Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1024: Dive into the dark night (9)


Chapter 1024: Diving into the Night (9)

Queen Greenville handed the magic mirror into the hands of King Arthur, and said at the same time:

“Using this, you can project your consciousness into Husky’s deep consciousness world. Assuming that the spirit body also uses the same principle to invade Husky’s dream, then you must be able to rely on the magic mirror. Force seized it and stripped it from Husky’s dream.

But… do you really think this is a good idea? You can’t bring weapons into other people’s dreams, and you who don’t have weapons, in the worst case, need to fight against that spirit body with your fists.

Husky is the master of his dream, everything is out of your control, everything is unknown – the risk of doing so is simply too great. “

“Even so, we still have to go.” Arthur winked at the evil star: “Are you ready, evil star?”

“Well…” Despite being extremely reluctant, Xinghuilong muttered in a low voice: “I am willing to admit defeat, I promised to help you, and I will accompany you to the end. Use an artifact to run into someone else’s dream? This experience is also quite fresh.”

“Very good. I and Shaxing are responsible for driving that spirit out of Husky’s body. Lancelot, you stay here and protect Greenville and the others. If anything comes from Husky If it escapes from the body, you will immediately use your ability to seal it, understand?”

“Understood, Your Majesty.” The handsome Knight of the Golden Round Table replied respectfully.

“Remember, you only have ten minutes. You must seize that spirit within ten minutes. You only have one chance.” Greenville reminded again: “It will take a week to recharge the magic mirror. , it will be too late when it is fully charged again.”

“Understood. Then, we’ll be out.” The King of Knights put one hand on the male star’s shoulder, and the other hand raised the [Recalling Magic Mirror—Reiltherfield], and put its huge The diamond mirror is aligned with the Husky.

There is a wonderful magic light on the mirror. Its diamond-like mirror has countless prisms that reflect the light, and this magic light is reflected, diffused and turned into countless times in the infinitely close to transparent interior of the diamond. An indescribable glow reflected on the sleeping dog boy’s face.

Just looking at the light from the magic mirror gives the illusion of being sucked in by magic. And Arthur’s consciousness is getting more and more blurred, as if the soul is being pulled out of the body named [**] by some unknown force, and it is thrown somewhere far away…

“Um! —” Howl suddenly flew over, grabbing the edge of the magic mirror with one hand before King Arthur could react.

Whoosh! ——

Before the King of Knights could scold them, the consciousness of the three had entered Husky’s dream world at the same time.

After a period of dizziness.

“Hal!” The king of knights glared at the leopard boy angrily.

“Uncle Arthur, I’m sorry meow!” The leopard boy stuck his tongue out: “But Hal still wants to help meow.”

“Unbelievable! Why can’t you just be obedient—-“

“Hey, don’t worry about the quarrel!” Shaxing quickly interrupted the conversation between Arthur and Hal: “Come and see, who is this guy?!”

The King of Knights turned his head and looked at a person not far away who was surrounded by white light and could only vaguely recognize the shadow of an elephant man. Although he is slightly less tall than other adult elephant people, he is steady and strong, and he is full of wild strength. This elephant man must also be one of the best warriors among the Turks.

But the strangest thing is his ethereal appearance.

Arthur and the others used the power of the magic mirror to enter Husky’s dream. They didn’t look much different from their real appearance. After all, it was just the projection of their consciousness; however, the white elephant man The shadow is a looming shape like a cloud and mist, which looks ethereal and difficult to touch.

A spirit? Or, it’s similar, something else…

“This is Mr. Pavre, right?” The King of Knights walked up to the white shadow of the Elephant Man and asked straight to the point, “You came in with Howl? How did you do it? Is his spirit body hidden in Howl?!”

I don’t know if I couldn’t answer, or if I didn’t answer on purpose, the white shadow of the elephant man Pavu just stretched out his hand and pointed to a castle in the distance.

It was dark and cloudy.

In this barren wilderness, stands a dark castle. The structure of the castle seemed familiar, and the king of knights couldn’t help but start to think, trying to recall where he had seen similar scenes.

Wait a minute—isn’t this the foxman’s research institute? ! Thinking of this, Arthur couldn’t help taking a breath.

In Husky’s dream, why is there a foxman research institute?

No. Thinking about it carefully, there seems to be nothing wrong.

According to Vivian and the others, this kind of research institute was originally owned by the ancient gods, and was later occupied by the fox people and used for their own use. If this is the research institute of the gods, then Husky, who is a Basak, may have seen it when he was a child. Further speculation, it is precisely because of Husky’s particularity as a Basak, that the twilight believers and the remnants of the ancient gods are frantically beating the idea of ​​​​the dog boy.

——After listening to Lian Yin’s dictation in the hospital, many mysteries surrounding Husky gradually became a line, and things began to become clear.

Because of the lack of time, while Arthur was thinking about it, everyone had rushed towards the research institute in the wilderness.

“But, what should I do?” Shaxing said in confusion as he ran: “As expected, he didn’t have half a weapon on his body. Do you really want to fight that unknown opponent empty-handed?”

“Look around.” Arthur slammed open the door of the institute and looked around: “Since this is Husky’s dream, everything here is [real] to him. The objects found here, They should all be used as weapons. For example—“

Before King Arthur could finish explaining, the white shadow of Pavlov had already broken a thick and long iron pipe from a machine beside him. The hardness and weight of this thing are ideal, and it can easily slap a person into a puddle of meat – although as a weapon, it is indeed rough enough.

“Well…don’t worry!” Shaxing also broke the jar and broke a heavy and sharp steel bar from the broken wall of the research institute.

Arthur also rummaged around for weapons that fit his hand. Fortunately, this dilapidated institute is full of debris, and the corridors are piled with various damaged and rusted machines of unknown purpose. A piece of these can be used as a weapon, but how powerful it is is another matter.

Arthur easily modified a long spear with spikes on the front end. Its body was a transmission tube of some kind of machine, and the sharp edge was cold, and it came from the broken part of the machine. Rusting and weathering didn’t dull it, showing that this is a very strong metal.

“Very good!” The king of knights swung the spear a few times. After getting used to its weight and feel, he immediately picked up a large piece of iron and stuffed it with the leopard boy: “Hal, you take this defense Okay, don’t make a mess.”

“But Howl can also fight meow.” The leopard boy said dissatisfiedly: “This is the same as the game world, and Howl can help me fight meow.”

“Don’t be self-willed! I don’t have the time to take care of you in battle!” said the King of Knights angrily.

“Woo meow—” The leopard boy drooped his ears and shrank back towards the iron shield.

Arthur took another look at the evil star and Papho: “Now, where should I go to find Husky?”

Bai Ling of Pavle the Elephant raised his hand again and pointed to a corridor deep in the castle. He might be able to discern other spirits lurking in the depths of Husky’s dreams.

“Very good, very helpful.” Although Arthur had a lot of questions he wanted to ask the mysterious Bai Ling, saving people was the most important thing, so he didn’t bother. The king of knights rushed in the direction Papho pointed, and along the corridor, they came to a huge rusty iron door in an instant.

“Wow ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!” Husky’s screams came from behind the door, and it was estimated that he had encountered the sneaking [nightmare] in the room.

The unarmed Husky will be killed by that monster in seconds! The matter is urgent to the point of urgency!

“Humph!” Arthur pushed the door, which was securely locked by some kind of electronic lock, and the rust made it immobile. At such a time, everything will hinder Arthur and the others!

“Shaxing, Papho, come and help me!” shouted the King of Knights. Just use brute force!

Xinghuilong and Elephant Man Papho have already walked to the door, ready to slam the door.

“One, two, three, hit!!”

With all their strength, they slammed into the iron gate at the same time.

Pounds! ! The strength of the three combined, and the door smashed into the air smoothly.

“Husky!” The King of Knights immediately shouted as the door opened.

“Arthur…Uncle….?!” The canine boy was struggling. At this moment, he was being held tightly by the neck of a tall black-robed reaper, his face turning blue, and he was throwing at the Knight King A look of fear, with the last ray of hope in it.

The monster also turned to look at the king of knights and the others who had entered The two eyes glowed faintly red under the black hood.

The leopard boy swallowed. The Black-robed Reaper looks almost exactly the same as when he invaded Howl’s dream world. To say otherwise, only its serpent-like lower body, consisting of a large white spine, emerged from under the terrifying black robe.

This guy looks even more hideous.

“Is it too late…” The knight king’s face became very ugly. The canine boy has fallen into the hands of the black reaper, and it can cut off Husky’s head with a single wave of the scythe. Even if you want to catch up to save people now, it is probably too late!

Cha la la la la la! ! The Black Reaper made an abnormal sound like bone fragments colliding from the depths of its throat, which seemed to be its laughter. It is laughing at the powerlessness of the King of Knights and others, everything is a foregone conclusion!

The monster swung the scythe in its hand and slashed at the canine boy’s head!

Crack! —– With the strong wind waving the sickle, a muffled sound of broken bones also sounded at the same time! () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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