Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1002: The ultimate battle against Ziyan (2)


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Chapter 1002 The ultimate battle against Ziyan (2)

The amethyst dragon continued to roar, something brewing within it. Its body emits amazingly strong light, and it seems that high energy is about to explode at any time.

Faced with such a terrifying opponent, even if they don’t want to, everyone in the four teams will cooperate with each other, and let’s get through this crisis first!

Chanel and Solar leaned behind Elaine, the white dragon raised a huge shield for defense, the elf girl drew a bow and was ready to shoot with arrows, and the magic swordsman held a sword with one hand and the other side against the shield with his shoulder one side of the shield, add an extra support for the shield;

Sefiel and Seglade carried guns and shields, and not far behind them there was the mysterious white boy Mordred, observing the situation;

Evan held his shield in front and aimed a gun at the enemy in the other hand, just in time to meet Palamidis who had returned;

Bedivere is with Albert and Tristan. The werewolf has long set up a shield bow, and the shield is also the action of drawing the bow, so although the shield is a bit in the way, it can also defend synchronously;

The tiger also drew a big bow, aiming at the werewolf while observing the situation;

Tristan holds a spear in one hand and a small shield in the other, hiding half of his body behind the werewolf’s shield, capable of both attacking and defending.

It actually only took less than a second for everyone to move and cooperate, but the Amethyst Dragon actually completed its energy storage within this second and started its first wave of offensive!


Swish, swish, swish, swish! ! As a burst of purple steam spewed out of the hole on the dragon, thousands of fireballs followed, drawing countless wonderful tracks in the air and smashing at everyone!

That’s right, each of these fireballs has the same tracking ability as any the Bedivere team has encountered before. Although the tracking ability is not ideal, they can slightly change the flight trajectory according to the movement of the target, coupled with this storm-like attack, this fireball is basically impossible to avoid!

“Come on! Be careful everyone!” The werewolf lowered the center and smashed the bottom of the shield bow to the ground, causing it to get stuck between the rocky crevices of the floating island under his feet. With this additional support point, I hope to block this bullet rain storm!

Rumble Rumble Rumble! ! Amazing fireball bombs exploded on everyone’s shields one after another and exploded! These fireballs are not only the tracking fireballs that were used to snipe the Bediveville team before, but they also add explosion effects. Each fireball can explode a large shock wave when it hits an object, and at the same time, the stone in the core of the fireball will be blasted. Explode, let the ignited stone chips splash around like shotguns! Ordinary people without protection will suffer severe burns and cuts even if they are lightly splashed by stone chips!

“Wow!——-” Among all teams, (except Tristan’s small shield), Evan’s shield performance should be the worst, after all, it’s just a temporary shield. He was halfway in the block, and his entire body had begun to lean back, feeling a little out of control. Palamides hurriedly drew out his spear and used one end of the spear against the shield, while the other end pierced the ground to further support the shield. In this way, it seems that it can barely block the rain of bullets?

Rumble Rumble Rumble! ! In the thousands of explosions around, everyone felt that their ears were almost deaf, and they all looked forward to the end of this airtight bombardment as soon as possible.

Fortunately, the monster’s power is not infinite, and it also has a time when it’s light — only temporarily.

The offensive of the fireballs finally subsided. When the frequency of the explosions was no longer so frequent, everyone, especially those with melee weapons, began to move about, planning to rush out to attack.

As the final blast fading feebly, the fireball bombing was finally over. Bedivere and others divided their troops into two groups. Those who could use long-range attacks rushed out first, preparing to shoot wildly at the Amethyst Dragon!

Bedivere quickly circled to the left side of the monster, aiming at the junction of the dragon’s left wing and its back, and the three iron arrows were fired together! There was nothing special about these iron arrows, they were just extra supplies that the organizer of the round table trial distributed to the werewolf youth together with the shield bow. However, there are enchantments on the strings of the shield bow, pulleys on the bow body and other devices to enhance the shooting power. They increase the power of the shot iron arrows to a terrible level, enough to make these small iron arrows pierce stone and break gold. . The iron arrow pierced the end of the left wing of the Amethyst Dragon without any suspense, but it was only embedded in it, and there was no further damage!

But that’s enough. Bedivere never thought to use this move to destroy the monster’s wings, after all, it was a monster as huge as a mountain. All he has to do is get the monster’s attention, and he’s done a great job!

At the same time, Evan, who was thirty yards away, also raised his gun and aimed at the right shoulder of the Amethyst Dragon, shooting three steel bullets! He also holds a magazine of explosives, which for now are just tentative and feint shots. But his shooting was extremely accurate. The three bullets landed on the same spot, and the bullets were also deeply embedded in the monster’s body with the sound of knock, knock, knock, and three consecutive hits!

At the same time, Tristan has run to the Amethyst Dragon, aiming at the belly of the huge monster, raising his spear is a stab! Click! His spear pierced the hole in the monster’s body for shooting fireballs, and at the same time, a bang! That was the result of Tristan’s instant synchronizing weapon plug-in, and the high-frequency vibration generated by the plug-in destroyed monsters from the inside of the hole! As a result, the hole that was originally used for shooting deadly fireballs was instantly disintegrated and closed by the collapsed amethyst, and it was no longer possible to shoot nasty missiles!

This may be superfluous, as the monster also has thousands of identical voids, each capable of firing equally deadly fireballs. But Tristan looked very far. He knew that the weapons they currently had were not enough to cause direct and fatal damage to the monsters. They could only do so steadily and destroy the Amethyst Dragon’s body bit by bit. , in order to finally destroy this amazing monster!

At the same time that Tristan hit the monster’s abdomen, Solar rushed to the back of the Amethyst Dragon, slashing with the two knives in his hand, creating a visible crack near the Amethyst Dragon’s tail . He knew that the sweep of the dragon’s tail would be a great threat, so he attacked here first, hoping to preempt and disarm the monster as soon as possible.

And when the amethyst dragon noticed the moment behind him, Chanel had already shot an arrow with the ice enchantment. The arrow fell on the monster’s right face, forming a large icicle, which eroded each other with the monster’s amethyst shell, and also produced some kind of thermal expansion and contraction, causing the dragon’s right face to crack!

The monster had just been distracted by the attack of the elf girl, and Syfer and Seglade had already flanked them at the same time. One by one, they raised their guns and stabbed them wildly, creating a series of cracks in the monster’s two arms! Their spears also have a plug-in capable of generating shock waves. While stabbing the target, the shock waves also burst on the monster’s amethyst body, and the violent airflow like an explosion is constantly expanding the gap!

The purpose of the two leopard youths is very clear, that is to abolish the arms of this amethyst dragon as soon as possible, so that it will not grab it with its sharp claws, because the power of these sharp claws is too great, and the attack range is too large Guang, ordinary shields can’t defend at all, even if you dodge with all your strength, it is difficult to completely avoid their attacks!

Just as the monster turned its attention to the two leopard youths, and planned to kill the two kittens that were scratching around it, Palamidis also jumped to the highest one in one fell swoop. On the platform, the long-brewed electric energy spurted out of the mouth! His lightning beam was aimed at the iron arrow that Bedivere had shot out earlier, because the iron arrow was deeply embedded in the left wing of the amethyst dragon, and it was a metal material that was easily conductive!

And the thunder beam did not disappoint the big cat, it hit the amethyst dragon’s wings smoothly! The electricity spreads along the iron arrow, spreads through the monster’s body, and begins to cause destruction! Compared to the giant amethyst dragon with its huge body, the destructive power of a little electric shock may be insignificant, but it has a subtle effect-paralyzing the monster’s wings! The amethyst dragon whose left wing was paralyzed began to lose its balance and leaned to the left!

Great opportunity! Mordred has jumped to the right shoulder of the giant dragon at an alarming speed, raised the pair of peculiarly constructed gloves in his hand, and aimed at the few steel bullets that Ivan shot and shot!

It was only now that Zephyr and Seglade could see clearly that the glove in Mordred’s hand also had some kind of lightning effect plug-in, which could generate a strong current when the glove was violently swung! They slammed into this gap one after another, expanding the degree of the amethyst fragmentation, while also bringing a greater impact, smashing the amethyst dragon even more inclined!

No special cooperation is required, as long as everyone follows the flow of the battle, they will know what to do next!

At this time, Elaine, the white dragon, has already rushed out, as if being instructed, leaping high! His rhinoceros horn is the heaviest weapon wields the most powerful weapon, and this weapon is slicing down from the sky at high speed, slamming down the amethyst dragon’s frozen right face! But this power is far from enough, something must be added! Elaine pulled the trigger on the hilt of the sword, and the blade ejected a shock wave from the other side, increasing the force of the sword’s slashing!

Pounds! ————- The rhinoceros horn hits the right face of the monster! This single blow directly shattered the right face of the Amethyst Dragon, which had been frozen in half, and at the same time continued to increase the inclination of the Amethyst Dragon, making it difficult for the dragon to stabilize its flying height. Fall towards the underground lava lake!

That’s right! Although this guy is huge and the amethyst scales on his body are hard and hard to break, all this is not important! Just drive it out of the lava pool, let it melt into **** in the heat of the lava, and the battle is over! !

“It’s now!!” Bedivere yelled, and everyone who could make a long-range attack fired a salvo, slamming against the dragon’s right wing! Countless crystal shards shattered on the wings composed of amethyst, all of which accelerated the monster’s fall!

Whoa! ! The amethyst dragon was forced into the pool by the onslaught of the crowd, and was swallowed by the purple ultra-high temperature lava! () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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