Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1018: Dive into the dark night (3)


Chapter 1018: Exploring the Night in the Night Three

Facing King Arthur’s persuasion. The boy just smiled disapprovingly: “I’m not tired at all. How can I be tired doing what I like. I have also analyzed the information you sent today. There is good news and bad news. Do you want to be first? Hear the bad news. Let’s hear the good news first.”

The King of Knights was taken aback for a moment: “Well… let’s say the bad news first.”

“The bad news is. Our simulation training system has indeed been hacked. And the intrusion is almost impossible to defend against.”

“What..” The King of Knights frowned: “Even if you cut off all the lines to the external network, wouldn’t it work?”

“I doubt the reliability of this.” Gwengreen groaned, “Assuming what you say is true. More chapters to come sooner. The invaders are full spirits— –Uh. I’m here to say this. There’s really no problem.”

Arthur looks around. There are hardly any customers in the fast food restaurant. It was just a group of them present: “No problem. Let’s continue.”

“If the intruder is fully spirited.” Gwengreen continued: “Then it can not only intrude into our system by means of a network connection. It can even enter by means of air, water, walls…anything. On our server. The only way to prevent it. I’m afraid the only way is to open the enchantment. But the connection world can’t completely block the connection from the outside. Unless you plan to run a completely independent system– –Then it’s completely contrary to our original intention. Please come to more chapters sooner.”

Heard here. Fiend, Husky, and Hal were already feeling dizzy. Probably only King Arthur was the only one who could understand.

“Humph.” The King of Knights snorted while holding his cheeks: “That is to say. Is there really no way to prevent such incidents from happening again?”

“That doesn’t have to be — that’s exactly what I’m trying to say [good news].” Gwengreen continued, “While we can’t prevent the intrusion of this spirit. But we can do To one thing. It is to carry out regular inspections and killings of these illegal intruders.”

“Kill.” Arthur picked up the cup and took a sip of coffee.

” Their existence is actually very similar to viruses and trojans. They can perform various risky behaviors that exceed system permissions. Please come to more and faster chapters. So. Just add debugging programs to the system. These illegal intrusions are still very easy. Unless they have been lurking and doing nothing. Otherwise. Once exposed, the anti-virus system can easily find them and eliminate them.”

“Eliminate…our system alone. Really kills spirits.”

“Probably not. Just kick them out of the system.” Gwengreen sneered: “I’ll arrange a special isolation room. I’ll lure all the troubled guys there. Next The problem… hum hum. It’s up to you in reality to solve it.”

It was only at this point that he was willing to let go of his work. The double-headed stop gesture. Take off the pair of high-tech goggles. . .

Gwengreen’s cold silver eyes. Focus on Husky’s forehead: “[Parasitic]. Is that the kid.”

“Exactly.” Arthur replied in a low voice: “The other kid over there was also [parasitic]. But he escaped by himself.”

“Hmph. Very interesting case.” Gwengreen added. His eyes never left Husky: “I believe it’s definitely not a coincidence. Maybe these little devils also have the physique to attract spiritual bodies. Compared with this kid who is being parasitized, I care more about the one who escaped on his own. Logically, this is impossible.”

“That.” The canine boy finally couldn’t help asking: “What are you talking about. Husky didn’t understand a word…”

“Just talking to myself here…don’t worry about it.” Arthur sneered.

A huge drop of cold sweat emerged from the dog boy’s forehead: “You are obviously talking about the Husky.”

“And about Howl, meow.” The leopard boy also gave his Uncle Arthur a blank look. I strongly condemn the king of knights for opening his eyes and talking nonsense.

“Anyway.” Gwengreen was busy stuffing food into his mouth. He put on his goggles again. Hiding half of his face under the metal goggles: “I can only do this in terms of software. Real things. Leave it to you to solve it yourself. Remember the exiled spirits. Seal it up. I’ll have to study it carefully when I go back.”

“Certainly. More and faster chapters to come. Lord Gwengreen.” King Arthur jokingly responded—a bizarre situation. Just like the king of knights is a subordinate. And Gwen Green is the boss.

“Then. I also withdraw.” The strange goggled boy hurriedly ate a hamburger. Immediately stood up and turned to leave: “Let’s get in touch if you have anything. Goodbye.”

“Goodbye.” Arthur muttered as he watched the young man’s rapidly disappearing back.

“Who the **** is that guy. What a big tone.” Sha Xing pouted. Displeased expression on his face.

“That guy is the one who started the simulation training…game system.” Arthur defended Gwengreen: “Although he is a weirdo. But he is indeed a genius.”

“And geniuses are arrogant. More chapters coming sooner.” Jin Shining smiled dismissively.

“Humph.” Arthur also sneered mysteriously: “Don’t talk about it. Everyone has enough to eat and drink. Then we should go too. Shixing. You take Hal back to my bedroom first. Go. I have to take Husky to the hospital.”

“Uh…” Husky grunted. His face was a little pale.

“Hospital.” Shaxing asked in confusion.

“It’s just the matter here. Don’t worry about it.” The king of knights picked up the dog boy and walked out of the store.

After saying goodbye to Shaxing and Hal. King Arthur holds Husky. Spread your wings. Fly straight to a hospital in Edinburgh.

Husky remained silent. More faster chapters to come. His face became more and more ugly.

“What’s the matter. I don’t want to see your mother.” King Arthur had already read Husky’s heart. He dug up the matter like a prank and asked.

“Well… Husky really doesn’t have the face to see Mummy Wang.” The canine boy muttered in a low voice. I remember everything that happened last night. Lian Yin was stabbed in the chest by the assassin. The scene of blood gushing. It’s still vivid in my mind. Stimulates the nerves of the canine boy.

He said with guilt: “It was Husky who hurt Mummy. It was Husky who didn’t want to go there. When Mummy told Husky to run away, Husky was so frightened that he moved. No strength at all. Such a useless son. Husky is afraid that Mummy will hate wang.”

“Idiot… how could such a thing happen.” King Arthur knocked the dog boy on the head: “Your mother loves you. No matter what happens. She will always love you. She avoids it because of guilt. Your mother. Are you going to avoid her for the rest of your life? Don’t be stupid.”

The canine boy responded with a moment of silence.

“I might be a scourge. Mummy might be better off without me–you think so.” Arthur read Husky’s heart. Straightforwardly said: “This kind of stupid idea is better to get rid of as soon as possible. Without you, Lian Yin will definitely be more sad.”

“Woo—” The canine boy let out a muffled groan from the depths of his throat.

“If you don’t want the same thing to happen again, just become stronger. Update it as soon as possible.” King Arthur said in a deep and profound way: “Be stronger. Strong enough to protect yourself. In this way, your mommy will Don’t worry about you anymore.”

“But…” Husky muttered: “How can Husky become stronger. Those two days are all in the game. It’s just a game. It won’t affect the reality.”

And in reality. He was just an eight-year-old boy. Can’t even hold a sword. What Uncle Arthur said about getting stronger wasn’t realistic at all.

This time it was the King of Knights’ turn to be silent. He was thinking about whether or not he should tell Husky the truth.

“Anyway. Here we are.” Arthur finally decided to give up. Let’s postpone this matter. He looked at the medical facility not far away. Immediately landed on its rooftop: “I’m only responsible for sending you here. The matter between you two mother and son. Let you solve it yourself. And there is—“

Arthur takes an object from some kind of treasure ring – a bouquet of flowers.

“Bring this one too. After all, it’s for your mother’s visit.”

“Um…Ok.” The canine boy took the bouquet. Hold it carefully in your hand.

Same time. Northeast Africa. Cairo, Egypt.

It’s past five o’clock in the middle of the night. It will be dawn in a while. But this ancient Egyptian city doesn’t seem to know sleepiness. Still shining brightly. The lights are dimmed. It exudes its unique charm in the hazy night.

The battleship of Great Britain has landed on the outskirts of the city. The whole process is quiet and silent. Because it is early morning. Also because of the use of advanced optical camouflage on the battleship. Its arrival did not cause much commotion in the city.

And the candidates also stepped off the battleship one after another. Look at this bustling city. The number of candidates who disembarked was significantly lower than before the previous exam. A rough count. There were only about sixty people left. These more than 60 people are the few elites who survived in the underground palace of who can survive the onslaught of those ice crystal (amethyst) giants. Their strength is unquestionable.

“The hotel is here. Candidates, please come with me.” Cador led the way at the front of the line.

I don’t know if I’m tired or I don’t want to break this pre-dawn tranquility. The students were mostly silent. Quietly followed behind the examiner. Bedivere was walking beside Elaine. The sleepy Albert was carried by the bear man. Marching at the end of the line.

“Before you arrive at the hotel. Give everyone your key cards,” Cador ordered. Colleagues have already had a lot of staff come up. Put a slap-sized magnetic card into the hands of the candidates.

“These are the magnetic cards for the deluxe rooms of the Grand Cairo Hotel. They are basically double rooms. You should stay in pairs. Don’t make trouble tonight.” Cador also seemed tired. His voice was slightly hoarse.

“That’s right. One more thing.” The next thing he announced took everyone by surprise: “Please return the weapons in your hands to the test organizer.” Wen D Vixas’s point of view, if you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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