Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1023: Dive into the dark night (8)


Chapter 1023: Diving into the Night (8)

At the same time(?), in a hospital in Edinburgh, Great Britain.

When the canine boy came out of the ward, King Arthur could vaguely see the redness and swelling on the corner of the boy’s eyes.

“How’s it going? Have you finished talking with your mother?” said the King of Knights deliberately and quietly.

“Um…” Husky wiped his eyes, “Mummy looks very energetic, she will be discharged from the hospital in two days.”

“Then, it’s time for us to go back.” Arthur touched Husky’s head: “You must be very tired with enough things happening today. Rest early.”

“Yeah!” The dog boy nodded, “Although Husky still doesn’t feel sleepy.”

“Really?” The King of Knights walked in front and took out a small object from his arms: “Also, I will give this to you. This is the agreed [prize].”

“This is—?” Husky took the object carefully. It was a small metal rod just enough for Husky’s puppy’s paws to grasp.

He froze for half a second. Where have you seen the same thing?

“Is this a lightsaber…Wow?” the canine boy asked in surprise. I didn’t expect that Uncle Arthur really gave him such a dangerous weapon, and it was still in reality.

“It’s just a photon dagger, the output power is not as high as that of a lightsaber.” Arthur whispered: “However, this is still a dangerous weapon, be careful when using it.”

Husky nodded and gently pressed the upper button on the hilt.


A short blade of red light sprayed from the hilt of the photon dagger. It was about the length of a palm, and it glowed in the dark with a steady, fiery red light.

“But, is there really no problem with giving this dangerous weapon to Husky?”

“If you realize that this is a dangerous weapon, there will be no problem.” The King of Knights smiled disapprovingly: “Be careful when using it, don’t hurt yourself. Also, never point your family and Friends brandish this dagger, understand?”

“Yeah!” The canine boy answered cheerfully.

“Also,” Arthur pointed to the second half of the photon dagger again: “That is the putter that adjusts the output power of the weapon. Push that back to the end to see?”

Husky complied, bottoming out the putter. The output power of the Photon Dagger is turned to a minimum. From the shape of a dagger at the beginning, its blade gradually shrunk into a very thin line, and then continued to shrink, and finally turned into a bean-sized ball, which appeared in front of the metal hilt of the photon dagger.

“This is—?”

“In this case, it is not lethal, but its light can be used for lighting and heating.” King Arthur explained: “You can touch it with your finger and see.”

“It hurts…”

“No, let’s try anyway.” The King of Knights insisted.

Husky reached out and touched the fiery red orb. Pop! He felt that his fingers were electrocuted and numb. But under touch, this ball does not actually cause actual damage.

Husky looked at the bean-sized ball and couldn’t help but be fascinated. The light and heat it emits can warm the little palm of the canine boy, bringing a little comfort to him in the dark. This small comfort is extremely important to the insecure Husky.

“This is the first lightsaber I have.” King Arthur picked up Husky, and the two were already on the roof of the hospital: “It should have been lost when I first fought. But the Icelanders found this toy, repaired it, and gave it to me again as a souvenir. Now I’ll pass it on to you. Although it’s old and can’t be expected to be of any use in battle, it’s It will surely be your talisman, bless you in the dark.”

“Um…um!” Husky quickly put away the photon dagger: “Uncle Arthur, thank you for Wang.”

“There is no need to thank me, this is the prize you won back.” King Arthur hugged the canine boy tightly, spread his wings and flew into the air, disappearing in the night without a trace in an instant.

At the same time, Egypt, the Cairo Hotel.

The sound of Elaine’s bathing water and the intoxicated hum of the Ice Bear can be heard from the bathroom.

Bediveville has taken a comfortable hot bath and is lying in bed drowsy. He wrapped the quilt tightly, trying to fall asleep while thinking about his next plan to make money, when the bedside phone rang.

“Huh…?” The werewolf answered the phone dazedly.

“Mr. Bedivere, are you asleep, meow?” The voice of the young Leopard Man came from the other end of the phone, but it was difficult to distinguish whether it was the voice of Zephyr or Seglade, because the twins were very similar in appearance and voice. .

“…What’s the matter? Safer?”

“It’s Seglade, meow.” The leopard youth on the other end of the phone said, “Mr. Bedivere… can’t you persuade Dad not to gamble meow?”

The werewolf scratched his head: “Palamidis? That guy will listen.”

“There are some things I don’t know if I should say it well…” Seglade stammered and said: “Dad he… actually had a very bad habit in the past, that is, gambling meow. When I was young I once saw my father and my mother quarreled—at that time my father had not quit gambling—he seemed to lose a lot of money, and he also borrowed a lot of money.”

“So what? Straight to the point.” Bedivere was sleepy and decided to end the conversation as soon as possible.

“So…I’m so worried, I’m afraid my dad’s gambling addiction will come back again.”

“You don’t need to worry about this, right? Even if he loses, it’s just a tiny bit of money on hand, and he won’t go bankrupt.” Bedivere snorted dejectedly: “If you two brothers really do that If you’re worried about Palamidis, just follow him to the casino. With his sons watching, this guy, Palamidis, can’t gamble too much and go bankrupt, right?”

“Well… my brother is going to go to the casino with my dad… but I’m still worried meow.”

“Then what do you want?” Bedivere became more impatient, his temper worsening as his eyelids became heavier.

Seglade was stunned for a moment, then whispered, “I think…I want to teach my dad a lesson and make him quit gambling completely.”

“Humph—it’s too difficult.” Bedivere shook his head and said, “I don’t own this casino, and Palamidis is not an idiot. It’s almost impossible to control a game at someone else’s home court. It’s impossible. Give up.”

“Anyway, please think about it, meow.” Seglade said aggrieved.

“Okay, I’ll think about it.” The werewolf said perfunctorily: “No more, good night.”

Fearing what Seglade would ask for, he hung up the phone.

Elaine had just come out of the bathroom after taking a shower, with a towel over her shoulder, still humming a little tune. Seeing that Bedivere just finished calling, he couldn’t help but ask curiously: “What, what’s wrong, Bedivere?”

“It’s nothing, go to sleep.” The werewolf turned off the bedside lamp with one hand, and the room was suddenly dark.

“Hey! Wait, wait a minute! I haven’t looked for and found the location of the bed——” There was a noise from Elaine’s smearing and stumbling over the bed.

“Your bed is on the floor, idiot.” Bedivere snorted. Elaine, the stupid bear, probably forgot that the hotel bed couldn’t bear his weight at all, so he could only sleep on the hotel carpet.

“Oh, yes, yes!” The young polar bear turned and groped around on the ground. If it wasn’t for darkness in the room, this scene would be rather comical.

“That, that, Bedivere?”

“Tsk—what’s the matter?” the werewolf replied irritably. Why is everyone preventing him from sleeping?

“Bounty, bounty hunters make money… Can you count me, my share?” The white bear said timidly.

Bediver scratched his head again: “You have more than 30,000 Egyptian coins in your hand, and you have already purchased a decent weapon. Do you want to mix it into this matter?”

“But I want to help, help.” The white bear said awkwardly, when he just touched the edge of the carpet, not far from his bed.

“You’re just afraid of being bored in the hotel, right?”

“Uh…hehe—” The bear man smiled embarrassedly, as if he was right.

“Hmph, just follow along. Just don’t get in the way, otherwise the money won’t be distributed to you.” The werewolf said helplessly.

“Okay, okay.” The bear man got into the quilt, curled up as much as possible, and hid himself in a cup smaller than his own body: “Well, then, good night.”

Bediver deliberately did not respond, pretending to be asleep. In less than a minute, the snoring of the polar bear reverberated in the room. It was already six o’clock in the morning, and the werewolf deliberately ignored the thunderous snoring and closed his eyes to force himself to sleep. While he was half asleep, a certain voice sounded in his mind:

“Daddy?” Husky called.

At the same time(?), London, at 8pm, in King Arthur’s palace.

“Then, good night.” The canine boy burrowed into the bed.

“Good night meow.” The leopard boy also replied while huddled under the quilt.

Ten seconds.

Twenty seconds.

Perhaps because of playing all day, Husky was exhausted and fell asleep instantly, with a slight snoring sound.

“…Husky asleep meow?” Hal whispered.

No answer. Husky was indeed asleep, and (probably because of the black spider) slept deadly.

“Uncle Arthur, Husky fell asleep meow.” The leopard boy gently climbed out of bed and said to a small communicator on his wrist.

“Very well, we can begin.” The King of Knights gently pushed the door and entered the room, followed by Shaxing, Lancelot, and Greenville.

Taking advantage of the darkness, King Arthur glanced at the canine boy on the bed. The sleeping Husky seemed very peaceful, and the nightmare didn’t seem to have begun.

“Greenville.” The Queen of Knight Dynasty nodded.

Greenville also nodded, and took out an artifact from her arms.

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