should have been bloody, Oss’s arm is regenerating at an astonishing speed. In less than a quarter of an hour, Phileos’ injured arm was restored to its original shape, and even the blue leopard fur that day grew.

“This is… super-resilience?!” Palamedis swallowed.

“Yes, the same super-resilience as the polar bear.” Phileos put away his dagger and replied in a breathless voice: “I was caught by humans and stripped of my skin by them, thinking I was about to die. When he died… suddenly awakened this ability. In order to survive.” “Unbelievable!” Palamides’ eyes involuntarily focused on Phileos’ arm. Except for a little blood, there was almost no trace on the arm. The newly grown hair completely covered the old wound, covering up the thrilling scene just now.

“The price of acquiring this ability is that I lose the ability to transform, and I can no longer use the madness.” Phileos added: “Also, this ability not only saved me, but also made me almost fall into In the eternal hell, you can’t survive, you can’t die.” Leopard Man leaned on the sand, closed his eyes, and started his memory.

At first I just wanted to.

Want to be full, warm, and happy.

So, he and a group of vagrants scavenged waste in the wild, sometimes hunting monsters, sometimes robbing human merchant ships, and sometimes taking advantage of the night to cross the border between Rome and the Geric territory and go to human towns steal something.

This band of leopard kids has never been so rampant.

And it’s all about survival.

In order to survive, he thinks it is right and proper to do so, and he and his friends have never doubted it.

The little wild cats that no one wants and no one loves, even if they eat sin and cover themselves with filth, they still have to live.

Innumerable elders among them have been captured, killed, and even brutally skinned by humans; but their members are always replenished—there is never a shortage of these outcasts in the wilderness, and it is all too common to die. No hesitation. He thought that if he kept doing it like this, he would one day seize happiness.

Until that day, the dream was shattered. The [sin] he committed brought him untold consequences.

“Run, Palami!” the teenager shouted, watching his brother who had fled, away from this place of right and wrong.

His younger brother is going to live, and he knows that he is going to die. Because, at that time, he had been pressed to the ground by several strong human men.

Half of the band of thieves escaped, and the other half were left behind.

It seems to have been planned It seems that it is another reincarnation, and what happened to the seniors of the thieves group has come to Phileos again.

The leopard boy is good at running away, which has long been known to mankind. Humans brutally broke Phileos’ legs with a heavy stone mallet, so that the boy could never escape. Severe pain pierced through the heart, the Leopard boy was dizzy, and his eyes flashed with gold stars.

In his darkening vision, the other two companions beside him had become icy corpses, one had been shot through the head by an arrow, the other had devoured a heavy axe from behind and lost blood. Too much and immediate death.

These crazy and greedy human beings can’t wait to take out their knives and cut them on the dead leopard boy’s corpse.

Cut, knife after knife, to separate the fur of the leopard juveniles from the muscle and fat.

It’s like skinning a beast.

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