Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1017: Dive into the dark night (2)


Chapter 1017: Exploring the Dark Night II

The King of Knights doesn’t have to look much to guess who’s calling. He picked up the phone. Casually: “Vivian.”

“Arthur.” Vivian’s voice came over the microphone: “Did the kids have fun today?”

“Oh. Of course.” King Arthur smiled mysteriously. He opened his eyes and said nonsense: “They are playing crazy in the garden. They don’t want to go home.”

Husky and Hal pause. pouted little mouth. In protest at their Uncle Arthur with eyes.

“Is that so. Well—-” Vivian lowered her voice a notch again. Asked: “How was the physical examination at noon. What did Constantine say. Update as soon as possible”

“No problem. All is well.” Arthur gave Hal a subconscious glance. Continue to lie.

The physical examination they performed on the leopard boy at noon was extremely thrilling. No one would have thought that a minimally invasive surgery would reveal the wormhole in the chest of the Leopard boy. No one would have expected another universe connected by that wormhole. Among them, a dangerous ghost will run out.

Of course. Only Arthur and Constantine, who were present at the time, knew of this. The King of Knights couldn’t say anything more to Vivienne. For the time being, we can only wait and see what happens.

“It’s fine.” Vivian seemed relieved after hearing this. “My research on culturing transplanted internal organs is also going very smoothly. I will be able to produce internal organs for transplantation in about a month. Update as soon as possible”

“That kind of thing. Great Britain has a lot of medical supplies. Now there is a magic trick to 100% fusion of the allogeneic organs with the patient. There is no more rejection. Can’t you just find organs for transplantation.”

“I know,” whispered Vivienne, “but Hal is still a child. Implant any other internal organs on him. It might affect his growth. I want to use his own cells. Culture It’s best for him.”

“Yes.” The king of knights said perfunctorily: “You are his mother. Just do what you want.”

“That—Hal can say a few words to his mother, meow. Update as soon as possible” The leopard boy saw Arthur holding the microphone and whispering a bunch of incomprehensible words mysteriously. He couldn’t help but chime in: “Hal wants to ask Mommy for something.”

“Oh. Of course. I’m done talking here.” Arthur handed the phone to the leopard boy: “You two mother and son, let’s have a good chat.”

“Mom Meow~”

“What’s wrong. Hal.” Vivian whispered to her son. The voice is softer than usual: “Is there something you want to get rid of me?”

“That…Hal doesn’t want to go home tonight. I plan to stay at Uncle Arthur’s house just like that, meow.” The leopard boy’s mind was spinning quickly. Rehearse the pre-planned statement in your head over and over again. And do it as well as possible. . . Hope it doesn’t arouse suspicion from his mother.


“That… Husky’s mom is in the hospital. He’s also spending the night at Uncle Arthur’s tonight. So meow—“

“You’re afraid that your little friend will be lonely. You want to be with him. Right.” Vivian’s chuckle came from the other end of the phone: “Then go. It’s time for a good friend. Huhu.”

The leopard boy’s face immediately turned red: “Mom—“

“Huhuhu. I won’t make fun of you. But you should pay attention to safety when you spend the night outside. Don’t cause too much trouble to Uncle Arthur.”

“Okay meow.” The little black panther couldn’t help but glance at the dog boy. He looked a little reproachful: “It won’t be like last time. I will update the cats who are drilling everywhere in the castle without the consent of adults.”

Husky stuck out his tongue. Pretend not to hear.

King Arthur looked at the leopard boy suspiciously. thought. What the **** is this kid doing?

“So. Hal hangs up meow. Goodbye mommy meow~” The Leopard boy hung up the phone.

Then he took another look at his Uncle Arthur: “Uncle. Howl wants to go to the toilet meow.”

“Okay. I’ll take you there.” The King of Knights picked up the little black panther with limited mobility. He turned his head and instructed Husky and Shixing who were fighting for food, “You two are also honest. Don’t cause any trouble.”

“Okay~” Shaxing taunted while stuffing food in his mouth: “Go and change your baby’s diaper~”

“Wow meow. Update for the first time” The Leopard boy made a low protest sound from the depths of his throat.

After Arthur hugged the little black panther and walked a short distance away. Immediately he asked displeasedly: “You kid. What tricks are you going to play? Didn’t I tell you. Are the Husky things left to me to solve? What else do you want to mix?”

“Yes, but… only Hal has experienced that nightmare world. With Hal there. I can definitely help meow.”

“Hmph. Make up your own mind.” Arthur said this, full of anger. “How can you be a little help. It’s good if you don’t help…”

But he had to admit it. Howl with the help of some kind of power. He has successfully escaped from the nightmare world created by evil spirits. This is a very intriguing thing. Maybe this kid can really———

“No. Still not.” The King of Knights denied his momentary innocence. On the contrary: “If I let you go too. Greenville will not let me go. As expected, it’s better to send you home like this. Do not be willful.”

The leopard boy is anxious: “Hal will also persuade Aunt Greenville well. There is no problem, meow. Uncle Arthur, just follow Hal once.”

“You kid—” Arthur stared at the leopard boy: “What is it for? To help people to this extent. Although that boy is your friend. But you have only known each other for a few days. Ah. Risking your life to run into his nightmare. Are you really dying?”

“Um—” Hal bowed his head aggrievedly: “But it’s all Hal’s fault. It was Hal’s own negligence that caused this, meow. If Hal could have stopped that Spider. Husky probably won’t be in trouble like this meow.”

King Arthur froze for a moment. It’s not unreasonable for Hal. But the King of Knights could feel it. Hal’s insistence is not due to a sense of responsibility. But something beyond a sense of responsibility. The leopard boy probably liked his friend very much. That’s how things get to the bottom. Update as soon as possible

Arthur sighed: “Okay. You just follow. But I won’t allow you to enter that kid’s nightmare. You and Greenville watch. I’ll take care of the rest. .”

“Well. Okay meow.” Hal wagged his tail: “Now you can take Hal to the bathroom first meow. It feels like it’s about to leak meow——“

Meanwhile. Husky and Shaxing are eating and drinking. A strange fellow was approaching them. It was a slovenly dressed man with a black head mixed with many white flowers. A young man who looks very down-to-earth.

He wears very high-tech goggles. Those goggles appear to be some kind of display. connected to a computer. The first time it was updated its casing was opaque metal. Completely obscures the wearer’s eyes. Therefore, the teenager did not rely on his own eyes to observe things around him. Instead, he relies on the cameras on both sides of the goggles to look at everything around him. As if he were (in a sense) blind.

Fast food restaurants are relatively deserted at night. After all, tomorrow is a working day. There are obviously many empty seats in such a deserted fast food restaurant. But the man chose to sit down next to Shaxing—he took King Arthur’s original position.

“Uh. Mister.” Sha Xing glanced at the uneducated boy: “Didn’t you see? Someone is already sitting here.”

The man actually started talking to himself. The hands are wearing some kind of high-tech gloves. gesturing. And said a bunch of words that no one could understand: “Well…the quantum circuit is normal…the algorithm can continue to be improved. However, the simulator has functional limitations. It’s better to leave it alone for now——“

“Mr..” Shi Xing found himself being ignored. Blue veins popped out of forehead. He put his hand on the boy’s shoulder and shook it again: “Did you hear me… Get your **** off this seat.”

The man ignored Xinghuilong. The hands are still gesturing. Stop occasionally. Doing the action of typing on the keyboard in the air. The gloves appear to be input devices for the computer. And this man is engrossed in operating the computer.

The evil star sees the other party so arrogant. I can’t help it. Then he intensified his shaking: “Hey. Did you hear me, kid? Give me some reaction. Just ignore me. I’m going to smash your **** goggles with one punch.”

“Tsk…” The man stopped. In turn, a look of offended displeasure appeared: “Be quiet. I’m busy.”

“You took up—-“

The man directly interrupted Sha Xing’s words: “I know. But I was invited out for dinner by your King Arthur. Don’t make such a fuss, okay? So the kid now is really ——-“

The blue veins on the forehead of the evil star are more He squeezed his fist and clucked: “It seems that someone needs to be beaten today.”

“What are you doing.” At this time, King Arthur had returned from the toilet with the little black panther: “Yo. Isn’t this Gwen Green. I didn’t expect you to really come out to eat.”

“It’s only limited to this kind of fast food restaurant. Other places take too much time.” The boy named Gwen Green casually agreed to King Arthur. Attitude is not ordinary casual. There is absolutely no respect for speaking to the King of Great Britain: “Your Majesty, speak as soon as you have something. I’m very busy. After this meal, I will go back to the Institute soon.”

Arthur didn’t look angry at all. Just sitting next to Gwengreen. With a smile, he said: “Huhu. What’s the hurry. Kung fu is never finished. You should know how to combine work and rest.”

The Maleficent and Husky at the moment. Even Hal was looking at each other – what the **** was this guy. Even the great King Arthur was in awe of him for three points.

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