Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1021: Dive into the dark night (6)


Chapter 1021: Exploring the Night (6)

At the same time, Cairo, Egypt.

“Um!” Albert shuddered, woke up suddenly, and found himself lying on a super luxurious bed. Luxurious silk embroidered gold sheets and comfortable crimson velvet quilts, super soft and supportive natural latex pillows and mattresses, all give this bed an air of noble (earth) ethnicity (hao )temperament.

Looking at the surroundings again, this is a splendid double suite, the countless pure gold decorations in the room reflect countless lights, even if the lights are dimmed at the darkest, they are still very dazzling.

Tiger’s memory still lingers on the moment he defeated the Amethyst Lava Dragon. He has been in a drowsy state since then. Why did he wake up in such a luxurious room, he had no clue at all, he just felt extremely confused.

“El?” Elaine leaned over and glanced at the tiger, then turned around and shouted, “Hey, El is finally awake!”

“Huh?” The tiger turned his head and looked in the direction of the polar bear man’s shouting, only to find a group of people on the large Persian carpet in the guest room, as if they were discussing something.

“Yo, little tiger, finally woke up?” Palamides beckoned to Albert, “I just have something to discuss with you, and I plan to shake it if you don’t wake up. wake you up.”

“Negotiate? Woo!” Tiger tried to get up from the bed, but he forgot that his left hand was badly injured and was tightly bandaged, and it hurt to death when touched.

“I, I’ll help you.” Elaine hurried over to help the tiger.

“Thank you—” After Albert finally got up, he looked at the three Palamidis and the werewolf Bedivere present, and then asked, “Negotiate? Negotiate? Why would she be in such a place?”

“Oh, this is a luxury room at the Grand Hotel Cairo,” Palamedis explained. “The second stage of the exam is well over. Before the start of the third stage, candidates can stay at the Grand Hotel. On vacation, you can eat and drink as you like.”

“Cool.” Tiger replied casually: “And then?”

“Then… it’s a matter of money.” Palamidis rolled his eyes in bewilderment and told Albert the whole story.

“Is it meow?” Albert spent about ten minutes listening to the matter, then resting his cheek with his uninjured hand, said dejectedly: “I didn’t even earn a penny, The test organizer is really stingy.”

“You deserve it.” Bedivere cast contempt and criticism at the tiger youth.

“What meow!?——“

“Thanks to him, we all survived, so don’t blame the little tiger.” Palamidis quickly interrupted the quarrel between the two: “The current situation is that we are all short of money, Even if all the money in hand is added up, it is not enough to buy a decent weapon. It is estimated that it will be very difficult to pass the next stage of the trial in this situation.

Then the question arises. “

The big cat looked at everyone present: “Should we go to the casino to try our luck?”

“I object.” Bedivere knew that Palamidis would come up with such a bad idea, and before the big cat finished speaking, he immediately protested: “Gambling is a bottomless pit, especially such a large casino. , not many people can get their money back from them. If you want to [try your luck] in this **** place, you will only lose your pants.”

“Then do you have any other way?” Palamedis glared at the werewolf.

“Palami, where’s your [Gengnir]?” Bedivere glared at the leopard warrior, “I remember that the original condition was to put your [Meteor Gun—Gengnil] Er] put it on the test organizer’s side, and they’ll lend us weapons? Why can’t we do the same thing again?”

“Did you think I didn’t try it?” The big cat shook his head violently: “This time they won’t buy it. They said they would return the Ancient Neal to me tomorrow, but there is no way to rent weapons.”

“My Haitao Sword!—” Albert muttered in dissatisfaction.

“It doesn’t belong to you!” Palamidis glared at Tiger instead.

“Ahem… In short, the next stage of the exam doesn’t seem to be as dangerous as before, and the artifact doesn’t have to worry about getting lost in the maze. The test organizer doesn’t care anymore.” Palamidis crossed his arms across his chest : “Then, what should you do? After [Eternal Neil] got it back, I’m the only one who doesn’t have to worry about the weapon, and your matter has not been resolved yet.”

Bedivere groaned: “I still have a tongue and whip—“

“That kind of thing was cut off by the lightsaber twice, how could it possibly be in the ring!” The leopard warrior pushed the werewolf back in one sentence.


“So, there is only one option left, make money.” Palamidis added: “And yes, make a lot of money from casinos in Cairo. I want to make money in just two days. It’s the most realistic way to get enough money to buy powerful weapons.”

Bediver sneers disdainfully: “Only if you can earn it.”

“Well, is that difficult?” Albert suddenly sneered: “You forgot me, Bedivere? Using Xiaobai’s power, I can simply change cards, and I win all card games. It’s settled.”

“Do you want to break the rules again?” The werewolf youth glared at the tiger with his head turned sideways: “Or do you want to chop off your left hand and go to the casino to gamble?”

“I don’t need it. That kind of trick consumes very little, and it can be used even when wearing a magic bracelet.” Tiger raised his beard: “It’s agreed that these two days are vacation time, not the middle of the exam. Since It’s a vacation, no matter what I do, the test organizer doesn’t care, right?”

“Very good.” Palamidis took out a deck of cards from his arms: “How about you demonstrate your card-changing spell to me first?”

“Of course.” Albert took out two cards and put them on the ground, intending to use the power of the Holy Spirit to swap the two cards: “Xiao Bai, come out.”

No response.

“Xiao Bai?” Albert repeated again with emphasis.

Still no response. The Holy Spirit White Tiger in his body seemed to be shy in front of everyone, but he refused to appear.

“Xiao Bai, stop playing, come out soon?” Albert’s tone changed from reproach to anxiety.

“Forget it, Al.” Bedivere seemed to have guessed that things would turn out like this, and sneered: “In the last battle, the Holy Spirit in your body consumed a lot of power, but You can’t recover after a few days. Give up, you can’t even cheat now.”

“How can I do this!”

“Even without the tiger cub.” Palamedis stubbornly said, “We still have other ways to win money from the casino.”

The werewolf shook his head vigorously. The stupid big cat in front of him definitely had to gamble to make money. Persuasion was useless, and it was just a waste of time to continue.

“I don’t care what you like to do,” Bedivere said irritably, “but just do it yourself, don’t drag Al and Elaine. They are pure children, how can they be taken You teach badly.”

“Huh?!” Albert and Elaine on the side cried out dejectedly almost at the same time.

“As for me, I will try to find other ways to make money in the city.” The werewolf continued: “Cairo is a big city, it is full of opportunities, and there are always other ways to make money besides gambling. .”

“Is that so?” Albert squinted at Bedivere: “Where did our first-stage exams come from, don’t you forget? Who said it was impossible to make quick money in Cairo? coming?”

“Oh, please! Back then we were penniless and of course it was impossible to start from scratch!” Bedivere was displeased at Albert’s old love of finding opportunities to contradict: “But now No, we already have an initial start-up capital.”


“It’s a newspaper.” The werewolf had a bit of self-righteousness on his face: “If you’re willing to spend money to buy a newspaper, you’ll be able to quickly learn about all kinds of money-making opportunities in this city. Plus we have the strength to make money in this city. Quick money is not impossible.”

“You mean…to be a bounty hunter meow?” Seglade stared at the werewolf blankly.

“It’s probably like this.” Bedivere got up from the ground and patted his butt: “Let’s talk about it, I have to take a shower and sleep. It’s six o’clock in the morning? Anyway, enough rest, I’ll be out after lunch. Anyone of you who wants to come with me, come with me — of course, if you want to go gambling with Palamidis to your death, I won’t stop you. Good night, everyone. .”

After he finished speaking, he walked straight out of the room without looking back.

“I…I went to bed too,” Elaine whispered, clumsily getting up. He had been living in the same room as Bedivere.

“It’s said disdainfully:”The bounty hunter kind of thing is obviously a lie. If you don’t get paid for the reporting fee, you won’t be able to earn back your due capital. Hum—“

“We went back to sleep meow.” Saifel and Seglade got up: “Dad, Mr. Albert, good night, meow.”

“Yes, go to bed early.” Palamides waved goodbye to his sons and watched the two Leopard youths leave.

“Speaking of which, are you sure you can really make money from the casino meow?” Albert pretended to be serious and looked at Palamidis.

“What Little Brady said is actually true, the casino is indeed a scam.” The Leopard Warrior squinted and sneered: “But, as long as there is a scam in the world, there must be a way to crack it. Make good use of it. If you do, you can make a fortune—this is the so-called [black eat black].”

Hearing this, Albert had a very bad feeling. Palamidis is planning some kind of dangerous thing, he probably not only intends to make a thousand and a few hundred dollars, but a lot of money. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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