Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1003: The ultimate battle against Ziyan (3)


Chapter 1003 The ultimate battle against Ziyan (3)

“Is it solved, solved?” Before falling into the lava pool, Elaine jumped back to a floating island very close to the bottom of the pool and asked out of breath.

“Hmm———” Bedivere half-squinted, staring at the purple lava pool. The purple light in the pool made his eyes very uncomfortable, but he couldn’t take his eyes away from the lava pool.

It stands to reason that the amethyst dragon fell into such a high temperature lava, and it should have been dissolved so that not even the waste residue remains.

However, will things go so smoothly? This is obviously the home ground of that monster? Will it be affected by environmental factors in its own stadium and die? It feels unlikely.

The pool was calm, and the amethyst dragon that fell into the lava pool didn’t seem to struggle at all.

Did he die before he had time to struggle, or was he pretending to be dead?

There seems to be something wrong. A small bubble emerged from the lava, caught by the werewolf’s glasses.

“Oops!” At that moment, Bedivere knew that something was wrong, and exclaimed: “Get away from the lava!!” More and more bubbles emerged, and it took less than half a second for the lava pool to go from calm to waves!

Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble! ! ——— After half a second, the entire purple lava pool has boiled! Accompanied by a strong earthquake, it shook the entire core labyrinth!

Because the cave is almost endless, the lava pool in front of everyone is as big as a sea. If the sea can boil, this scene is probably the same as the boiling hideous face of the sea!

Countless bubbles burst from the slightly sticky surface of the lava, bursting, splashing hot purple juice everywhere. And these lava bubbles didn’t have time to burst naturally, but were squeezed by more and more bubbles around! The originally calm surface of the lava pool was instantly occupied by a frenzied army of foam, and the hot lava purple juice was flying and splashing on the floating island near the lava!

“Wow ah ah ah ah!” Elaine, who had not had time to escape to the higher floating island, together with the floating island under his feet, soared upward like a rocket!

These floating islands rely on the energy of lava to create buoyancy, but they usually only need to touch the lava lightly to rise for a long time. When a large amount of lava juice is sprayed to the bottom of the floating island, the floating island with excess energy naturally rises wildly!

“Elaine, jump down!” Albert shouted. It was useless, the White Dragon had already flown away before hearing the tiger’s warning, and had risen so high that he didn’t know when he would be able to descend back!

And everyone present didn’t have the time to control Elaine, who flew to the sky, because the situation in front of them was even worse than before!

Palamidis is on the highest floating island, looking down at everything on the lava lake. He saw better than others, and was more easily shocked by the sight.

“Unbelievable!” was the only sigh he could utter at the moment.

A shadow, still lurking in the lava lake, swims freely!

The amethyst dragon, which was supposed to be sunk in the purple lava, appears to have been completely unaffected by the high heat erosion. It gradually emerged from the lava, and the body absorbed the mass and heat of the lava, becoming bigger and crazier!

———— Monsters, real monsters!

Its body, which was originally composed of amethyst, swelled to a full double. The swollen part was completely made up by the lava sticking to its body, which was still glowing with high-temperature purple light!

Amethyst with transparency and lava with dazzling purple light reflect each other, making this amethyst lava dragon have unprecedented gorgeous clothes!

But Bedivere groaned inwardly! The damage done to the Amethyst Dragon by the fierce attack of the crowd was insignificant, but now they not only gave up their efforts, but also faced this monster with tens of thousands of degrees of hot lava flowing all over the body!

———— Monsters, real monsters! !

He couldn’t cut in, and he couldn’t shoot, let alone penetrate the monster’s stone heart, which was heavily surrounded by amethyst lava. This is simply an impossible task! !

What must be done to destroy this near-immortal amethyst lava dragon? !

At the same time, in a certain virtual world, somewhere in Zhangren’s castle.

“Um…” The Leopard boy got up from the ground and rubbed his sore butt. Although there was no pain, the paralysis of his entire body when he landed told Hal that the shock was anything but ordinary.

Crap! The leopard boy was shocked. Did he just pass out? ! Although it is estimated that it is only one second, it is very likely that he has lost consciousness!

He fell from a height and passed out, which may have happened to his comrade—Husky—!

Husky must never faint or die in battle! Otherwise, that nightmare will begin to erode the body and mind of the dog boy!

Not good! So bad!

By the way, what about Husky? !

The leopard boy looked nervously at his surroundings.

This is… water?

Here is a very shallow beach, about as deep as his condyle. But the water level seemed to be rising, and there was the sound of running water rushing around.

The leopard boy lit the torch and looked around. It used to be a cave. It is estimated that it is the underwater cave they stayed in before? No, the underwater cave connected to Zhangren Castle does not have such a large cave structure. It is estimated that this is another cave system, which has always existed here. When Zhangren built the castle, they never found it here, and there is no way for Zhangren’s castle to connect to this cave.

An ancient scent is coming from the nostrils. This underwater cave, which has been closed for thousands of years, is probably still unexplored.

… Having said so much, it’s actually quite simple in nature.

This is a hidden map in the game.

A hidden map that can’t be reached by any means, and can only be opened by a special method. This kind of hidden thing was found by Husky and others by mistake.

Is it fortunate or unfortunate at this horrific time?

“Husky! Husky!—-” The leopard boy didn’t think much, and called out to his little friend. He was most worried about Husky’s safety now, and other things could be considered later.

“Ugh…don’t bark so loudly, Husky is barking right here.” The canine boy slowly got up from a distance of about ten yards. Beside him was the wreckage of the motor, he was the closest to it, and Husky was also beside it when the wreckage of the motor fell to the floor and smashed through the ground into this underwater cave.

“Husky Meow!” The leopard boy was greatly relieved, and ran over to meet his friends: “You are fine, meow!” “Why does Husky have trouble?” Excessive concern for his companions, The dog boy was puzzled: “It seems that we have opened up the hidden map.” “Yes, great, but we only have ten minutes to escape from here.” Seeing the fire from a distance, the fish-man prince Calvin also rushed Come over and meet the friends: “Otherwise, once Zhangren’s castle explodes, we will become roast ducks.” “Well—” Husky lit another torch and looked around: “Since this is a hidden map , there must be a way to get out of here, Wang.” For example, getting lost in a complex cave system for a whole day, or – defeating a certain hidden boss?

As the teenagers searched around with torches, trying to find a way out of this huge underwater cave, there were also a pair of eyes in the darkness, watching them faintly.

“Husky meow.” The leopard boy reminded in a low voice.

“Well, Husky also noticed Wang.” The canine boy sneaked a glance at the shadow in the dark, still holding the torch in one hand, while the other hand opened the inventory: “Don’t do it yet. It’s too big, pretending not to notice it. Husky gives you the bow and arrow, Hal, you shoot, give it a dismount first——“”Hmm…” The leopard boy took out the green tree The Viper Wood Bow, under the cover of the two little friends, secretly drew the bow and drew the arrow.

“It’s now meow!” he signaled to his friends. The canine boy and the murloc prince moved away at the same time, and Howl shot an arrow at the strange dim light!

Whoosh! The arrow pierced through the air, but the sound was almost drowned out by the sound of running water in the cave, so that the other party didn’t realize it in time.

When the other party heard the sound of the arrow, it was already close to an unavoidable distance and stabbed into the body of the thing fiercely.

And then…it doesn’t move?

“Did it work?” Husky asked expectantly. Although he is also very clear that the lethality of a small wooden arrow alone will not be enough to eliminate a big He is right. The thing didn’t take much damage, it was just bruised at best. And this arrow did a good job of provoking the enemy hidden in the dark, driving it out of the ambush.

That’s what Husky and the others are for. The arrow they shot was not just a preemptive attack, just to hurt. It drove this hidden enemy out of the darkness, far more useful and safer than Husky and the others going to the enemy’s territory in person.

The canine boy stuffed the torch to the murloc prince, and he held his great sword in both hands: “I’ll leave the lighting to you, Wang.” Since there was no time, he planned to make a quick battle, avoiding the enemy. Immediately after the first wave of attacks, use the powerful sword to give the opponent a fatal blow! And his [arm burst] can be used seven times today, enough to kill any big boss.

The enemy burst out of the darkness under the light of two torches in the hands of the Leopard Boy and the Murloc Prince.

The Huskies originally thought it was some kind of beast or monster, but its appearance was beyond everyone’s expectations! () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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