Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1019: Dive into the dark night (4)


Chapter 1019: Exploring the Dark Night Four

This statement comes out. Immediately, many candidates protested: “Hey..” “Hello. Just kidding.” “How can you do this.” “Are you kidding me?”

“This is not a joke.” Knight of the Round Table Cadore tried his best to show his majesty: “In the second stage of the test. The organizer is only lending you weapons temporarily. So that you can survive such a severe test.” /

But these weapons are not yours in the first place. They still have to be taken back. replaced by. The magnetic cards in your hands are bound to a deposit. You use the magnetic card to log into the house at the same time. You can also withdraw money at the counter of the hotel. Use the money. You can then buy weapons from the test sponsor. Or find your favorite weapon in a weapon shop in Cairo. More faster chapters to come.

Of course. How much can you withdraw from the magnetic card in your hand? It is closely related to your performance in the first two stages of the exam. well done. The rewards are naturally more. The opposite is less. If you both performed poorly in the first two stages. There’s a good chance that you won’t even be able to buy back the weapons you had in the previous stage — but I don’t think there are such bad candidates. Ha ha. “

The candidates were talking. The truth is that’s right. But the practice of the test organizers is still unacceptable to many people. Could it be that everyone risked their lives to go deep into the terrifying magic realm of the volcano underground palace. In the end, all you get is a sum of money.

The biggest problem is. The scoring method of the round table trial is not very transparent. The students have worked so hard for so long. How much can you get paid for the first update. There is absolutely no bottom in my heart. Everyone just hopes that the money in their hands is enough to buy back a few decent pieces of equipment. Consider that the next stage of the exam will be more difficult. Powerful equipment is a must.

“[Trial of Strength] The third stage of the exam. It will be a battle of the candidates.” Cador explained again. “Therefore. Get a decent weapon. It will give you a greater advantage in the next duel. I can only reveal so much for the time being. Please think about the next strategy for yourself.”

The candidates then began to talk more violently.

People are still complaining about being sad. When the heart is very restless. Cador had stopped in front of a luxury hotel on the outskirts of the city: “We’re here. More chapters coming sooner.”

Everyone looked up. Can not help but dumbfounded.

The Cairo Hotel in Egypt. Sure enough. It is a splendid five-star luxury hotel.

A gigantic building with more than 100 floors. Located on the outskirts of the city. By the beautiful and clear Nile River. Let this hotel have an exclusive view of the beautiful scenery and pleasant and peaceful atmosphere.

And. as one of the features of this hotel. Its bottom layer is a super huge ——


“Wow. Sure enough.” Palamidis picked up the magnetic card in his hand.

The poor Palamidis never had the chance to stay in a luxury hotel like this. But he had heard the legend of the magnetic card—and the legend of the place. . .

That’s right. This small magnetic card is the [chip card] of the Cairo Hotel. It’s not just a key card for a hotel room. More is used to store tourists’ gambling funds.

As few as tens of thousands. As many as hundreds of billions. This small magnetic card can accurately record customers’ deposits.

Their powerful bio-theft technology also provides customers with absolute security – the moment the user gets the magnetic card. Their biological data is preserved. For comparison purposes when withdrawing money. Even if the magnetic card is lost or stolen. There is no fear of being withdrawn from the deposits in the hotel. Because the thieves have no way of deciphering the biological data of the original holder of the magnetic card.

Such a sophisticated high-tech magnetic card. The cost is also very high. The price of the card itself. It has long exceeded the cost of a night’s stay in a luxury hotel room.

But the Grand Hotel Cairo doesn’t make money by running hotels. Really profitable business. It’s this [Cairo Grand Casino].

South Africa is rich in gems and oil. These countries are full of trillionaires. The right season of the year. The rich would fly private jets to Cairo for vacation. Especially in Cairo’s major casinos to gamble for fun. A gamble is hundreds of millions. Simply rich. capricious.

It’s a world of intoxication. It is a thousand times more exaggerated than anywhere in the world. I did not expect such a trial of the Knights of the Round Table. To make this group of rough people who only know how to fight with weapons intersect with the world of the rich – – Palamidis couldn’t help but admire the imagination of the test organizer.

Meanwhile. The big cat also vaguely guessed the intention of the test organizer.

“Hmph. My heart is really poisonous.” When entering the lobby of the hotel. Bedivere muttered in a low voice.

“Uh. What, what do you mean.” The white bear man behind the werewolf asked timidly. At this time, he was almost blinded by the luxurious decoration around the hotel.

“Elaine. Have you ever gambled money in your life?” Bedivere finished checking in at the hotel. asked casually.

“Uh. No, no.” The white bear lowered his head. Plan to give your eyes a break. Unexpectedly, even the black marble floor tiles on the ground here are also full of pure gold and diamonds. It is no worse than those pure gold carved pillars or crystal lighting in the lobby. His eyes were flashed even more blind.

“That’s good. That’s a good boy.” Bedivere told Elaine like a child: “Don’t gamble at this Cairo casino. You’ll lose 100%.”

“Yes, yes.”

“Idiot. Of course I will,” Bedivere said disapprovingly. His own distaste for gambling was in his words: “Ten bets and nine loses. Every casino operator in the world will secretly use various methods to defraud guests of their money. You think you can make money from a casino that is full of scams. Capital. That’s a big mistake…”

Palramidis, on the side, did not respond to the werewolf’s long story. Instead, they went through the registration process silently. At the same time, he glanced at the funds in his magnetic card from the counter. While seeing that amount. He also frowned slightly.

Ten thousand Egyptian coins. If you discount it back. That’s about a thousand Britannia gold coins.

That’s barely enough money to buy a normal lightsaber. Better weapons just can’t be bought.

Rough estimate again. in the first stage of the exam. Palamidis was the last one;

And in the second stage. His team slaughtered quite a few monsters. Although I didn’t get the designated treasure in the end. But his ranking should not be too low.

After the scores are averaged. His results are among the many (more than sixty) candidates. The first update is about the middle and lower levels—about 40 to 50.

And Bedivere, Zephyr, and Seglade should be about the same. They shouldn’t be paid too much. They are all short of money anyway.

“Dad—” Saifel’s face was very ugly. He whispered in Palamidis’ ear.

Three thousand Egyptian coins. Zefer and Seglade were paid only three thousand each. Not even half of Palamides. So tragic.

“Why did you fail.” Palamidis looked at her sons in disbelief.

“Um… We were on the run for the second exam. We hardly ever fought monsters, meow.” Seglade’s face was full of embarrassment: “I thought everything would be over if I could get the [treasure]. More Please come to the chapter sooner. But the [treasure] was snatched by some stupid bear first meow——“

“Hug, sorry.” Elaine scratched her head embarrassedly. In this way, he responded to the scorching eyes of the Leopard Brothers that were almost tortured.

In other words. The situation of the Leopard brothers is very bad. Only three thousand Egyptian coins. Can’t even afford a decent dagger. They can indeed continue to fight with crude weapons in their hands. After all, these weapons were made by collecting materials along the way of their adventures. The test sponsor did not forfeit it.

But the plugin on the weapon has been recycled. just now.

Without plugins. The spears and shields of Zephyr and Seglade were nothing but sharper, harder weapons. There is nothing special about it. It can’t compare with the weapons of other candidates at all. The three thousand Egyptian coins in their hands were not enough. Even further modification and enchanting of these weapons is not enough.

“That’s right. Where’s the little tiger?” Palamidis asked again.

“Wait—” Bedivere took Albert’s magnetic card and explained the situation to the waiter. The waiter looked at the tiger on Elaine’s back for confirmation. Only finally was willing to tell the werewolf the report in the magnetic card.

Bedevier turns around. He shook his head sharply at Palamidis: “Al’s card is only seven hundred dollars.”

“Wow.” “No.” “Just kidding.” The three Palamidis and sons cried almost simultaneously.

“Yes, but the little tiger’s team should gain the most in this adventure. Why did the tiger only get this amount of money.” The leopard warrior looked at the white bear. At this moment, Elaine turned her face away in embarrassment.

“Probably because he used the power of the Holy Spirit indiscriminately. This kind of outrageous behavior was denied by the test organizer.” The werewolf looked at the sleeping tiger youth with great concern: “I also persuaded him. Idiots just don’t listen.—-Elaine. How much money do you have.”

“Three, thirty thousand…” said the white bear man with a blushing face.

Seifer asked even more incredulously: “Why… the compensation is not divided equally among the people in your group~ The organizer divides all this more finely.” Bedivere continued to analyze. “We were the ones who eliminated the Amethyst Dragon. El used his power indiscriminately. He probably didn’t count in the record. Chanel and Elaine were the ones who grabbed the broken sword. It didn’t matter at all—he was asleep.”

Speaking of which. The people present couldn’t help but join Albert. The poor tiger is still sleeping peacefully. But when he woke up. It will soon become apparent how cruel reality is to him.

“Umm—” Palamidis covered his forehead in annoyance: “My room is number 1128. Everyone come to me. Let’s discuss the next steps.”

So to speak. Almost everyone in Palamidis’ group was short of money. (Except for Elaine, who is a little better off.) They’re all a bunch of poor people. There are only two days left until the next trial. The current situation makes Big Cat extremely worried.

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