Ghost King’s Medical Consort Chapter 536: Fierce competition


A flash of surprise flashed in Mu Qianyue’s eyes when she heard the words, only 100 people were recruited out of 10,000 people, one can imagine how fierce the competition is!

“The admission requirements of the White Tiger Academy are also very strict. The age should not exceed 20 years old, and it must be on the Wang Wuzhe. The assessment is more perverted, and the content of each assessment is different, so I don’t know this time. How about the assessment, it’s not easy. And after entering the White Tiger Academy, it is a six-year system.” Fu Yanxiu continued.

“Six-year system? What do you mean?” Tong Ling asked in confusion.

“In other words, after six years of cultivation in the academy, you must graduate, and you can only graduate if your strength is above the ninth-order sect martial artist. Those who do not meet this requirement will not have a graduation certificate issued by the White Tiger Academy.”

“Ah? You must reach the ninth rank within six years as a martial artist? This is too perverted! Don’t you count as a student of the White Tiger Academy?” Tong Ling was stunned, really perverted!

Fu Yanxiu had a wry smile on his face, “I’ve been in the White Tiger Academy for three years, and I still have three years left. I’m now in the realm of a sixth-order imperial warrior. If I want to reach the ninth-order sect warrior in three years’ time. , it is impossible. Hey, it seems that I have no hope.”

“However, the White Tiger Academy is really good. Three years ago, when I entered the White Tiger Academy, I was a fifth-order king warrior. In three years, I was promoted to the eleventh level, which is already very fast. If you cultivate on your own, it will definitely not be so fast. So, you should work hard! Even if you can’t graduate, at least our strength can be greatly improved!”

Tong Ling thought about it and asked, “What will happen if I don’t meet the requirements of White Tiger College when I graduate, and I don’t have a diploma?”

“Actually, a diploma is like an honor. Those who have a diploma from the White Tiger Academy will be highly recommended by the White Tiger Academy. They will serve as elders in some big families or large sects. There is no need to worry about cultivating resources, elixir, etc. Even some disciples from families or sects come to White Tiger Academy to study, and after graduation, they get their diplomas, and some even become patriarchs or suzerains when they go back.”

Through Fu Yanxiu’s words, Mu Qianyue’s heart is clear, isn’t this the equivalent of a university diploma in the 21st century? Those with a college degree can basically get a good job, a good job, and those without a college degree generally get a bleak, but there are some people who belong to the dark horse type, but there are very few such people.

It seems that the graduation certificate is very important everywhere.

Mu Qianyue and her party returned to the inn after eating. It was already in the middle of the month. After washing up, they entered a state of cultivation.

The next day, a red sun slowly rose from the east, and the golden morning sun shone on this vast expanse of land, and a new day officially began.

Baihu City was very lively early in the morning, and figures rushed towards the White Tiger Academy. Everyone’s face was full of youthful confidence, with bright and dazzling smiles on their faces. They are not very old, the youngest is only fourteen and the oldest is twenty.

Beautiful men and women come together to form a beautiful landscape.

Mu Qianyue and Tong Ling were also in the crowd, because Xiao Xuan’er was a monster, so she did not participate in the admissions assessment, but bought a bag of melon seeds and sat on the treetops next to the college. .

A total of tens of thousands of people lined up in more than 100 teams. Fortunately, there are many tutors in the White Tiger Academy. Fortunately, the entrance of the White Tiger Academy is spacious and can accommodate so many people at the same time.

Mu Qianyue and Tong Ling casually found a line to the side, when Tong Ling pointed to a figure in front and said, “Isn’t that person the impotence from last night?”

Mo Yang also noticed Mu Qianyue and Tong Ling, grinned at the two of them with a cold smile, and the dogleg behind him asked, “Young Master Yang, do we need to do something for them to assess? Failed?”

“Idiot, now there are so many people, do you want me to die?” Mo Yang scolded in a low voice, if the law enforcement elders of White Tiger Academy knew about this, he would definitely be expelled, as if he remembered something. , the corners of his lips curled into a hideous sneer, “This is just the first test. If they can’t even pass this test, they don’t deserve to be this young master’s opponent! If they successfully enter the next test, I will try again. Have fun with them!”

After that, Mo Yang turned around and left.

Although many people came to sign up, the efficiency of White Tiger Academy was also very good, and the team soon halved.

“Report your name and age, and then put your hand on the true essence spar.”

“XX, eighteen years old.” Passerby A said.

The instructor registered his name, looked up at the light on the real essence crystal on the table, frowned slightly, “First-order king warrior?”

Obviously, the eighteen-year-old first-order king warrior is considered a poor talent in his eyes. If this is placed on the Tianwu Continent, it can be said to be a genius!

“Have you seen the black stone next to you? Use all your strength to punch at it,” the instructor said.

Passerby A stepped forward with an excited expression on his face. He took a deep breath and punched hard. After a while, he saw a line of words on it, “First-order king warrior, 2600 jin, strength , weak.”

“You’ve been eliminated, let’s go.” The strength of 2,600 pounds can only be equivalent to the strength of the eighth-order noble warrior, and the strength of the first-order king warrior must reach 3,200 pounds to be considered qualified.

“Teacher, I was too nervous and didn’t perform well just now. Give me another chance! This time I will definitely meet the requirements.”

The tutor didn’t look at him, but said, “Next.”

In the end, the passerby was pulled down by crying. The competition is so cruel. It is not enough to reach the first-order king warrior, but also the strength must meet the requirements!

“Qin Mufeng, seventeen years old.”

At this moment, a slightly familiar voice came from the front. Mu Qianyue looked up and saw Qin Mufeng standing in front of her, with seven people in the middle. Oh, it’s really fate.

After Qin Mufeng checked his strength level, he walked in front of Xuan Heishi, and his expression was also a little nervous. After all, he was only a first-order king warrior. Thinking of the fate of the person in front of him, Qin Mufeng’s face showed a firm look, he roared, and punched the black stone fiercely.

“First-order king warrior, 4800 jins, strength, middle and upper.”

“Okay, you’ve been promoted. This is your assessment certificate. Come back here tomorrow morning at midnight.” The instructor took a jade-colored identity plate and handed it to Qin Mufeng. Qin Mufeng was overjoyed and quickly accepted it with both hands respectfully. down.

After a while, it was Mu Qianyue’s turn.


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