Ghost King’s Medical Consort Chapter 535: Bone gnawed by dogs


At this moment, a guard ran to Mo Yang’s side and said in a low voice, “Young Master Yang, before you came out, the eldest young master told you not to cause trouble, otherwise you will not think about graduation at the end of the year. “

“Young Master Yang, I think they are very good-natured, it’s better to let them go first, they will definitely go to participate in the admissions assessment of White Tiger College tomorrow, and then as long as you move your finger and let them fail the assessment, they will I’m begging you automatically. Will they not let you knead by then?”

Mo Yang was stunned when he heard the words, the real energy in his hand slowly melted, and then his eyes fell on Mu Qianyue, a glimmer of light flashed in his eyes, if she came to ask herself, then Can’t you just do whatever you want?

Thinking of this, his eyes were stained with fiery heat, and he looked at Mu Qianyue unabashedly, and said with a smile, “This beauty, you just arrived in White Tiger City, right? Did you come too? Sign up for the admissions assessment of the White Tiger Academy? It was really a misunderstanding just now, why don’t we reconcile?”

Mo Yang’s attitude suddenly changed 180 degrees, and everyone’s faces were full of surprises and doubts. When did the fourth young master of the Mo family become so talkative?

When everyone saw the fiery and evil eyes in Mo Yang’s eyes, they couldn’t help but understand that this was his real goal, and that he had a crush on others. Hey, it’s a pity that a good Chinese cabbage has to be arched by a pig again!

“Are we here to participate in the admissions assessment, what’s with you?” Tong Ling snorted coldly.

Mo Yang raised his eyes and glared at Tong Ling, “Stinky boy, I don’t have your share of words here! Get out of here…”

It’s just that before his words came down, a corbel suddenly flew over, accurately blocking his mouth, and successfully intercepting the second half of his words.

The sudden change surprised Mo Yang, he angrily tore off the bone in his mouth and found that it was a bone that had been gnawed on his head. Scanning the crowd on the second floor, “Damn, which **** attacked the young master?”

“A dog is a dog, it only knows how to bark, and even a bone can’t stop your mouth.” Xiao Xuan’er stood up, took out the silk handkerchief and wiped the oil from his mouth, and walked to the leisurely court. Beside Tong Ling, with his hands on his hips, he glared at Mo Yang angrily, “Bullying the person covered by the old lady, I think you are tired of living!”

“You…” Mo Yang’s face was furious. When he saw Xiao Xuan’er’s face, he couldn’t help but be startled. Tonight, he was really blessed. He went out and encountered two stunning big boys. beauty!

“Young master has grace and never likes to care about women. Besides, I like the bones that beautiful women have gnawed.” Mo Yang took the bones in his hand and put it on the tip of his nose and sniffed, the smile on his face was disgusting, “It’s really fragrant.”

Tong Ling became anxious when he heard the words, looked at Xiao Xuan’er, and said anxiously and angrily, “Xuan’er, how can you give him the bone you’ve gnawed on? My master said it was an indirect kiss.”

Ah, I’m really mad at him. He only held Xuan’er’s hand, not even Xuan’er’s face and lips, so that impotence took advantage!

“Yes, that is indeed a bone that beauty has gnawed. My rhubarb is still a big girl.” Xiao Xuan’er pointed to the fluffy yellow puppy beside the table.

“Haha, it turns out to be a dog, but he is a perfect match for licking the bones that the dog has gnawed.” Tong Ling couldn’t help laughing, and the displeasure that accumulated on his face disappeared instantly.

The people in the restaurant couldn’t help but hold back their laughter. They were very happy. Haha, it’s really funny. They said that the bones that a dog has gnawed are really delicious! !

With a ‘swish’, Mo Yang’s face instantly turned ugly, his eyes were gloomy and angry, and he threw the bones out of his hand with a ‘bang’, holding back the nausea in his heart. Feeling, gritted his teeth and said, “I will make you regret it, you will know tomorrow!”

After saying that, he led the two guards behind him and left. As soon as he left the restaurant, Mo Yang stood on the side of the road and vomited unbearably. He even vomited out the meal he had eaten at noon. He vomited until his mouth was bitter, and his limbs were weak, and he was finally helped back by the two guards.

After Mo Yang and the others left, Tong Ling looked at Mu Qianyue and Xiao Xuan’er and said, “Master, Xuan’er, I see his eyes are full of bad intentions, tomorrow’s admissions assessment I don’t know what kind of trick he will do.”

“No matter what tricks he uses, we’ll do it next.” Mu Qianyue’s lips curled into a sneer.

“That’s right, we’re still afraid that he won’t succeed. Since my mother was born, I don’t know how to write fear!” Xiao Xuaner gritted his teeth, then turned around and took another piece of beef from the table to feed the little yellow dog In front of him, while gently stroking its head, he said, “Although we met for the first time, you have also made a contribution. Well, I will reward you with a pill.”

As he spoke, he took a pill of washing marrow and fed it to Xiao Huang.

After taking the medicine pill, Xiao Huang shook his tail excitedly and ran away happily.

“Many thanks to the three of you for helping each other. I’ll go to Fu Yanxiu.” The man just now walked up to Mu Qianyue and the three of them, bowed his hands, and showed sincerity on his resolute face.

“No need to thank you, even if you don’t take action, I’m ready to take action.” Tong Ling said, it was normal for a man and a woman to have sex, but the other party was unscrupulous in the restaurant, and let the unruly The harmonious voice stained the ears of Master and Xuan’er, which he would never allow!

“The three are also here to participate in the admissions assessment, right?” Fu Yanxiu asked.

“Well. Are you too?” Tong Ling asked.

“I’m not, I’m a student of White Tiger Academy and came here three years ago.” Fu Yanxiu shook his head.

“Meeting is fate, why don’t we sit down and have a drink at the bar.” Tong Ling greeted, Fu Yanxiu was not polite, and sat down, Tong Ling called Xiao Er to add another pair of tableware and chopsticks. Wine glasses, the four of them drank together.

“Since you are a student of White Tiger Academy, you should know the assessment of White Tiger Academy, right? Can you tell us what the assessment of White Tiger Academy is like?” Tong Zeng asked while pouring him a drink.

Although he is from the Huanzhou Continent, he grew up in the Tianwu Continent, so he is not very familiar with some things in Huanzhou, and only knows some superficial things.

“Of course, it’s no secret.” After taking a sip of wine, Fu Yanxiu said, “The White Tiger Academy recruits students every three years, and it is open to all parts of the Huanzhou mainland, not limited to families, as long as there is strength and talent. Yes, so many people come to participate in the registration examination every year. However, the White Tiger Academy only recruits 100 people each time, but there are tens of thousands of people who sign up, and the competition is very fierce!”


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