Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1022: Dive into the dark night (7)


Chapter 1022: Exploring the Dark Night Seven

A drop of cold sweat broke out from Tiger’s forehead: “Really, there’s no problem, meow. I always feel very dangerous. It shouldn’t cause trouble. If you make trouble in the casino, you will be kicked into the blacklist once. I will not be welcomed by this casino in the future…”

The casino of this world. to be honest. It is a money-making organization arranged by underworld forces. Anyone wanting money from these underworld. Neither will end well. Albert and the others, who were used to fighting with various gods and monsters. Now it is [people] that we have to face. Fighting with mortals is not an easy task – maybe even harder than killing a god.

“What does it matter.” Palamidis looked disapproving. Or maybe his rogue nature is looming: “Listen. We play in this kind of casino. I’m afraid we only get one chance in a lifetime. It doesn’t matter if it puts us on the blacklist or not. We can make a lot of money from here. That’s enough. What’s wrong with that. That kid in Bedivere is just too good. Don’t understand the truth that bad guys are the best.

And. do you know. The organizers of the round table trials put the test venue in Africa. The Egyptian government must have benefited a lot from Great Britain. The organizers let the candidates stay at this big hotel near the casino. Give us such a sum of money. The intent is already clear. It just wants us to figure out a way to make a lot of money from the casino. For the test organizers – for Great Britain. More faster chapters to come. If you can’t figure out the organizer’s intentions. Do what they want. That is really ignorant. “

The tiger man thought for a moment. Then he smiled sinisterly: “Hoohoo. You’re right. I think your plan is better than Bedivere’s.”

“That’s it.” Palamidis patted the tiger’s right shoulder: “Anyway. We’ll go to the casino after lunch tomorrow to see what’s going on. We’ll see what tricks they’re using to cheat money, and then we’ll have a long-term plan. Find a way to crack it. Their tricks. With our ingenuity. We must be able to do something. Ahahahahaha——“

“Aha. Meowhahahahahahahaha—” The tiger also smirked.

Palamidis suddenly changed the conversation. The first update to carry Albert with one hand: “Now. I’ll give you a bath first.”

“What, what a meow..”

“You broke a hand. It’s inconvenient to move.” Palamides smiled evilly: “Before going to bed. Uncle will definitely wash you from head to toe. It’s all men. You don’t have to be polite to my uncle.”

“Wait, no ————-.” The tiger man youth cried in despair. But unable to struggle. Seeing himself being dragged to the bathroom by Palamides. His clothes were ripped off…

Same time. Outside Cairo. aboard the Dreadnought-class battleship [Attack Palamedis].

“Humph—“In a darkened conference room. . . Cador, the Knight of the Round Table, is staring at the screen. sitting beside him. Two Knights of the Round Table and Heavenly Knights. The Grand Duke of Hall and the Grand Duke of Palinlor.

In a large screen with light on the wall. The previous battle between Bedivere and others and the Amethyst Lava Dragon was played back.

When Albert chopped off his left arm. Without being affected by the magic bracelet. When moving the power of the Holy Spirit White Tiger in the body. Everyone present couldn’t help groaning.

Cador tapped the button of the electronic notepad in his hand. Freeze the picture at the moment when El called out the Holy Spirit White Tiger.

“So.” Cador turned to the other two heavenly knights and said: “I don’t know what the two adults think. I will update the first time I think this kid seriously contempt for the discipline of the round table trial. Under the premise that the bracelet cannot be taken off. Maliciously took off the bracelet. Moved the Holy Spirit. This is already a violation of the naked..naked..naked. I think he must be disqualified from the examination immediately.”

“Whoosh—but what’s the rule.” Palinlor laughed. There was no anger on the face. On the contrary, I thought it was very interesting: “We did say that. [Cannot take off the bracelet] and [Cannot use magic]. No. It seems that the second rule is not included. That is to say, it is only the rule of [Cannot take off the bracelet]. Well.”

He fixed his gaze on Albert’s broken arm. The cut for the arm in the picture is very smooth. . . It can be seen that Albert did not have the slightest suspicion when he swung his knife and broke his arm.

“So that’s it.” Palinlor actually admired the tiger’s almost valiant behavior: “[Cutting off his own arm with a sword] and [taking off his bracelet] are two completely different things. Strictly speaking, this is not illegal.”

Cador rolled his eyes at the Celestial Knight: “That’s just a play on words. The Grand Duke of Palinlor. The tiger’s vicious act of flouting the rules. Still unforgivable.”

He turned to look at another Heavenly Knight: “Aren’t you going to say something. The Grand Duke of Hall.”

Hall is holding his chin in contemplation at this moment. This one is over eighty years old. However, his appearance was not much different from that of a middle-aged man in his thirties. His eyes were full of deep wisdom.

——And a looming, inexplicable loneliness and nostalgia.

When Hall looked at the tiger’s face. This subtle **** is more revealing. Even if he hid most of his face in the darkness of the room. Those with a heart can see it.

“Actually I wanted to say—” Hall thought for a long time before he spoke: “The rules are dead. The people are alive. He really took advantage of the rules—so what. We decided There are loopholes in the rules. It just shows that we have not considered comprehensive enough when we set the rules. This is the responsibility of the test organizer. We should not blame others for what we didn’t do well. For more chapters, please There is nothing wrong with the little tiger: there is a chance to drill but not to drill. That’s a fool.”

“Why do you even say that.”

“And. It takes courage to take this loophole.” Hall added: “So far. I have never seen a candidate cut off an arm to take advantage of the rules. This loophole is not normal. People can drill and dare to drill.”

“Hmmmm. That’s what I want to emphasize.” Palinlore laughed: “It’s courage. Courage. You can summon courage at the moment of life and death. Do what others dare not do. Bonus points for valuable traits.”

“You must be kidding me—” Cador’s face was ashen. More faster chapters to come.

“Certainly. Although his actions were heroic. He should have been rewarded – but the fact that he broke the rules also exists.” The Grand Duke Hall added: “Without proper punishment. It is really hard to believe. Crowd. You see how this is done. He offsets his rewards and punishments. Maintains the current status. We neither admit that he won the form before the phantom escaped its shell. Nor do we admit that he has used it. The power of the Holy Spirit. As if nothing had happened. Just wait and see.”

“And of course. Grand Duke Hall, you have already discussed this decision with His Majesty King Arthur. Right.” Cador asked suspiciously.

” It was discussed. After reading this record, he expressed great interest. [Since the chief examiner of the Trial of Strength is Palinlore. More chapters are to come sooner. Then everything follows Palinlol Do what you want to do.]——-This is His Majesty’s original words.”

” And the old man thinks that Hall is very reasonable.” Palinlor added: “I don’t want outsiders to think that the Knights of the Round Table is a rigid group that only knows how to act according to the rules. But I don’t want people to think I feel that there is no discipline in this group. I want to deal with this little tiger without bias. Neither reward him nor punish him. That is the most appropriate way to deal with it.”

Cador was silent for a moment. The reasoning of the two Heavenly Knights seems to be correct. But he found it difficult to accept.

“Alas. I’m exhausted.—” At this point. Kay, the Knight of the Round Table, pushed the door and entered the conference room. On the other hand, he moved his tense arms.

“Oh. Is it all done?” Grand Duke Hall of the Celestial Knight turned to look at the Red Knight: “I thought there would be a chance for me to play.”

“It’s almost. Old man Hall.” Kay wiped the blood from his forehead: “It’s almost I can’t take it anymore. I have to ask you for help.”

His body armor is also torn apart. It seems to have experienced a very tragic battle. Salamander Luke was even more exhausted. Transformed into a small lizard the size of a palm. Crouching on Kai’s arm, dozing off.

The Red Knight pulls a fist-sized metal pouch from his arms. A certain purple-red light was faintly revealed between the metal gaps of the pouch. There seems to be a huge power hidden in it. He carefully placed the pouch on the table. It’s like placing an explosive.

At the same time everyone’s eyes fell on the pouch on the table. Kay also sat down. Just take the coffee from the staff. He drank slowly: “This guy has also caught…or most of it. In this way, Kilimanjaro Mountain will calm down for a while.”

“Hearing this. Your Majesty will be very happy.” Celestial Knight Hall put away the wonderful pouch containing the spirit body: “The thing is indeed received. I will be responsible for sending this back to Great Britain~IndoMTL .com~ You’ve worked hard. Go back and have a good rest.—–Wallace. Stop wandering around Kai’s battleship. It’s time to go back.”

“Meow.~” as Hall called. A big white cat walked in slowly from outside the door of the conference room. His noble and glamorous steps. As if wanting to tell everyone present. I am a well-bred cat.

“Um—–” Kai gave the cat a white look: “This child… always feels more arrogant than before.”

“It’s your illusion.” Hall picked up Wallace the Snow Lion. Stroking the back of the cat’s head: “Chaos trolls are immortal. Even if they die, they just return to their egg state. Seven years ago, this child died once in the face of the Dark God of Destruction. At that time, I thought it would It’s been sleeping. It’s only been a few years. It’s reborn.”

“And it also changed from a golden cat to a white cat…” Kai looked at the snow lion Wallace for a while: “What a strange little thing. —Is this really the original Wallace?”

“Meow.~” Wallace yelled at Kai in protest. The sound dragged on for a long time. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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