Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1051: Explore in the dark night (4)


Chapter 1051 Exploring the Dark Night (4)

While Palamides and Phileos were eating and drinking in the box, Chanel and Albert, who were eavesdropping in the storage room, also crept out.

“Hmm…” Tiger looked embarrassed.

“What’s the matter?” The elf girl glared at the tiger man youth: “You must be thinking about something vulgar, right?” “No. The money I won back turned out to be given by someone else on purpose… “Albert wiped his nose unpleasantly,” I was wondering if I should return all the money.” “Idiot.” Chanel sneered arrogantly at Tiger: “Since there are such fools in the world who want If you deliberately give you money, you can accept it with peace of mind.” “But…!” “You are not an orphan, you have never been worried because of lack of food and clothing, and of course you cannot know the taste of poverty.” Chanel looked at it coldly. Tiger: “Anyway, that’s all I’m going to say, you can figure it out for yourself.” She was about to leave when she suddenly thought of something, took Tiger’s hand and asked, “So, you really plan to see me tomorrow.” The old Sphinx?” “Me?” Albert shrugged his shoulders with an innocent look on his face, “Why I am going to see him, I am not familiar with him.” He secretly gave You have stuffed more than one million, and you are designated to see him? Do you really dare to go?” Chanel threatened Gali and persuaded him seductively: “It angered the boss of the gang, and you can’t take it easy.” Alber Te shrugged again: “He’s totally wrong. I’m not the son of Palamidis, so I’d better let Sefer and Seglade meet the gang boss meow.” Chanel turned her head away , said to himself with a gloomy face: “Tsk, so this stupid tiger is stupid, how can I not understand…” “Uh, what?” “No, nothing!” The elf girl said angrily: “Forget it, since you don’t want to see the old Sphinx, I won’t beg you! Anyway, I went to the two blue cat brothers for help, and the result is the same!” Although I didn’t understand Chanel at all What do you want to do, but when the elf girl said this, Albert is not only jealous: “Shit? I can do this little thing, why do you want to find those two cats!” Chanel saw his aggressiveness It worked, sticking out his tongue and proudly said: “Didn’t you just say you didn’t want to do it!” “Now I’ve changed my mind! Say whatever you want, and I’ll keep it!” “That’s good.” Chanel looked around. When I saw that there was no one in the corridor, I whispered: “I received a request from the Egyptian government to secretly investigate this gangster boss. He seems to be secretly planning a big conspiracy. And our purpose is to Before he implements this conspiracy, he first intercepts their planned report and stops his conspiracy. I originally wanted to rely on the leopard uncle to indirectly obtain the report, but now you have the opportunity to personally approach the gang boss, it will be fine It’s more work.” Albert shuddered, and the alcohol on his body was also drained: “You want me to … get a report from the mouth of the gangster?” “Exactly.” Chanel nodded lightly: “Can you do it?” “Wait…” Albert thought and thought: “That… Uncle Phileos is the [brother] of Uncle Palamides, and then Uncle Phileos is the father of Uncle Phileos. , that is, Uncle Palamidis’s, uh, adoptive father? He actually asked me to do this kind of cheating on friends…” “No, not at all.” Chanel continued to give Albert reassurance: “Then old gangster He is a vicious and wicked villain who has done all the bad things, and now seems to be planning a big conspiracy that can overthrow this country. You have to stop him, no matter how related he is to you. Otherwise, once his plan is implemented, life will be wiped out, and Egypt will be washed with blood. “”It’s not as serious as you said, is it? “A large drop of cold sweat broke out on Albert’s head.

“I hope so.” Chanel sighed in a low voice: “But from the newspaper my client gave, it seems that the gang boss is probably planning a coup. In short, if he is not fighting something Bad idea, everything is fine. Otherwise, he must be stopped in time.” “Okay, okay…” Under the pressure of Chanel’s sharp eyes, Albert seemed a little anxious: “Let’s see tomorrow.” Besides…” Touch! Before the tiger could finish speaking, Chanel came up to him and pushed Albert against the wall. She seemed very anxious, and without thinking much, she put her face up and pressed it against the tiger’s face.

The lips of the two were pressed together tightly, and Chanel’s two jade hands were even more restless rubbing the tiger’s body, teasing Al’s whole body hot. The tiger’s face instantly turned red, and steam was almost sprayed from his forehead!

“Huh?” As if sensing that someone was outside, Phileos pushed open the door of the box and glanced down the corridor.

The lights in the corridor are slightly dim, and people can only see a rough outline. At the time, there were only Albert, Chanel, and another passing waiter in the corridor.

There is nothing suspicious about the sight of the waiter passing by in the corridor with the plates; and the two young men, who were kissing tightly and fighting hotly, seemed to be ordinary drunken drinkers. It’s nothing more than an **** girl, and there’s nothing suspicious about it (at least that’s what the half-drunk Phileos thinks).

“Wow.” He whistled, looked away from the two bold young men in the wet French kiss, shrank his cat head back, and resumed eating and drinking in the box.

“Ugh…!” The tiger only felt the naughty little tongue of the elf girl rolling up and down in his mouth, teasing everywhere.

His head was congested, and his rapid breathing couldn’t keep up with his oxygen consumption, so he could only watch himself slowly go numb in suffocation.

And Chanel squinted the door of the box, confirming that the box was completely closed before the girl would let go of the tiger.

Albert finally took a breath, and immediately cursed: “Cough! What are you doing, meow!?”

“You took my first kiss!” “Oh?” The elf girl glared at the tiger.

“Uh… well, not the first kiss.” Albert was still flushed, embarrassed and annoyed: “There are thousands of ways to disguise in front of that guy, but you have to force the kiss like you did just now. Meow?! Unbelievable!” “I don’t want to discuss this with you, it’s obviously your stinky tiger who takes advantage.” Chanel walked towards Albert and Seifer’s box: “I don’t want the big cat to doubt it further. If you want to, leave here immediately.” “Uh…you go first.” Tiger hunched over: “I’m a little, uh, inconvenient.” “What are you?!” Chanel glanced quickly at Albert’s lower body , angry: “You nasty tiger! You really…!” “Hey! You suddenly pounced, kissing and hugging, and didn’t give me any psychological preparation. Of course, my little friend will be scared. Here you go!” Albert was full of smoke, and hurriedly defended himself: “A man will have this kind of physiological reaction, it has something to do with me being indecent, meow?” “Dirty! In short, you are indecent!” Chanel side As he walked, he scolded angrily: “I have to go, hurry up!” Albert had to hunched forward embarrassedly and followed behind the elf girl. He had given up arguing, because he knew that arguing with a woman was wrong. likely to win.

At the same time, Sand Harbor, south of Cairo.

The sand ship of the Mohammed caravan is gradually docking, and it is firmly anchored in the port. The night fell, and the harbor opened the barrier, defending against all dangerous creatures in the sand sea.

“Finally, finally finished.” Elaine sighed, his whole body was almost covered with shark blood again, sticky unbearably.

“It’s over.” Kana looked at Bedivere and the others, who were covered in sweat and soaked in blood: “Thank you for your hard work, get off the boat and go to the bar for a rest, and the rest of the money will be in your hands soon. “That’s great, I waited for the money to go back to the hotel to take a shower, meow.” Seglade wiped the blood on his forehead.

“Where’s my cargo?” The werewolf wasn’t completely demented, and he remembered the twenty-two buckets of golden bug pulp he had kept in the cargo hold of the sand boat.

“Huhu, are those goods that have no market price?” Kana smiled disdainfully: “Don’t worry, I will unload the ship for you, and the car in charge of land transportation will also be rented for you. Check back to confirm the receipt, you It can be taken away in a car.” “Very good, thank you.” Facing the woman’s almost sarcastic smile, the werewolf replied lightly.

Solar, the magic swordsman on the side, looked at Bedivere calmly.

“What’s wrong?” The werewolf also felt the magic swordsman’s gaze and jumped off the boat, and turned his head to ask.

“It’s nothing.” The magic swordsman smiled bluntly, followed with a jump, and landed firmly on the wooden platform of the port: “Let’s go have a drink, my friend. I’ll take care of you today, I’ll treat you.” Bedivere touched his grumbling abdomen, wishing he could find a restaurant to eat right away: “Very good. Watch me eat and drink and eat all your money.” “But, washing, bathing… “…” Elaine exclaimed in dissatisfaction.

“I’ll stay and collect the remaining half of the pay. You can go back to the hotel first.” Bedivere grinned mischievously: “Do you know the way back? Don’t get lost.” “Know, know !” Elaine pouted: “I won’t get lost, lost! It’s not a small child!” “Then, let’s go first, meow.” Segredra took Elaine and swept in the direction of the cabin at a glance. Sailors carried barrels of insect pulp from the cabin and put these barrels of jelly-like substance into an old rented van. “Cairo’s night seems to be not very peaceful, please pay attention to safety, Bei. Mr. Deville, meow.” “Oh.” The werewolf waved his hand and left his two companions.

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