Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1004: The ultimate battle against Ziyan (4)


Chapter 1004 The ultimate battle against Ziyan IV

That thing in front of the boys. it is——

A [indescribable creature. ]

Seems like a glitch in the game. It is surrounded by various colorful blocks all over its body. There are shiny ones. There are also dull ones. There are many more flashing alternately in random order. Chaos to the extreme.

Even the outline of this “creature” is indescribable. Because these messy cubes keep changing shape. There is simply no way to sum it up with a “cube” or a “cylinder”.

This guy isn’t a big boss at all. Not even an enemy in the game. It is a [fault body()]. . .

“Oh my god—” Husky was dumbfounded when he saw the monster: “We’re lucky. We encountered an unfinished part of the game.”

“I don’t know what it has. Be careful, meow.” The leopard boy raised his bow and arrow to aim. shooting.

A wooden arrow he fired hit the malfunctioning body again. Or maybe it didn’t even dodge at all. Let yourself be shot. .

Then. Colorful square particles began to be ejected from this strange and inexplicable monster. This may be its “blood”.

Not good. So bad. If the opponent is some kind of powerful monster. It’s just a little harder to deal with at best. Be careful and you’ll get through.

But the opponent doesn’t play cards at all. This is what Hal is most worried about. Since this is a [malfunctioning body]. So what properties does it have. What kind of attack will be made. Totally unpredictable.

God knows if it will kill you if you touch it. Or something even scarier. How exactly should they evade or defend against the attack of this malfunctioning body. Everything is completely unknown.

In the end. Can this faulty body be eliminated? Not sure yet.

“Hmm… that’s why I hate this unfinished game the most.” Husky said gloomily.

But so far. Also had to bite the bullet. Avoid first. Find out its attack routine.

The glitch begins to move towards the crowd. . . It looks like it’s about to attack. It shoots rainbows out of it… uh. Rainbow colored bricks. And these seemingly harmless bricks smashed at the teenagers at an alarming speed.

“Wow.” The leopard boy evaded like his friends. Do your best not to get hit by these weird bricks.

dong dong dong dong dong dong dong. Bricks of different sizes flew past the Leopard boy. hit the ground. Childish and funny sound effects. But things are often not as good as they appear on the surface. Hal could feel it. There must be some kind of murder in this funny brick.

“Hahahahaha.” Only the murloc prince Calvin was amused by the sound of the brick shooting. Or maybe he just lacked tension. The first update was when he was distracted. A colored brick brushed across his left shoulder.

“What…” The little prince didn’t care about it at all at first. After all, this kind of colored bricks does not hurt or itch when hitting people. But after a few seconds. His left shoulder began to stiffen.

His shoulders are petrified.

“Oops. It’s a petrification attack meow.” Howl saw a murloc prince who couldn’t move his shoulders. He took a deep breath: “If you get hit completely, your whole body will be petrified and you will die, meow. Be careful, meow.”

“Ugh.—-” Husky heard his friend’s advice. Avoid monster attacks more carefully. But all kinds of colorful bricks are flying in the sky. Fired at Husky with astonishing intensity. Forcing the canine boy to be very embarrassed. Update as soon as possible

That thing. Sure enough, it was aimed at Husky. The leopard boy was shocked. Even this seemingly innocuous brick shot. It is also an insidious attack that specializes in petrifying opponents. And this faulty body is even more chasing after Husky to shoot. I’m afraid I can’t kill the canine boy.

In this game. Whether the petrification state can be removed. Still an unknown. But Hal was clear. If the whole body is petrified. Husky would temporarily lose consciousness. The unconscious canine boy will be immediately attacked by that nightmare. Killed by the black reaper in the dream. Even the real-life Husky is affected.

It’s no accident that this glitch appeared in front of the teenagers. Its petrification ability is also by no means random.

All this. More faster chapters to come. It seems that someone deliberately arranged it. .

There is someone. Put the black spider that will invade the player’s dream into the game. there is someone. Arranged for this big boss fight. Pull the teenagers abruptly closer to this hidden game area that has not been completed. Let them encounter this makeshift glitch.

—–The purpose is to be in the game. in a nightmare. “Kill” Husky….

How can you let them succeed. Hal quickly drew his bow. Shoot several arrows. These wooden arrows were stabbed one by one on the malfunctioning body full of colored squares. Make it spray a lot of block particles. But Hal was also very puzzled. This attack alone. Can you kill this wonderful monster? .

It was deliberately shaped into this glitch. . . Just so that opponents can’t easily kill it. It’s not at all obvious from the outside that it’s vital. I don’t even know what it’s made of. Feel free to attack it. Just like a mosquito bite. doesn’t make any sense.

What should I do? . Shouldn’t it just be delayed. Are you waiting for Uncle Arthur to come to the rescue?

“Husky. Log out of the game now, meow.” The leopard boy exclaimed.

“What woof…but—-” The dog boy squatted tight. A huge colorful block flew over its head.

“Don’t say anything. Log out of the game meow.” Howl called out in a tougher tone.

“Okay. Okay. Husky is logging out——-” When the dog boy seizes the opportunity to open the inventory. . . When trying to log out of the game from the inventory menu. Instead, he found his logout button dimmed. The system won’t let him log out of the game.

“No way. The system doesn’t allow you to log out in battle.” Another three-colored square flew past Husky. Fortunately, the canine boy responded quickly enough. In the nick of time, a rollover evaded.

Oops. Hal groaned inwardly. They have become turtles in a urn. no matter who the enemy is. This person must know very well how the system works. Know the loopholes and secrets in this system. There is such a guy in the world. Uncle Arthur, who was able to fool the game administrators. without the administrator’s knowledge. Behind the scenes controls it all.

And. The man was still here for Husky.

What the **** is going on here. Update the first time.

“Wow, meow.” Just as Howl stayed. His left ear was suddenly brushed lightly by a flying colored square.

Crap. Howl’s leopard ears started to petrify. Even he could feel it. His round ears became heavier. The sound of listening to things in the left ear is also becoming more and more blurred. Everything was replaced by a buzzing sound.

Hal suddenly felt the world spinning. It’s hard to even get yourself on your feet. The inner ear is an important organ that controls the balance of the body. If affected by petrification effects. Hal’s entire body’s sense of balance to the left will come to a complete halt.

He is half-knelt on the ground. Effortlessly dodge the oncoming attack. The situation is terrible. Can’t hit any more attacks.

No. That’s not too bad. when kneeling on the ground. The leopard boy realized this. The surrounding water level rose a lot. It’s now as deep as Hal’s knees. And it will go deeper.

Because of the impact of the explosion. This ancient underwater cave has long been broken. The sea is constantly pouring in. It is connected to the sea outside. And it’s still under the sea. How much water is needed. Continue to consume it. Seawater will fill the entire underwater cave. Husky they will drown.

No. before that. They may be unable to avoid the opponent’s attack well because of the obstruction of the sea. Killed by petrified bricks first. And there were five minutes left before the castle exploded. Even if they can survive the strafing of the faulty body. The same will be affected by the explosion and die.

This is utter despair. No matter how hard you struggle, you will die.

What should I do? .

“Do you want to leave it to me?” said a voice in the Leopard boy’s heart.


Although I don’t know who the other party is. But Hal snapped back at the voice.

(Hal can still…)

(Struggle one more time, meow.)

The leopard boy struggled to get up again. The malfunctioning body did not pursue Hal. It is estimated that this is enough to block the actions of the Leopard boy. And concentrate on chasing Husky.

The water is rising higher and higher. The canine boy is still trying his best to dodge. But he was already tired. Waist-deep water also greatly hindered Husky’s movement. He couldn’t last long.

(There must be… and Shimeow.)

(What else. Can turn this situation around meow.)

Wait. water.

The monster’s colored brick attack is obviously very ferocious. But they hit the water. But it passed through the water like a phantom. Not even a splash of water splashed. Even when they hit the ground. It also disappeared instantly. almost no collision with the ground. It didn’t bounce on impact either.

A little weird This guy was a [glitch] originally. So even the flying props it released. Is it part of the fault too?

“Calvin. Make ice cubes. Lots of ice cubes, meow.” The leopard boy seemed to have figured out something. shouted suddenly.

“What. I even ordered this prince———-“

“Just do it.”

“Tsk—.” The murloc prince groaned slightly unhappily. Dodge another petrified brick on one side. While using his arm that hasn’t been petrified. Raise the staff to cast spells.

He releases clouds of icy fog. The thick and heavy ice fog freezes immediately upon encountering the water surface. In less than a quarter of an hour, it became a block of ice three feet high. by the buoyancy of water. The ice cubes were suspended.

And colored bricks. As Hal expected. Hit the ice cube. blocked by ice cubes. It disappeared instantly.

This is it. Use [this]. Surely this battle can be reversed. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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